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Jiaogulan is a herb that is grown in a number of parts of eastern Asia. The herb grows on a vine that makes it able to increased in several locations, conditions, and seasons. Though it can grow several areas, there are certain times, year, and places where the herb thrives.

The History of Jiaogulan

Despite that Jiaogulan grows in many areas of Asia, no early documentation of its history are available besides China’s account. The earliest available information was dated way back at the start of this Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). Back then, this plant has been known as a add on in times of famine and less a medicative herb.

Jiaogulan’s medicinal purpose wasn’t recorded until about 1579, as it was pointed out that the plant could be used to take care of hematuria, edema and pain of the pharynx, warmth and edema of the neck, tumors and trauma. Aside from being a survival food and a drug, it also been used as energizing agents by the people in the mountainous areas of southern China. Until today, Jiaogulan is still being used extensively.

Chinese Ethno- medicinal drug

Most famous among Jiaogulan’s different purposes is its use as an herbal medicine in TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jioagulan quickly became famous when individuals from the Guizhou area were living to be 100. Imagine what they were drinking daily?

Aside from being consumed as an Tea decoction, it’s also available in alcohol extracts, pill, or capsule form.

Jiaogulan is an adaptogen which meansit has the power to accommodate and modulate our sympathetic nervous system. Depending on the person or the situation it can calm or excite, yet there isn’t any caffeine found in Jiaogulan.

Jiaogulan has rare capacity to improve the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety, trauma and fatigue. It helps cope with problems regarding being underweight through diminishing bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol concentration whilst improving fat metabolism. Another amazing skill of Jiaogulan is that it may boost intensiveness and endurance of the body when working together with our mental functions. This herb can help you function as emotionally and physically healthy person that you want to become.