Mulher chinesa asiática em spa de beleza wellness tendo massagem de aromaterapia com óleo essencial, parecendo relaxada

Here are nine essentials oils ideal for massage you can integrate into your sessions to elevate your customers’ massage or bodywork experience. Besides elevating your customers’ overall experience, it is also possible to improve the quality of your massage or bodywork practice.

Lista de Óleos Essenciais

      • Sândalo is native to Southeast Asian nations. Among its other critical properties, Sandalwood is a stimulant, a tonic and a memory booster. For massage, the first two are quite beneficial. As a stimulant, Sandalwood is quite powerful sedative on anxiety, anxiety, and restlessness because it induces calmness and positive ideas. I like the next house because I like to believe it’ll help my client retain how good our session was. What it does is keep the mind cool and relaxed, saving it from undue strain and/or anxiety.
      • Bergamot, produced from a citrus fruit named Bergamot orange, is native to Italy.  It has a number of favorable properties, but for the purpose of massage, the most important are that it calms the nervous system and relieves stress and tension. An additional bonus is that it will give the skin a healthy glow.
      • Sábio Clary is produced in the USA, France and Bulgaria. It must be among my top 3 oils of time. It has a fantastic aroma that’s quite earthy and herbaceous. Additionally, it has an almost narcotic, and even euphoric effect that is very good for stress relief — for both therapist and client! Additionally, it’s an anti-depressant, helping to elevate self-esteem, confidence, hope and much more. After massaging a client with Clary Sábio, you might see an entirely new person emerge from the table who’s full of confidence, immense joy and high spirits.
      • Romano Camomila is a really strong soothing and calming oil. In addition, it is very versatile since it can be successfully blended with different fragrances for optimum effect. I prefer the odor of Roman Chamomile that’s nearly apple-like, over German or Moroccan Chamomile essential oils. Compared to possibly the most popular oil, AlfazemaA Camomila Romana, embora seja mais cara, é realmente mais eficaz e requer uma quantidade menor. Ela pode ser irritante para a pele se não for adequadamente diluída.
      • A lavanda, com seu aroma doce, floral e herbáceo, é o odor mais famoso e pode ser usada em tudo, desde potpourri a detergente de lavanderia. Ela se mistura bem com outras fragrâncias como CedarwoodClary Sage e Nutmeg. What makes Lavender so common? There are myriad reasons for its popularity, but I guess the most likely explanation is that its odor is very and immediately calming. Additionally, it alleviates anxiety, depression, nervous tension and psychological stress. Additionally, it induces sleep, so for massage, it’s a near-perfect scent.
      • Peppermint é nativa da Europa e é uma mistura de hortelã e hortelã-da-água. Assim como a popularidade da lavanda, você encontrará a hortelã-pimenta em muitos produtos, a lista poderia ser proibitivamente longa para este relatório. Os benefícios para a saúde são uma lista igualmente longa. Para uso em massagem, a hortelã-pimenta proporciona alívio da depressão, exaustão mental e ansiedade devido a sua natureza refrescante. Além disso, é bastante eficaz para alguém que experimenta ansiedade ou inquietude. Um pouquinho vai muito longe e o excesso pode realmente agravar a pele.
      • A madeira de cedro é extraída de Cedro trees through steam distillation. I truly love the aroma that’s extremely earthy and woodsy. It unites really well with lavender in addition to other essential oils. It’s also a wonderful relaxer, reducing anxiety and nervousness.
      • Nutmeg, native to the Banda islands in Indonesia has a humid and warm odor. Among a long list of therapeutic properties, Nutmeg is an anti-inflammatory, an extremely potent analgesic, it may also be a tonic for the body by decreasing fatigue and weakness. Of course it’s fantastic for relieving anxiety and depression also.
      • Gengibre is native to India where its name comes from the Gingi district of India. It may be combined with Bergamot and Sandalwood essential oils for a very pleasing and powerful concoction. It may relieve muscle aches and even lethargy. Personally, I do not advise using Ginger essential oil in a carrier oil. It’s best used as a free oil, blended with other individuals.

These nine essential oils ideal for massage may be used separately or combined to make concoctions special to every client. They can be utilised as rosemary through inhalation, or blended in a suitable carrier oil for use directly on the skin. It’s important to not forget that some individuals might have allergies or sensitivities to certain oils. Always ask your client if they have any known allergies. As an example, I’m very allergic to Eucalipto e não posso dizer quantas vezes as pessoas tentaram me matar usando-o em mim sem perguntar antes. Além disso, alguns óleos são mais poderosos do que outros, portanto, tenha certeza de que você tome cuidado ao aplicá-los diretamente na pele. Esta lista é uma proposta para todos aqueles terapeutas que procuram expandir seus horizontes.

I suggest using organic essential oils whenever possible. Not only is it a selling point for your customers, but when you are working in direct contact with massage mediums for hours and hours each day, you’re potentially absorbing into your body through your hands whatever substances which were used to make the non-organic item.