People sometimes wonder why anyone would want to know Astral Projection or Lucid Dreaming. Many have an idea they wish to research, but few individuals consider the area of the rich possibilities. The advantages of Astral Experiences and the functions that they may meet are extremely diverse and numerous, and it’s first of all beneficial to obtain an overview of what could be achieved.

Astral Projection

Besides being a lot of fun, exciting and interesting experiences in themselves, we’re directly accessing through ourselves the larger realities of which the world is composed. This procedure expands both our consciousness and creative skills, and because of this no effort we put into it’s wasted. But actually this is just the start…

Some movements imply Astral Experience is a spiritual attainment in itself, however if this is so or not, it’s definitely complementary to any religious path. Due to its universal accessibility, there’s absolutely no philosophy or theology that isn’t be enhanced and explained from the direct insight and revelation which may be achieved through projecting and dreaming. This means we get to find our own answers rather than relying on superstition or dogma. In actuality, many religious teachings and revelations have been born or reborn this way.

So while we can say Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection are a way of spiritual development, they aren’t confined to those with religious interests. Both may be used to better understand and experience any aspect of life, whether physical, chemical, biological, inspirational, emotional, psychological, philosophical, religious or scientific… Or whatever! This manner, Astral Experience is an extremely valuable informational tool. It may be used to find for ourselves the myths and truths of any system of thought.

The Transformative Power of Astral Experience

Among the immediate and significant benefits to successful projection is understanding experientially that consciousness – your consciousness – isn’t dependent upon a physical body. This is a exceptional opportunity to acquire intimate and personal satisfaction that there is ‘life after death’. This can be very transformative, especially for people who have until then thought that reside is ‘only physical’ or that we are only our present physically-oriented personality. It’s one of life’s little surprise experiences, and I recommend you give it a try simply to learn what it feels like outside your body. There are a range of advantages to this in itself.

With the firsthand experience of non-physical individuality, the fear of death begins to dissolve. And the less you’re scared of death, the less you’re scared to genuinely live. As our fear and anxiety over the ‘great unknown variable’ decreases, therefore we are more able to open and adopt the ‘unknowns’ in our own lives without fear (or in other words, no more being such control freaks – we can see firsthand the demand for ‘rigid control’ is based on fear of the unknown).

As a consequence of this decrease in fear and doubt over the nature of existence and the continuity of identity, lots of men and women report further profound changes in their lifetime. In actuality, projection generally can have some incredible results. Here’s a short list of commonly reported effects:

    • Improved overall well-being
    • An improved attitude and appreciation for life
    • Increased self-confidence
    • Clearer and more intimate self-knowledge
    • An inner peace or tranquility
    • Increased responsibility and respect for all life
    • Reduction of anxiety and hostility
    • A more expansive perspective on the life and life purpose
    • Greater psychological equilibrium
    • Heightened intellectual capacity
    • Better energetic intunement
    • A sense of freedom from mental ruts and detrimental habits
    • An awakening to new levels of understanding and growth

Additionally it is no coincidence that lots of men and women report an increased or renewed zest for life. Our sense of wonder at the marvel of life is revived by dividing us free from the narrow and restrictive perceptive conditionings of living a ‘mundane’ existence. Life is an experience (again), an exhilarating journey of discovery. We’re spurred on by the desire to get the chance to experience the upcoming new adventure. We become the greatest explorers of interesting and heretofore unknown realms beyond the constraints of our physical senses.

What can you reach with Lucid Dreaming?

These realms aren’t even limited by our creativity, but frequently enlarge it instead! Here is just some of what we might choose to research:

    • Far reaches of outer space, such as galaxies, planets and cosmological wonders
    • Far reaches of inner space, such as biological, chemical and nuclear wonders
    • Radical new worlds and measurements with Various laws
    • Natural wonders, from ocean depths to amazing panoramas
    • Flying like a bird (or a plane or superman) to see or see wherever you like
    • Past, present or future world events, whether local or international
    • Spiritual and psychological planes, inhabited by an infinite number of beings
    • Elaborately evolved cultures and eutopic societies

And bear in mind, with Lucid Dreaming you can also create and experience whatever reality you prefer, whether that involves dialogue, games, creativity, adventure, music, dancing, sexual fantasy (quite a favorite for many )… the list is literally endless. For many people the joy of flight is also a favourite endeavour, giving the chance to visit different worlds or places in an exciting manner. Other examples include interacting with geniuses or idols or celebrities, to help us solve problems or create new inventions or increase our performance at anything we like…

There are also amazing chances on the Astral to socialize with others, for pleasure, expansion, or knowledge:

    • Meet other dreamers and projectors
    • Spend time with the’partner of your dreams’
    • Contact departed loved ones
    • Enjoy the Business of historic figures or geniuses
    • Interact with non-human species along with other fascinating entities
    • Learn direct from spiritual beings, angels, guides, teachers, mentors, helpers and masters…!

What is the Final Goal?

The final point is one significant reason people seek Astral Experience. Much of this knowledge can’t be obtained in everyday life, whether from other people or books, since it is experiential rather than rote learning. It usually deals directly with deeper levels of understanding that far exceed intellectual ‘knowledge’. And, there are courses and classes for anything, and the learning is faster and the classes more precise than anything else on Earth, and much better than a super-internet on steroids. There are true esoteric schools that can teach us the hidden mysteries of life, death, the Universe… or anything else!

There are also a number of other beneficial effects that occur directly or indirectly as a result of Astral training:

    • It will help increase and develop your clairvoyance, ESP and other psychic abilities as a result of higher energy management and intunement
    • Increase your normal perceptive variety, inviting etheric sight and/or auric vision
    • Can create spontaneous, healthy recollections of previous life experiences and influences
    • Our encounters often lead to natural spontaneous recovery or health revelations
    • Accelerates our personal growth by providing larger glimpses of our personal potential
    • Promotes a greater sense of purpose because of greater alignment with our larger self

Many men and women report this feeling of connection to something much greater than them. Whether we would like to call this Spirit, or Universal Consciousness, or All That Is, or God, or whatever we choose, it’s both a potent sense of inner connection and interconnection. Finding ourselves as Souls with physical bodies instead of physical bodies with Souls leads us closer to experiencing our superconscious self, the union with that has been given names like Ecstasy, Satori, Nirvana, Christ-consciousness, Enlightenment etc..

For many spiritual seekers this is the ultimate objective of Astral Experience, to experience Unity with Divinity. But that’s for you to decide. What’s your purpose and intent? Fun? Knowledge? Power? Awareness? Growth? Unity? Whatever it is, there’s absolutely no reason it’ll be denied you. Astral Experience is the best means for satisfying any appetite, for the Astral is the universal medium for satisfaction and desire! It anticipates your active involvement…!


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