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Unhealthy eating habits tend to influence your skin’s health from the inside of the body. Any individual with acne should be aware that a healthy diet would help to keep your acne under control, naturally.


People believed that eating too much chocolate or fatty foods could lead to acne. This is only partly correct. Although eating the wrong foods may worsen acne, it’s not the direct cause of acne. When eating foods which contain elevated levels of oil, saturated fats, salt or sugar, the liver struggles to eliminate the excess quantity of hormones and toxins in the body. The body then produces more oil than normal and it is this extra quantity of oil that causes acne to develop.

There are some foods you ought to avoid and other foods you ought to attempt and implement in your daily diet plan. We’ll be having a look at what to eat and what to avoid for the best acne diet.

What to Avoid

Food that causes toxins to accumulate in your intestines will strain the liver and cause the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. The excess quantity of oil causes the skin’s pores to become clogged and that contributes to acne. Food that you should avoid comprises the following:

Dairy Foods and Liquids

Dairy products are mostly made up of hormones. These hormones interfere with your body’s natural hormonal process and therefor you need to restrict your intake of milk and other dairy products such as cheese or yoghurt

Grease, Oil, Salt, Sugar and Saturated Fats

Food containing high levels of these can give rise to a toxin build-up in your intestines which aren’t easily reduced.

Coffee or other Products with Caffeine

Although caffeine wouldn’t cause acne, it has a tendency to raise your stress level and may have many negative side effects, such as bad skin wellness.

Food with Hormones

Plants and animals are given hormones to help them develop faster. These hormones are taken in with the foods we consume and boost the body’s natural hormone levels and an imbalance of hormones.

What to Eat

Some foods contain substances which will assist the liver to eliminate some of the waste and cleansing your body. These foods include the following:


Apples are high in fiber and that’s just what your body needs. The fiber helps your body to eliminate toxins from your intestines. These toxins are an ideal breeding place for bacteria which produce mycotoxins.


Whole-grain foods also contain high levels of fiber and will have the identical impact as the apples, mentioned previously.


You should eat food which has zinc as far as possible. Whole grains, nuts and eggs are the foods known to contain the most zinc. Zinc is a natural antioxidant which will help to increase your immune system, your health and your skin’s complexion.

Beterraba has exceptional liver cleansing properties and you should know by now exactly what a significant part your liver plays in internal cleansing of your body.

Vegetables, Nuts and Fruit

Nutrients and Vitamins are found in fresh vegetables and fruit in addition to in some nuts. It’s essential to keep a high level of vitamins and nutrition to avoid acne. Tomatoes, apricots and carrots have high levels of Vitamin A. Brócolis and Almonds contain Vitamin E which the body uses to repair your skin. Vitamin B2 is found in meat, fish and eggs, while avocados, lean meat and peanuts contain Vitamin B3.

Cardo de leite

This is a herb that protects your liver from any harm brought on by alcohol, viruses or toxins. Try to have some milk thistle on a daily basis for strengthening your liver.

Fish & Lean Proteins

Your body needs proteins, but it ought to be lean meat and must be eaten moderately. Chicken and fish are called lean proteins and can give your skin a new level of health.


Nuts are usually known to contain natural oils and vitamins that the body needs for a healthy looking skin.

Increase your daily water consumption. Drinking enough water, about 8 to 10 glasses every day, will lead to development of your skin’s complexion and the general health of your entire body. The cause of this is because water is the greatest natural cleaner on your body and your skin.

More Information

Your skin is your largest organ of your body and that’s the reason your diet is going to have terrific influence on your skin. Healthy foods can help your body to get rid of the waste from inside, while unhealthy foods operate the opposite way. A wholesome acne diet is the most effective natural acne remedy available and it’ll show results fairly quickly, usually within a couple of weeks.