Do you’ve got doubts about the effects of green tea ? There are people who affirm that tea guarantees the period and on the other hand, those who affirm that green tea during menstruation calms menstrual cramps. Discover in this article what is true about it. Don’t miss it!

Why green tea is great for menstruation

If you’re a tea lover, you should be aware that tea has good health benefits, but it may also lead to side effects and sometimes its consumption is contraindicated. The properties of tea are connected to its low fermentation process, which permits this wide variety of tea from Camelia sinensis to maintain its natural components almost undamaged, largely its extraordinary catechin content.

According to a recent scientific study, EGCG catechins could be liable for tea regulating hormone levels in women during the menstrual period. For this reason, researchers have said that green tea during puberty:

      • Calms menstrual cramps Drinking tea every day a week before menstruation can decrease the pain brought on by cramps and menstrual cramps.
      • Accelerates or delays the menstrual cycle. While there isn’t any research so much that specifically studied the effects of tea on menstruation it had been demonstrated that girls who consumed a few cups of green tea consumed daily, responsible for establishing the time length of the menstrual period, drawing the conclusion that green tea and menstrual delay could be related.
      • Premature overall look of the period. On the other hand, some Japanese scientists have observed that teens who used to drink tea regularly, have started to menstruate earlier than those who didn’t habitually.

Why It’s bad to drink green tea during puberty

Now, although there’s ample evidence that it’s great to take green tea daily for overall health, is it also good to take tea during puberty? Drinking more than two cups of tea during menstruation may have a minor negative impact on your body’s iron levels.

Green tea is a rich natural source of tannins, a form of polyphenolic compounds that typically bind to iron, preventing it from being absorbed by the body. Because of this, tea would damage the normal absorption of iron, but it wouldn’t decrease the degree of iron already within your body. During the menstrual period the girl loses iron obviously, if to this you add the tea injuries the absorption of iron, you can get to have some summit of anemia throughout the period.

To maintain normal blood iron levels, I suggest that you eat iron-rich foods, such as spinach, lentils, beets, or fenugreek, during the first four days of menstruation.

Benefits of green tea

If you’re a fan of this selection of Camellia Sinensis tea, it’s extremely probable that you’re interested in knowing more about its countless health benefits. I recommend you have a look at those listed below.

It improves acne. You will be aware that the galate epigallocatechins that tea has are responsible for this advantage. Since there’s scientific proof that these antioxidant compounds are effective at decreasing the sebaceous production of skin. You will discover how and how much green tea you should consume daily to reach the healing of the condition.

Prevents diseases of the eyes and mouth. You will discover unique ways to benefit from the healing properties of the selection of Camellia Sinensis, through its outside use.

Soothes skin with psoriasis. You may discover that some elements of tea have the capacity to regulate the development of cells, preventing them from getting too thick and from source to this skin disorder.

Prevents the formation of kidney stones. You will find out how, through some scientific study, it’s been found that Chá Verde extract has the power to disintegrate calcium oxalate which may be seen in excess in your system.


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