Healer's cupped hands and Reiki Kanji Symbol on misty dark blue background

In the present article, I will explain to you both symbols used in Reiki Level 2, but I will not reveal the symbols. Your Reiki master will show you the symbols when you’re ready for them. Needless to say, you can find them online if you’re curious. Again, be certain you’re well prepared for practicing innovative Reiki.

Reiki Level 2

The first symbol in Reiki 2 is Cho Ku Rei (CKR). This emblem greatly increases the ability of the Reiki that you station. Initially, you may consciously invoke this symbol at each chakra and anytime you need to establish protection. As your intuition develops, CKR will automatically arise in your understanding as needed. Initially, please be very diligent about drawing, imagining and invoking this emblem. With practice, it is going to become comfortable and automatic for you.

According to Diane Stein, a big Reiki practitioner, the line on the top of CKR depicts Shiva (male energy of the world ). The vertical line represents energy emanating from heaven to earth. The spirals represent Shakti (Goddess energy). Note that the spirals touch the diagonal line a total of seven times, corresponding to the seven chakras. Begin drawing the symbol from the top left, followed by a downward stroke. This is followed by a string of 3 clockwise spirals, crossing the perpendicular line.

As in Reiki Level 1, you can ask your physician if they have any physical ailments they would love to heal. Discussing those issues makes it possible to focus the intent of CKR. As your individual describes their physical symptoms, your focus and intention focus especially on these signs.

Cho Ku Rei (Clockwise)

    • Increase power
    • Protect your chakras
    • Focus on physical recovery
    • Protection on walls, air and other places
    • Empower water, plants and food
    • Energize crystals

Cho Ku Rei (counter-clockwise)

Alternatively, the traces of Cho Ku Rei can be drawn counter-clockwise. Generally, the function is exactly the same as using the clockwise symbol. In the early phases of your Reiki 2 training, practice using the symbol in both directions until your intuition guides you to understand which one is most suitable at any particular time. The anti-clockwise CKR is used to distribute energy, remove negativity from cysts and eliminate negativity from auras. Finally, you may use it to ground the bottoms of the feet. Ultimately, your intention in a healing is of utmost importance. The universal wisdom of Reiki conducts energy as a station. So, as opposed to intellectualizing and laboring through your techniques, just relax and allow Reiki flow. Many students try too hard and push the energy, exhausting themselves in the procedure.

Sei He Ki: The Emotional Symbol

The next symbol in Reiki 2 is Sei He Ki (SHK). This emblem focuses on psychological issues and purification. During healings, you might be motivated to ask your individual questions. Follow your intuition and you’ll know what to ask. SHK helps patients release negative emotions. Combining the energy of SHK with well-timed, compassionate questions creates a strong connection between Western psychological practices and Eastern energy areas. Begin with general questions such as, “are there any psychological issues in your mind that you want to heal? Are there any situations in your life that you want to overcome?” More specific questions will arise of their own accord. This topic is discussed in more detail in my essay concerning therapeutic communication.

Some sources define SHK as “God and humanity become one.” The SHK symbol looks like the two sides of the human brain. The left side unites angles with straight lines, representing the left side of the human mind, being linear and logical. The perfect side is curving, representing human imagination and creativity. As you gain experience with SHK you may comprehend for yourself its esoteric significance and how to employ it in healing conditions. Its primary characteristics and applications can be outlined as follows:

    • Use for psychological healing
    • Balance left and right sides of the mind
    • Create calm during stressful situations
    • Release stress from its source
    • Purify chakras, rooms and auras
    • Purify food, water, plants and crystals
    • Release bad habits

The only limitation to the usage of those symbols is your own imagination. Focus on the positive and these symbols will fortify your own objectives.