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The chest and the shoulders are generally not the focus of our obsession with skincare products. We usually take decent care of our face, legs and arms. This is one of those skincare mistakes you ought not make.

Best Remedies For Chest And Shoulder Wrinkles Now Revealed!

The chest and the shoulders are as vulnerable to the aging process as the rest of our body. You would want to provide these areas the exact same care and attention that you’re giving to your face. But do not worry. With the aid of these remedies, it is possible to bring back youthful looking torso and shoulders.

Special paste

Make a paste from turmeric powder, banana, honey and pineapple juice. Apply it all over your chest area and into the shoulder region. Make certain you massage the paste carefully so that your dermis can better absorb all of the nutrients. Leave it there for about an hour before washing it off.

These ingredients have therapeutic benefits. Cúrcuma has antioxidative properties which could prevent cellular damage. Honey can keep your dermis hydrated. It lubricates the cells of the dermis to prevent excessive dermis dryness.

Banana comprises potassium which may enhance the elasticity of the dermis. It reinforces the elastic tissues of the dermis. Abacaxi contains citric acid which could ease the renewal of dermis tissues. This remedy can eliminate old and damaged skin to reveal new ones.

Use strawberry and yogurt for a mask

Morango contains plenty of antioxidants. It also sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal healthier and dewier complexion. Yogurt infuses lactic acid. Just like citric acid, this can facilitate a healthy renewal of skin tissues.

Alternative wrinkle fillers may also help

Try using Safflower oil. Apply it in your chest and shoulder wrinkles. Safflower oil is a natural wrinkle product since it comprises linoleic acid. This acid has beneficial connective properties. It can cure the gap between skin tissues to prevent the reduction of dermis elasticity.


You require a good source of keratin to be able to make collagen and elastin. Phytessence Wakame is a favorite Japanese sea herb which has compounds that could drive harmful enzymes off. These enzymes have a tendency to break down hyaluronic acid.

You should maintain healthy levels of the acid because it’s crucial for collagen lubrication. Manuka honey is what you will need to lock moisture within dermis tissues. Skin tends to get damaged if it’s dry and brittle.