Un bărbat care suferă de gută dureroasă și inflamată la piciorul drept, în jurul zonei degetului mare.

Joint pains, muscle pains are but a few of the indicators of possible Gout. However, muscle and joint pains are only felt in your big toe, knees, and ankles. The pain is often described as throbbing, crushing and excruciating that people who suffer from Gout would often moan due to the intense pain they are dealing with. Aside from the pain, this can be accompanied by high fever that would then surely be a strong sign that you have Gout.

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What is Gout?

Gout is a form of arthritis which normally happens when our uric acid level builds up in our blood that causes our joints to become swollen or inflamed. There are two classifications of Gout, namely:

      • Acute gout that’s charaterized by a debilitating condition affecting one joint.
      • Chronic gout that’s a string of recurrent swelling of joints with pain and inflammation.

Factors which lead to Gout

There are two possible reasons why you would encounter or have gout, namely:

      • Your body makes too much uric acid
      • Your body has a hard time getting rid of uric acid

Once your body has a lot of uric acid, then it would automatically discharge synovial fluid around the joints. This could then lead to the formation of uric acid crystals that then become responsible for the swelling of the joint and also for it to become inflamed.

There’s absolutely no specific cause for the formation or contraction of gout and the only way to do is to have the ability to spot the signs and symptoms of gout in order for us to be conscious of it. Furthermore, gout is not uncommon in men, and girls following their menstrual period and people who drink alcohol.

It may also develop in people who have..

      • Diabet
      • Kidney disorder
      • Obezitate
      • Anemie
      • Leucemie

The question would be, how do we prevent this specific illness? Health consciousness has been into the present movement of prevention is much better than cure, and so, we’re taking the responsibility of being in a position to supply a possible method of preventing having signs and symptoms of gout.

Herbal Remedies to Prevent Gout

There are numerous herbal medicines which are out in the market today which health experts and doctors have found to be effective in preventing Gout. Among these are the following:

Gourd amar

Known to be an easy vegetable that’s usually mixed with viands and consumed here in the Philippines, bitter gourd also comprises a good deal of health benefits that would help us avoid specific disease or disorders. Among the various health benefits are as follows:

      • Helps to disinfect and heal cuts, burns & wounds
      • Is useful as a cough & fever remedy
      • Used in the treatment of intestinal worms and nausea
      • Helps prevent some types of cancers
      • helps improve the body’s immune system to ward off infections
      • Serves as an effective antioxidant, antibacterial & antipyretic agent
      • Lowers blood glucose level and helps prevent diabetes


In addition, this is a natural healing plan that’s been used by the aborigines of the Philippines throughout the Pre-Colonial period for a medicine. The leaves are usually boiled in order to get the infusion of the plant and after that, the boiled water using the infusion is drunked by the individual with illness. The leaves are also sometimes placed on top as a cover into the wound in order for quicker wound healing. Other Advantages of this Banaba plant are as follows:

      • Banaba tea helps in weight reduction even without dietary restrictions.
      • Banaba tea can help detoxify the body and protect the liver.
      • Banaba tea creates a positive effect of decreasing trigyceride and LDL cholesterol, which assist in weight reduction.
      • It assists in treating urinary tract infections.
      • It will help to reduce or normalize blood glucose; even if you’re more likely to have diabetes you may lower the risk by drinking banaba tea on a daily basis. It’s effective for this purpose due to its ability to regulate blood glucose and act in a manner that’s similar to insulin.

Luați aminte!

If you noticed, both Banaba and Bitter gourd are powerful methods of fighting diabetes. Bitter gourd itself, when consumed normalizes our body’s insulin level and boosts insulin metabolism. Banaba also has the identical property. Therefore, these two herbal foods are usually combined and sold in the industry here in the Philippines in the shape of a herbal tea.

Gout typically is caused by too much acid in our body. Our goal is to reduce the amount of uric acid in our body, which when raised, causes the illness called Gout. Therefore, other herbal and possible ways of preventing Gout would include eating cleansing foods such as:

      • Turmeric (Luyang Dilaw). Additionally, this is a strong and very effective herb which cleanses our own body, flushing out bad cholesterol in which it reduces our cholesterol level, normalizes the flow of our blood whereby preventing high blood, and a fantastic detoxifier which would subsequently flush out a lot of uric acid in our body. Often for Gout prevention, Turmeric is better being taken as a tea.
      • Apple. A whole lot of health experts and physicians would state that”an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” This is true for men and women that would want to stop having Gout. Apples were found to neutralize the acidity level of the body, and this includes lessening the uric acid which causes Gout. You may take as many apples every day for as long as you like because there’s never been any known harmful side effect of eating too much apple. You may even take it in as a juice extract (not powdered kind ) for as long as you’ve got your juicer with you.
      • Cherries and other Berries. Cherries and other berries are shown to be good sources of anti-oxidants which detoxifies our own body of harmful elements. Aside from that, cherries were found to be powerful in cleansing our kidneys, and give us that rosy complexion. It’s due to this cleansing power that’s present in cherries and other berries which has paved the way for the discovery of additional strong berry fruits such as: Acai Berry, Goji, and Maqui Berry.

These are simply a couple of the most effective and effective herbal remedies which you can pick from in order to stop Gout. You can elect to have and ingestion Acai Berry, Goji, and Maqui nevertheless, here in the Philippines, we’re aware that these 3 berries are rather pricey. Therefore, you have choices and choices which are your bitter gourd, turmeric, and banaba.