Girl holding dry brittle hair. Brittle damaged tips, hair loss.

Thousands of women suffer from the dilemma of dry hair and look for easy to use treatments to help to fix the issue. I’ll share with you three Home Hair treatment answers made kind items that you have in your own kitchen. The issue of dry hair is one which can ruin your picture of yourself.

Dry Hair tretament

Women that are searching for a solution to the dry hair issue can spend hundreds of dollars annually on treatments promising to bring a wholesome shone and body for their hair just to be disappointed with the results. What a lot of girls do not realize is that their mothers and grandmothers also suffered with this issue and found that the answer years ago right in their kitchen cupboard. These answers were shared with me by my mom and I’ll gladly share them with you today.

Safflower Oil For Dry Hair

Start by placing a few drops of the safflower oil in your palms, then proceed to rub them together; you’ll then need to take your own hair and start to massage a small quantity of oil in your hair beginning with the ends first and work toward the scalp; Leave this on your own hair for roughly 20-30 minutes.

Safflower oil is remarkable close to the natural oils in your hair and can be easily absorbed by the hair and kept. This allows it to perform exactly the exact same job as the oils you’re missing making your hair dry. This is to get a relatively mild case of dry hair for a more moderate instance try another alternative.

Olive Oil to Moisturize Your Hair

Start by warming up one half a cup of olive oil; you’ll then need to take the olive oil and start to massage it through your hair; you’ll then need to wrap your hair , followed by wrap your head in a skillet; Leave your hair like that for 30 minutes; Wash out using a shampoo that’s suited for dry hair, these can be found at the neighborhood shop or hair salon.

This process may sound like something you’d find being done in an upscale southern California salon. The truth is you would get this being done in some of the premier salons, not because its part of the most recent fad of using naturals and meals for beauty but since for generations it has been know to work wonders for fry damaged hair. The olive oil has a broad assortment of chemical compounds, particularly complex proteins which nourish hair and leave it soft, bouncy and manageable. The natural beaming ability of olive oil is wonderful for giving you a brilliant shimmer without a great deal of pricey brand name lotions. Again this is for a moderate case and should fix the problem for many mid range instances but for those with a sever case of dry hair or people who just want to give their hair and intense treatment, try another and most intensive treatment alternative

Egg Everyone has it in Their Refrigerator

You will need separate the egg whites of an egg in the yolk, once you do this you may want to conquer the white thoroughly. Next add 1 tablespoon of water into the egg yolk which you split and blend until the mixture is creamy. After you’ve done this you’ll want to combine the yolk and white together. Then you will want to ensure that your mind is completely wet and apply the mixture to your mind together with the tips of your fingers. Rinse your mind extremely well making sure to get all of the mixture from your hair.

Here you’re introducing pure fats and amino acids into the hair and are allowing the hair to absorb them in an intensive manner. You should execute the egg therapy 2-3 times per week for 3-4 weeks. Using a milk and honey rinse on the times that you’re not using the egg. Once you’ve achieved the desired results continue to utilize the milk and honey therapy 2-3 times weekly and the egg therapy every 7-10 days (not on the same days) to keep your hair silky smooth and lively.


Using these remedies I hope that you discover the answer to your dry hair issues. These treatments have been demonstrated to work and are comparatively cheap and easy to execute. The items are readily available from the neighborhood grocery store and you may use the remedies yourself with no help in under five minutes. I guess its true what they say, listen to your mom, she does know what.