Fecho de pessoa recebendo tratamento Shiatsu do Massager

Holistic Healing is the practice of health and wellness that considers the entire person and all of the internal and external factors affecting them. Balance is the key to holistic healing Holistic healing seeks to maintain or restore balance among (and within) the various dimensions of the individual.


Acupressure uses the pressure of the fingers and palms and is utilized efficiently for tension associated components.


Acupuncture uses little needles to penetrate and stimulate specific points in the body to restore normal functions and energetic equilibrium. Acupuncture has become a widely accepted form of therapy around the world and is practiced in both hospitals and private practice.


Aging process can be slowed, suspended and in some cases reversed. Acupuncture came about as a change in thinking from aging as an inevitable process to aging for a collection of disease processes. Aging processes can be quantified, and as with any disease, you will find treatments and symptoms. Anti-aging is a thorough practice of preventative maintenance, but goes beyond them using specific high-tech testing procedures and remedies.

Cinesiologia Aplicada

Applied Kinesiology (AK) tests the Chi or energy by taking a strong indicator muscle, any powerful muscle, and asking somebody to lock their muscle as the pro challenges the strength of the muscle by pulling or pushing the region to find out if it is going to hold. The practitioner may ask the individual to hold his arm directly out in front and lock it while the practitioner with an open hand pushes back on the arm directly above the wrist. This is a check to determine if the arm will hold. Any significant muscle will work for muscle testing. The arm being in a position to hold is a sign the body does not have any dis-ease or distress. If the arm is not able to hold is a sign there’s a weakness in the system. Kinesiology testing must find out the reason for the dis-ease or distress.

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is the art and science of using the essential oil of botanical plants for treating disorders, disease and illness. Various therapeutic grade essential oils are used without side effects. These oils can be inhaled, applied topically and, sometimes, ingested. In many nations aromatherapy is highly respected as a method of holistic medical care.

Medicina Ayurvédica

Ayurvedic Medicine is an ancient medicine, which evolved among the Brahmin sages of ancient India. Ayurveda is from the roots “ayur” meaning life and “veda” meaning knowledge. Ancient Vedic texts indicate the system is the earliest being practiced before 4000 B.C. and some think it’s even 8000 years old. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are very similar being based on universal natural bi-polar notions that energy and matter are one. There are lots of elements of this system of medicine which differentiate it from other approaches to health care. http://ezinearticles.com/?Ayurvedic-Medicine—Benefits&id=359445

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique

B.E.S.T. is a gentle, non-forceful chiropractic technique. There aren’t any forceful or abrupt movements. B.E.S.T. is suitable for many patients, from newborns to the elderly, the trail, pregnant women, or people in pan. Promoting health–relieving pain and eliminating symptoms, balancing the various systems of your body, helping you to lead the most pain free, healthiest life possible. B.E.S.T is a holistic program that coordinates and balances the workings of all of the systems of your body.


Biofeedback is the practice of utilizing automatic tracking systems to provide ongoing information regarding physiological conditions of the human body. There are an assortment of biofeedback devices and processes, the majority of which include relaxation and stress reduction. Some help the consumer to control or alter specific autonomic actions through relaxation and visualization methods. Others give automatic adjusting lively signals that balance the entire body. The goal of biofeedback is to help the body cure itself.


Bodywalking permits the professional to apply sustained and significant pressure. The Bodywalker can place all his weight on the customer or less. The clients muscle will gradually unwind and release allowing more of their Bodywalker’s weight to be distributed in that area.

Cellular Memory Clearing

The human body is 100% memory. While a certain percentage of that is environmental and physiological in origin, much is obtained from learned experience. Though we don’t yet fully understand the mechanisms of storage, we do know that memory is saved website especially at traumatic minutes, a phenomenon we call’somatic’ or’body memory’ Various contemporary approaches try to deal with this encoded memory from the cells and membrane linings of the body.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy is a painless and easy process which involves intravenous drips of EDTA to remove toxins, lead and heavy metals in the blood. Chelation provides less invasive therapy to surgery and angioplasty. It has also been proven to aid poor leg circulation in addition to reduce hypertension and inverse age-related degenerative conditions while enhancing the general quality of life.


Chiropractic care uses the technique of correcting spinal nerves to restore the proper flow of the nerve impulses. Doctors of Chiropractic believe a backbone free of misalignment and the free-flow of nerves to all regions of the body essential in maintaining optimum health. An assortment of techniques and approaches are used n the registered of chiropractic care. An assortment of techniques and approaches are used in the area of chiropractic care.

Limpeza do cólon

Natural Health for Your Intestines. Colon cleansing utilizes natural health practices–food for your body type, drinking sufficient water and herbs to help your body to heal health issues that are often associated with a colon that’s not functioning as nature intended.

Terapia da cor

Color Treatment uses light(s) and fluids to help treat many different psychological, psychological, physical and/or religious ailments. Color Therapy can also be used in the treatment of pain and depression. Syntonic Optometry has shown positive results in changing neuron-chemical production in the mind.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle way of assessing and adjusting dysfunction of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Practitioners aim to release restrictions to be able to dissipate pressure on the central nervous system. CST helps alleviate pain, discharge physical and psychological trauma, and increase the body’s overall ability to heal itself.

Dentistry: Biological and Holistic

Biological Dentistry stress using non-toxic restoration substances while focusing on the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on overall health. According to people who specialize in this area, cavities, infections, toxic or allergies producing filing substances, root canals and misalignment of the jaws or teeth can have far-reaching effects throughout the body.


Detoxification is used to rid the body of chemicals, pollutants and toxins. Detoxification can ease the flow of the body to optimal health. Forms of Detoxification Treatment comprise colonics, herbal products with detoxification properties, juicing, fasting, chelation, lymphatic drainage and many others.


A doula is a supportive companion professionally trained to provide support to a birthing mother and her loved ones. The doula’s role is to provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to women and their partners during labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period. The doula offers help and advice on comfort measures such as breathing, relaxation, movement and positioning. A doula also helps families to gather information about the course of their labor and their options. The expression’doula’ may also refer to a girl who’s trained or experienced in providing postpartum care (mother and newborn car, breat-feeding support and guidance, cooking, child care, errands and light cleaning) for your new family. To differentiate between the two types of doulas, they’re known as’birth doulas’ and’postpartum doulas.’

Óleos Essenciais

Essential Oils or’essences’ as they’re also called, are highly concentrated substances extracted from various parts of aromatic plants, and trees. They are normally captured by steam distillation, a process whose roots can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia. Unlike ordinary vegetable oils, such as olive and corn, plant essences are highly volatile and will evaporate if left in the open air. Most consist of hundreds of elements, like terpenes, alcohols, aldehydes and esters. For reason a single oil can assist a huge array of disorders. Alfazema, for instance, is endowed with antiseptic, antibacterial, antibiotic, antidepressant, analgesic, decongestant and sedative properties. Moreover, because of their tiny molecular structure, essential oils applied to the skin or inhaled into the lungs can be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported throughout the body.

Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is an educational approach to human capability and self-exploration. Through the use of passive and active movements, students may explore the relationships between motion and how one behaves in the world. Group and private classes consist of very gentle motions which make unbelievably profound changes. By becoming conscious of habitual patterns of activity and learning new approaches, students may deal with any motion problem in this very respectful way of the way we proceed.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of positioning and organization of furnishings and workplace environment to improve harmony, prosperity, health, relationships, etc..


Floating is a really positive experience for the body and mind. It’s a means to achieve total comfort, enhance all of the sensations and experience relief from aches and pains. While drifting, the body is free from the typical forces of gravity. Users float on their backs atop a ten inch deep pool of water with eight hundred pounds of Epsom salts that are used because it increases the density of the water, which makes it effortless to float, and since it has a silky feel that’s extremely great for the skin. The whole comfort of this iso-thermal inviting bath in the dark and in silence affords a complete physical, psychological, spiritual resting place. By protecting the body and brain from outside’environmental’ stimulation, the tank reduces its workload by up to 90%, saving huge amounts of energy, which is then redirected inwards. The result is called the parasympathetic response, or Relaxation Response.

Flower Essences and Remedies

Flower essences promote change and assist people to get feelings. Pure energy of flowers, preserved in water (like homeopathic formulas) are used as catalysts for reducing anxiety, unblocking energy and improving health. Completely harmless and non-allergenic, flower essences are globally recognized and widely used as a viable adjunct to mind, body, spirit healing.

Hatha Yoga

An ancient art of stretching and limbering the body to improve health, vitality, and self-awareness. Breathing, relaxation and postures (asana) are educated for vitality, balance and stress reduction. Each posture has variants and alterations to fit each person’s needs and level of fitness.

Herbs and Herbalists

The term herb as used in herbal medicine means a plant or plant part that’s used to create medicinal properties, food tastes (spices) or aromatic oils for soups and scents. An herb can be a leaf, a flower, a stem, a seed a root, a fruit, bark or another plant part used by its medicinal food flavoring or fragrant property. From 250,000 to 500,000 plants in the world now, only about 5,000 of them have been extensively studied for their medicinal uses. Herbs have been proven to help restore proper functioning of the body, increasing vitality and health.

Holographic Therapies

Holographic Therapies identify and may transform unconscious patterns that keep you from achieving your full potential and having success in any area of your life including health, relationships, finances, business related issues, addictions and much more.


Homeopathy is a natural healing system that arouses a person’s own immune system to heal itself. Homeopathic remedies are derived from plants, animals and minerals–diluted and potenized and then carefully prescribed to match the patient –not the disease. Homeopathy works on the’less is more’ theory. These treatments are powerful, yet gentle and safe, and help restore health on the physical, psychological and emotional level. Homeopathy is also helpful in animals.

Hot Stone Therapy

The ancient healing arts of stone massage, a modality for physical and spiritual balancing. The’metasthetic’ energies of basalt and sedimentary massage stones known energy; they contribute to a region that’s depleted and help move energy in areas of surplus, promoting a cleansing and moisturizing effect thus allowing for a soothing meditative state of quietude, calm and balance. Incorporating warm and cold stone massage is quite effective to create harmony and a positive energy flow thus promoting a feeling of balance, power and peace.


Hypnotherapy is a technique where a trained hypnotist speaks directly to the individual’s subconscious mind and can therefore, communicate with that area of the mind that controls and stores everything from senses to memory, in addition to the monitoring of all bodily functions of the human body. Hypnotherapy can succeed in implementing desired changes such as phobias, weight loss, smoking cessation in addition to treating a wide array of conditions that have depression, pain management and all illnesses.

Integrative Health/Therapies

To integrate is to understand varied elements, then integrate them into a larger synergistic whole. The varied elements in this scenario are different approaches to recovery.

Internal Organ Massage

Internal Organ Massage is used to restore the function of the critical organs through indirect and direct physical manipulations and energy work in the gut region. The origins of symptoms manifesting from the outlying area regions of the human body are available in the abdomen and addressed there with this kind of massage.


Iridology is the science of analyzing the delicate structures of the iris of the eye. It shows inflammation, where situated, and in what stage it’s manifesting. The iris reveals body constitution, inherent weaknesses, levels of health, as well as the transitions that happen in a person’s body according to how he/she lives. The eyes are proclaimed throughout the ages because the windows of the soul. We acknowledge them as the mirrors of the body.