Black beautiful woman with long luxurious shiny hair

For optimum black hair growth and health, you should develop a week by week regimen of everything you’ll have to do to your hair so as to keep it clean, healthy and growing.

Basic hair care regimen


      • Oils and Sealants -To maintain moisture from your hair after using your moisturizer, then you’ll have to apply an oil to “seal in” the moisture so your hair wont get dried out. Good oils to use are olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, sweet almond oil, carrot oil, tea tree oil, castor oil, etc.. I’ll have a detailed post only on essential oils afterwards.
      • Determine when and how you will design your hair and discover products required to protect your hair with that styling. For instance, if you design with a great deal of heat, you’ll need to use a Heat Protectant in your hair every time you style to avoid damage.
      • Determine how you will protect your hair when you are sleeping. Either wrap this up with a lace head wrap or use a satin or satin-like pillowcase. This prevents excessive friction in your hair as you move around in bed, which will cause less hairs to be inadvertently broken off. Wrapping up your hair in something also keeps the products you put on it from messing up your sheets and cushions!
      • I still haven’t discussed protective styles yet, but they are fashions like buns, wraps, wigs, weaves, etc. that you can use to maintain your hair protected from excessive sun, dry air and friction from clothes. Putting a good moisturizer on the hair and with a protective fashion throughout the day is a superb way to keep your hair moisturized daily. The less your hair is out and messed with, the better!


      • Determine how often per week (or bi-weekly) you may clean your hair and what products you may use. Remember to use a moisturizing shampoo. If your hair is quite damaged and feels mushy, you should use a protein conditioner that states on the label that it contains keratin or protein. If your hair feels hard, stringy, dry and cracked, use a moisturizing conditioner.
      • Vitamins, Diet, Exercise, Growth Aids – A good diet and exercise contributes a lot to getting healthy hair. The body concentrates first on internal procedures, then on things like nails and hair last. So , if you are not taking good care of your insides also, your body provides vitamins and nutrients to your interiors first and your own hair and nails may get ignored if you the body does not have enough nutrients to use for them. Using a good multivitamin supplement is a superb idea to be certain that your scalp and hair get their share of inner attention in addition to the attention you pay to it from the outside. Additionally, there are supplements which can make hair and nails stronger.


      • Determine how often you will relax your hair. It’s a fantastic idea to stretch as long as possible between relaxers to decrease the probability of you re-relaxing hair which is already relaxed before. I’ll talk more about stretching afterwards, but it gives the hair time to grow, so that it will be easier to use the touch up relaxer into the new growth only.
      • When you utilize a good deal of merchandise in your hair each month, since most black girls do, it’s then necessary to use a clarifying shampoo once a month to eliminate buildup that regular shampoos don’t remove. If you continue to pile products on hair which already has a great deal of product buildup, products will begin to not have as great of an effect on the hair as it did the first couple of times you used it. Clarifying eliminates the buildup so goods will once more have the ability to supply you with their full benefits.


If you do those things, you’ll have a fairly good basic regimen. It will take a while on your own to discover the ideal products that work for you and can be found locally, and you can try to add items that you find work for the hair that I might not have said here. The main thing is that you understand what your hair needs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and keep up with doing it.