Esoteric And Hypnosis Concept - Pendulum Swinging With Magic Smoke

Stress is any emotional, physical, social, economic or other aspect which needs a response or alter.

“General Adaption Syndrome” is the defence reaction of your system, or mind, to harm, or prolonged stress. It is composed of a first phase of shock or alarm response followed by a stage of rising immunity or adaption, utilizing different defence mechanisms of the body or mind, and culminating in either a state of adjustment and healing, or fatigue and disintegration.

Stress is the energy exerted by something or another. It’s those energies and tensions that proceed through our central and autonomic nervous systems which enable us to be the living human beings.

Stress can be described as being either positive or essential kind anxiety, or undesirable or negative kind stress. Positive type stress is these energies and tensions that let us realize our objectives, succeed in our pursuits, experience health and energy, happiness and a feeling of well being.

Negative kind stress is the undesirable excess energies and anxieties that, if are experienced for extended intervals, can lead to psychological and physical ill health, even to the point of debilitation and death.

The human nervous system consists of the central nervous system, which controls all our voluntary activities, or conscious actions, and the autonomic nervous system that controls certain kinds of involuntary activities or subconscious actions. The autonomic nervous system is divided into two components; the parasympathetic nervous system, and the sympathetic nervous system.

When a stimulus is mediated via the parasympathetic nervous system, someone can experience feelings of well-being, comfort, relaxation and stabilizing emotions. The role of the parasympathetic nervous system is to bring the body back to it’s normal relaxed balance between pressures. It helps to promote healing and repair the body. When a stimulus is mediated through the sympathetic nervous system, this causes a person to experience anxiety. The stimulation of negative emotions like fear, anger, bitterness, hatred over prolonged periods and if repressed, may result in psychosomatic illness and stress related ailments. The normal function of the sympathetic nervous system is to place the body to the “Fight or Flight” condition, as a normal response to an external threat or danger. However, it’s when these activities of Fight or Flight aren’t acted out physically, and the negative emotions continue to be aroused and repressed, that someone could suffer stress related illness.

As stated previously, stress can be positive or negative. Positive stress or desired stress is crucial for living, excellent health, success and accomplishment. For-instance, daily or regular exercise is essential so as to continue to keep good health. Laughter and fun activities, group activities, personal growth and development, career or employment challenges, sport, hobbies and interests, family and friends are all types of positive type anxiety. These kinds of anxiety are all necessary to a persons emotional, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When the imagination is fed with positive thoughts and our thought processes are aimed to think positively, our performance is influenced too, in a positive manner. So the effects of positive pressure are beneficial to our whole health and well-being, and propel us forward to achieve and succeed in fulfilling our needs and goals.

Negative pressure is mismanaged stress and, in precisely the exact same manner as positive stress can generate a positive spiral moving us towards achievement and attainment, negative pressure can create a downwards spiral resulting in more unhealthy stress levels, and negative thinking, psychological and physical ill health and debilitation. Often a person’s belief is that the world is a dangerous and stressful place to be and therefore it is becoming his/her self fulfilling prophesy. “As a man thinketh, so is he”. The belief and expectation together are a powerful combination when used positively or negatively. Effects of negative stress aren’t confined to the individual suffering the anxiety, but also the families and friends connected to the individual are affected. Families can disintegrate, buddies no longer feel they can help, or they might realize that the man or woman is simply not pleasant to be around anymore.

Stress can indeed be classed among the primary causes of disease and ill health that is now. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer and several of the significant kinds of life threatening diseases can in many cases be traced back to high levels of negative type anxiety i.e. prolonged repression of anger, bitterness, fear, hatred, and prolonged periods of anxiety.

Hypnotherapy has a long documented history in the effective treatment of individuals suffering from the effects of negative type stress. There are no drugs or substances involved, and the body and mind can benefit greatly from hypnotherapeutic intervention. Hypnosis is a natural altered state of consciousness that if obtained and directed properly, produces positive changes, both bodily and psychological, which leads to personal empowerment and greater general health and well-being. A suitably qualified Hypnotherapist can instruct somebody self hypnosis which will equip him/her using a powerful tool, to further help in creating on – going positive changes within his/her life.