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U.S. scientists claim existence of graphene oxide and more toxic materials in COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ It is a human right, and a global law governed by the Nuremberg Code, that information about specific vaccine ingredients be disclosed. It is critical, required and necessary information for anyone, from any country in the world, to make an informed decision about whether or not to consent to medical intervention.

Covid Vaccines Ingredients

Because the full list of ingredients in Covid “vaccines” is not available, Dr. Robert Young and his team conducted research to identify the specific ingredients in Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s Covid injections. They published their findings on August 20.

Dr. Young is a biochemist, microbiologist and clinical nutritionist. He and his team of scientists claim to have confirmed what the Fifth Column researchers found: toxic nanometallic content that is magnetotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic to plants, insects, birds, animals and humans – all life on the planet. One of the “vaccines” even contained potentially deadly parasites. Taken together, the “vaccine” components, which include graphene oxide among many others and can be influenced by radiation sources external to us, create a toxic chemical and radiant soup inside our bodies. According to this, anyone receiving an injection of Covid is seriously putting their life at risk. For additional resources with which to research this further, visit The Fifth Column.

Following up on the information coming to us from the United States, Dr. Young looked at “vaccines” from the four major pharmaceutical companies: Pfizer/BioNTech (“Pfizer”); Moderna/Lonza mRNA-1273 (“Moderna”); AstraZeneca’s Vaxzevria (“AstraZeneca”); and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen (“Janssen”).

Liposome Capsids

These are fatty lipid capsules. We are told that their purpose is to wrap around the mRNA to prevent the genetic material from being broken down before it reaches its target: the cells of our body. All four Covid “vaccines” contain relatively high levels of graphene oxide, but the Pfizer and Moderna liposome capsids are 100% graphene oxide (after removing the mRNA).

Graphene oxide is cytotoxic, genotoxic and magnetotoxic. The image below shows the liposome capsid containing graphene oxide in Pfizer’s “vaccine”. The liposome delivers the graphene oxide to specific organs, glands and tissues, namely: the ovaries and testes; bone marrow; heart; and brain.


Also found in the Pfizer injection was Trypanosoma cruzi, a parasite of which several variants are lethal and is one of the many causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS. It is not known if this was a random ingredient or if it was placed there on purpose and will be found in all Pfizer “vaccines.”


In the AstraZeneca “vaccines,” Dr. Young and his team identified histidine, sucrose, polyethylene glycol (“PEG”), and ethylene alcohol, which were also contained in the Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen injections. PEG was the only adjuvant declared in the data sheet listing the ingredients of the AstraZeneca injection.

PEG and ethylene alcohol injection are known to be carcinogenic and genotoxic.

Janssen also contains stainless steel composite particles that are bonded with a reduced graphene oxide “carbon-based glue.”


This aggregate is highly magnetic and can trigger pathological blood clotting and the “COVID effect” or the “protein spike effect”.

Daily Expose August 29a

Daily Expose August 30

Modern “vaccine” also contains many spherical foreign bodies with some bubble-shaped cavities. This highly toxic nanoparticle composition is cadmium selenide quantum dots that are cytotoxic and genotoxic. Quantum dots are semiconducting nanoparticles that glow a particular color after being illuminated by light. The color they glow depends on the size of the nanoparticle. The black dots in the image below are graphene oxide.

Daily Expose August 31

Dr. Young’s article concludes that these Covid injections “are NOT vaccines, but nanotech drugs that function as gene therapy … All of these so-called ‘vaccines’ are patented and, therefore, their actual contents are kept secret even from the purchasers, who, of course, are using taxpayer money. So, the consumers (taxpayers) have no information about what they are getting in their bodies by inoculation.”

Daily Expose August 32

According to Dr. Young, an estimated 500 million people worldwide have already been injured and potentially 35 million have died from Covid injections. This is likely to increase in the coming months, as people who have received two injections are 13 times more likely to be injured, hospitalized or killed by the so-called “Delta variant” compared to those with natural immunity. But what is really causing the Covid “variants” and future “waves”?

The genetic code for the Spike protein in the “vaccines” is computer-generated, “man-made” and easily altered. And, graphene oxide in body tissues (brain, connective tissue, potentially in muscles) will interact with pulsed frequencies within the 5G range, Dr. Young said, this will be what will cause the next “wave” predicted in October.

Stop putting poison in your body, Dr. Young said, “these [Covid] inoculates are dangerous because the nanoparticles can cross the blood-brain barrier, they can cross the blood-air barrier. That’s why these vaccines are so dangerous. However, it’s because the particles break through: the blood-brain barrier, which is protected; the air-blood barrier; and the testicular or ovarian blood barrier. The particles enter directly. Poisoning the body to cure it makes no sense; it is a failed narrative.

The scientific paper published by Dr. Young, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines, can be read by following this LINK or in the attached PDF document: Robert-Young-GrapheneOxideVaccinePaper Download

The article is technical and those of us who have not had a career in science or medicine may have difficulty understanding all of its implications. Dr. Young discussed his findings in depth during an interview which you can view HERE.

Why would they put graphene oxide in Covid injections? In late July, a Pfizer whistleblower, Karen Kingston, claimed that she was “100%” sure of the existence of graphene oxide – undisclosed by the drugmakers – in Covid injections. She gives an idea of the reason that aligns with that given by Dr. Young.

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Watch video here.

In addition, on August 26, Japan announced that it would suspend the use of several batches of Moderna “vaccines” due to reports of contamination with “a substance that reacts to magnets and could be metal.”