When it comes to fertilizing your own vegetable garden, you will find an array of products from which you may select. Regardless of which one you choose, a fantastic bottom line to follow is to always pick a fertilizer that’s made of organic, not artificial, materials.

Органическое удобрение

Organic fertilizers are made from natural ingredients, such as animal bones and blood, seaweed, manure, kelp, and bat droppings (guano). All these materials aren’t harmful to the ground, and are renewable and renewable. Comparatively, chemical (synthetic) fertilizers are made from materials that are mined from the earth, or oil, or gasses which are located in places where petroleum remains underground. This makes the production of chemical fertilizers rather an unfriendly,”un-green” procedure. To make matters worse, the huge majority of chemical fertilizers do not stay where you place them, but rather run off to your ground water.

There’s also a very considerable difference between organic and chemical fertilizers in regards to the way they work. Organic fertilizers contain nutrients which aren’t immediately available to the plant when they are applied. These nutrients must combine with the natural bacteria and fungi which are found in the soil so as to be applied as food by the plants. This is an excellent thing, since it helps your plants to just use the appropriate quantity of nutrients they can assimilate at any particular time. Basically, they will just use what they want, while the fertilizer enables your soil to become healthier and chock full of beneficial nutrients. Comparatively, compound fertilizers contain nutrients which are immediately available to the plants, and for that reason feed just your crops, not your own soil. This causes the plants to consume all the synthetic nutrients at the same time. This can lead to the burnout of your plants’ roots, in addition to vegetables that just develop too fast, lack nourishment, and taste bad. Plus, your soil isn’t likely to be in a very good condition for the next planting season.

Choice Healthy

Organic fertilizers are an all-around option which will enable you to develop healthy chemical-free vegetables for your loved ones, and nurture your soil for future use. Visit your kitchen to easily create your own organic fertilizer. Here are 3 great options that can nourish and feed your own vegetable garden:

Fish emulsion

Fish emulsion is a wonderful, balanced fertilizer that naturally provides your plants with nitrogen and macronutrients. It’s made of a mix of decomposed fish, and is a byproduct of the fishing sector. You’ll find fish emulsion in several of organic fertilizers, since it’s fairly popular with organic gardeners. It’s excellent for use in vegetable gardens, as it will help your plants to attain their highest potential and yield. The best thing about these nutrients is they will, in turn, let your fruits and veggies to develop their greatest nutrient possible also.

Egg Shells and Coffee Grounds

Here are two natural fertilizers which it is easy to find in your kitchen. Egg shells are naturally made of about 95 percent calcium carbonate, and calcium is crucial for the growth of plants. Mixing the cubes with coffee grounds helps to incorporate valuable nitrogen to your soil also. Before using your egg shells, give them a good rinse to remove any egg residue. Then rake the mix of grounds and shells to the soil around your plants. This is beneficial for many vegetable crops, but especially for tomato plants.

Морские водоросли

Seaweed is an fantastic all-purpose fertilizer to your garden. It is most often soaked in water, then the “tea” is applied in liquid form. If you choose to brew a tea make certain that you use only plain dried seaweed that hasn’t been roasted or experienced.


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