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When the body turns its immunity defenses on its cells, an autoimmune disorder is often diagnosed. These diseases lead to a breaking down of the tissues and organs of the body due to prolonged exposure to the healing reactions that should save the body from injury.

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When the immune system believes that the body is the foreign material, it is going to work night and day to fight the “disease” in hopes of restoring good health. But, the opposite actually occurs leading to additional health issues.

When the immune system kicks in, inflammation is the initial reaction. This is usually seen with the tiniest nick of this finger. That reddish hue the injury takes on is because of the rush of white blood cells to the area for recovery. Swelling will begin immediately to block the healthy cells from the injury causing the immune reaction. With an autoimmune disorder, this inflammation can be chronic or long-term. The longer the body remains inflamed, the more damage done by the immune system.


It was once believed that aging was synonymous with inflammation. A study performed by The Lancet in 1992, seems to negate that notion. Researchers in relation to the body conditions of healthful 100 year olds with unhealthy 60 and 70 year olds. The principal difference in their bodies was the existence, or lack, of autoantibodies. The wholesome 100 year olds had fewer autoantibodies compared to unhealthy participants that means age had nothing to do with the health issues. The immune system function, however, could be the main cause.

Among the principal reasons for autoimmune disorders is that the inability of the body to cure. Exposure to environmental factors such as stress, smoking, drinking and polluted atmosphere results in free radical damage within the body. Free radicals take over control of healthy cells and multiply. When this happens, the body seeks out these foreign substances and the immune system kicks in. Inflammation happens and unless the free radicals have been stopped, that inflammation will continue as will the immune system combat.

Free radicals operate on the cells within an oxidative method. Imagine a sheet of metal that’s left to rust. Eventually, the metal won’t work as well as it once did and the surface will deteriorate; finally turning to dust. Anti-oxidants work to prevent rusting of the body.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are found in everyone, but in some people the effect is muted because of healthful food and supplement choices. Fish oil, vitamin E and DHEA are supplements that work to corral free radicals and stop the deterioration of healthy cells. These supplements are known as anti-oxidants.

Other anti-oxidants contain vitamin C, green tea, beta-carotene, grapeseed skin, CoQ10 and selenium. Recently, super fruits and super foods are promoted as the optimal supply of anti-oxidants because of their anti-inflammatory characteristics. Among the most popular is the Açaí Berry.


The immune system and inflammation are best friends in the human body. While much bad press has been given to the impact of inflammation, with no reaction the body wouldn’t have the ability to fight off disease. Working with the body to control the immune response to environmental variables might be the secret to eliminating certain kinds of cancers and diseases.