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Each essential oil has its own distinct frequency. They range from 52 to 320 megahertz, the frequency of rose oil. By applying an essential oil with a certain frequency into your body, the oil’s higher frequency increases the vibratory quality of that person. When several oils are mixed together, each having another MHz frequency, a frequency will appear which may be lower or higher than the several components. Thus, the plant’s therapeutic properties produce special vibrational remedies capable of curing or rebalancing the body/mind/spirit.

Coming into Resonance

Is required for recovery and it’s precisely our same target in prayer and in hands on recovery work. The more we have the ability to produce resonance with another person-the more we have the ability to facilitate healing into wholeness.

The frequency levels for essential oils might be the most important element in using oils with hands on healing. When working together with the energy field and the energy facilities, our aim is to bring the subtle energy body into balance.

Vibrational Range

The body was found to have a normal vibrational range (electric frequency) between 62 and 68 MHz. Energy disturbances in the area will actually precede the appearance of illness and disease in the body. Tanio’s research showed that when the human frequency range drops below the standard of 62 MHz, abnormal procedure have the chance to develop. Much more research has to be done in this field but it does open up the possibility of healing with vibrational medicines and/or remedies.

The frequency of an essential oil, like any other substance, can depend on several variables. How the crops were raised, how they had been harvested, how the oil was processed, how it was stored, the era of the item. To determine a mean frequency for any item, an individual needs to quantify and composite frequencies from several batches.

Pure Essential Oils

In other words, medicinal or therapeutic grade oils, have strong frequencies, though adulterated oils could be as low as 0 MHz. When you inhale a vital oil, there may be a direct shift in your frequency degree. Adulterated oils might actually decrease your frequency level. Essential oils create an environment where low frequency diseases, harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections can’t survive.

Would you like to find out more about the frequencies of essential oils? Then attend an aromatherapy program that teaches not just about the chemistry of an important oil but also about their vibrational frequencies.