Graphene has been shown to have the same clinical effects as COVID, such as blood clotting and consequent reduction in platelets. It also affects the immune system through oxidative stress and triggers immune system breakdown through cytokine storm, causes thrombosis, pneumonia (flu-like symptoms), mucosal inflammation, loss of taste and smell. It blocks detoxification in the body by blocking glutathione, causes a metallic taste in the mouth, destroys the immune system and magnetises people, especially at the injection site.

This is the classic Covid picture. We are being attacked from all sides with an advanced chemical nano-poison, which is being sold to us as a viral pandemic, and the dose will increase. The Graphene Oxide poisoning is the “COVID disease”! It is one of the first waves to wipe out “the weak and naive of society” in this democite and finally sterilise humanity. The methods will become more dangerous and direct in the coming years, but for now you are safe if you protect yourself from the poisoning. Those who want to survive the next few years should live healthy, detoxify and arm themselves accordingly.

What can we take against Graphene Oxide Contamination?

Gluthation is the body’s most powerful antioxidant and is synthesised in the body from three amino acids that we consume in our diet: Glutamic acid, Cysteine and Glycine.

Deficiencies of these basic amino acids are rare (except perhaps in very unbalanced vegans) because they are found in all protein foods, such as meat, eggs, fish, cheese, milk, peas, beans, and so on. You can buy glutathione as a food supplement, but the body’s absorption of the already synthesised version via the stomach is rather low – although there are also studies that prove the opposite.

Foods that contain glutathione directly include liver, avocado, asparagus, watermelon, walnuts, potatoes and spinach, although the absorption capacity via food has not been definitively clarified.

image 43 1

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

The administration of NAC, on the other hand, as a cysteine donor, can demonstrably increase the body’s own glutathione production (and activate the neutrophils of the immune system), because cysteine is usually only found in small amounts and is thus the limiting factor. Wiki.


But for the biosynthesis of body-own substances like glutathione, some co-factors must usually also be present in the body in sufficient quantities.


And there is often a shortage of these in the population. One of the co-factors of glutathione synthesis is the trace element selenium (found in high amounts in Brazil nuts), which is also essential for the elimination of heavy metals (especially mercury). For optimal synthesis of glutahtione, the body also needs vitamin C (500mg a day increases glutahtione levels by 50%) and a proper zinc-copper ratio. A zinc deficiency significantly reduces the body’s ability to produce glutathione, while too much zinc or copper can be toxic to the body. Good sources of zinc include oysters (but unfortunately they are also high in pollutants because they filter the sea), beef, almonds, oatmeal, cashews, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, liver and Emmental cheese. Copper is present in appreciable amounts in cocoa powder, or chocolate with very high cocoa content, cashews, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts. For each of these synthesis steps, the body needs not only energy but also magnesium, so a lack of magnesium hinders glutathione synthesis. Vitamin B2 (e.g. almonds, champingons, other nuts) and vitamin B12 (meat, milk, cheese, eggs) activate glutathione. The ECGC of green tea and the cocoa of dark chocolate are also said to support the neutrophil cells of the immune system.



On top of that, glutathione is also a substrate for the synthesis of phytochelatins, which, like metallothioneins, play an important role in binding heavy metals. With NAC, one fights on two fronts of the poisoning of mankind. You strengthen your immune system, the foreign toxic nanoparticles are removed by activated neutrophils, and the elimination of toxic heavy metals is promoted. I would, however, hurry up when ordering, because the FDA is currently trying to regulate the “off-label use” of NAC more strongly in the USA. Read here.

As with the NHS ban on neodyum magnets in May, this is damn suspicious timing!!! On the American NAC has already been removed because of this! And you don’t usually find such a special substance in the supermarket. This is a great pity, because NAC could even help enormously in the treatment of addictions and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

You can still buy it on some online shops. But I wouldn’t hope for it to stay that way, either because it will be withdrawn from circulation in this country on some pretext, or because it will be sold out quickly as soon as word gets around. If need be, you can also use methionine as a precursor, which in the body becomes N-actetyl-cysteine (which in turn becomes glutathione). Or simply a protein powder with a comprehensive amino acid profile.

image 49 3

Dandelion Leaves Extract

An extract from dandelion leaves is also said to have a similar blocking effect on spike protein. Dandelion is also an excellent liver detoxifier and supporter and its leaves are great in a salad or dried in a tea.


Shikimic Acid (Pine Neddle, Star Анис,…)

A very simple method that is also supposed to help is the so-called shikimic acid. It is found in the fir needles of all needle trees, but also in star anise. In our country, we only know star anise from the Christmas season, but in Traditional Chinese Medicine it has been used for centuries to treat lung diseases and plagues.

Фенхель seeds also contain shikimic acid.


This shikimic acid has even found its way into orthodox medicine, it is the main active ingredient in the most prescribed flu medication Tamiflu. Wiki.

To get shikimic acid, all you need is a tea made from star anise or needles, e.g. pine needles. They contain high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A and, above all, many secondary plant compounds and essential oils.

White pine needles also contain suramin, which according to Dr. Judy Mikovics is a true “antidote” to COVID.

Suramin seems to be very promising in the treatment of COVID, as this study suggests.


And is one of the oldest and WHO rated most important drugs ever (and has the coolest structural formula I have ever seen).

Сурамин СураминСураминSuramin 1Suramin 1 Capture décran 2021 09 20 à 11.19.49

It is considered a drug against sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis), which is still common in Africa and is a parasitic disease. Anti-parasitic drugs that also help with nanoparticle poisoning… – as we will see in a moment, there is a pattern here. Also this study shows that suramin is 20% more potent in blocking SARS-CoV-2 RNA than the currently used drug remdesivir.


Shikimic acid is probably also so effective against graphene oxide poisoning because it has an anti-thrombogenic effect.


The beauty of shikimic acid is that it is so wonderfully easy to obtain. Conifers grow almost everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and they bear needles all year round. And all you have to do is pick a few needles and make a tea. You can do this even if you are holed up in the forest and only have access to a match, some firewood, a metal cup and some river water. For more information, e.g. preparation methods and things to consider, please read here:


Only few coniferous species can be poisonous and pregnant women are advised against consumption for safety.


But there are supposed to be other treatment methods to combat graphene oxide poisoning. The bioflavinoid quercentin is also thought to help. Its antiviral properties have been known for some time and a study investigated its effect on COVID. It interfered with several phases of the disease and is thought to prevent the spike protein (graphene oxide?) from entering the cell.


Quercentin is found mainly in capers, (red) onions, apples, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, blueberries, currants, chives, kale, cherries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries. Cooking and peeling significantly reduces the content of quercentine. It is assumed that the effect of quercentin is synergetically enhanced together with vitamin C and vitamin D. And a study found that organically grown tomatoes contain 79% more quercentin than conventionally grown tomatoes, which again shows how important the quality of the food is.



Чеснок also supports glutathione production enormously. When you cut garlic or other allium plants such as onions, allicin is produced (through reaction with the oxygen in the air) and this is responsible for the typical malodorous smell. Allicin contains so-called diallyl disulphite (DADS), a chemical compound which promotes detoxification enormously. Wiki.

image 48 1

Of particular note is its role in detoxification through the GSH/GST system: DADS significantly increases the production of the enzyme glutathione S-transferase (GST) in cells. This normally mediates the binding of glutathione (GSH) to electrophilic toxins in the cell. Garlic therefore supports the detoxification function of liver cells in vitro and protects nerve cells from oxidative stress in vitro. So eat fresh garlic regularly, preferably uncooked, e.g. stirred into salt dressing with a garlic press or smeared on bread. For centuries, mankind has used garlic as a medicinal plant, especially because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure-lowering and anti-carcinogenic effects. And it has also been scientifically studied as a promising treatment for COVID, both the inhalation of allicin and the consumption of garlic containing allicin.



Even though the mass media like to ridicule such things and portray it as something completely absurd to use garlic instead of poison pills and injections for treatment. Suddenly this story also makes sense, glutathione is the common denominator. People, these are not coincidences! We are not dealing with a viral infection, we are dealing with a horrible Graphene Oxide poisoning. And the body has a natural ability to heal this poisoning through glutathione as long as we live the way our Creator intended and not the way we were conditioned by Lucifer. Therefore, they will provide a constant supply of the toxin and slowly increase the dose and the oxidative stress.


Sulforaphane is a phytochemical found in broccoli, but in significant amounts only in fresh broccoli sprouts. This substance also has an effect on neutrophils, increases intercellular glutathione levels and has very anti-inflammatory properties.


As it has already been studied as a treatment for people with COPD, it has also been studied for the treatment of COVID. And lo and behold, it seems to be very successful in treating and preventing the disease, or let’s call it by its name, the poisoning.


And what is the common denominator again? GLUTATHION. Sulforaphane is also very effective in the prevention and treatment of various cancers and stomach problems. So keep eating up the broccoli!

image 46

If you don’t feel like eating broccoli sprouts every day, you can also take ir as a food supplement. Sulforaphane is harmless in itself, but when supplementing it, one should be aware that it competes with iodine for the thyroid gland and that excessive consumption can lead to an iodine deficiency in the thyroid gland. This is why “cabbage goitre” was so common during the Great Depression, because people only had home-grown cabbage vegetables to eat. But if you eat a varied diet, you have nothing to worry about. Iodine is found, for example, in algae, in sea fish such as salmon, iodised table salt and soy sauce. So just eat sushi every now and then.

(R)-alpha-lipoic Acid

Another substance that supports this process is the administration of (R)-alpha-lipoic acid, a very strong antioxidant that “recycles” antioxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 that have already been used up by the body, so that they can once again perform their radical-eliminating function. Wiki.

Thus, (R)-alpha lipoic acid strengthens the body’s own defence against toxins enormously and, due to its small size, it also manages to pass through the blood-brain barrier to act in the brain – something that most antioxidants are unable to do. It is also the only antioxidant that can act in both the aqueous body environment and the fatty body environment (the others are either or). And alpha lipoic acid, as a chelating agent, can also remove heavy metals. Alpha lipoic acid can be produced by the body itself, but this decreases with age. It can also be taken in through food. The substance is mainly found in meat products such as liver, kidney and heart. But spinach, rice bran, broccoli and tomatoes are also said to be a good source. Alpha-lipoic acid is found in foods in a compound with lipollysins. However, if you want to take in high amounts to boost your detoxification, you have to resort to dietary supplements. Here, however, you should not exceed 600 mg per day and definitely take the R-form. The cheaper S-form is almost ineffective because it is hardly absorbed, so check carefully beforehand. I can only recommend everyone to research this miracle substance.


Another spike protein deactivator is the bioflavinoid hesperidin, which is found in fresh peppermint and citrus fruits (especially blood oranges). As a combination preparation with diosmin, it has been prescribed for a long time as a drug against varicose veins and haemorrhoids. According to studies, hesperidin is considered a promising treatment for the prevention and treatment of COVID.


Juices with pulp and the peels contain more of it, so drink a water spritzer with citrus slices in it every now and then. And speaking of citrus fruits: The antiviral and antiparasitic effects of grapefruit seed extract have long been known. And it also seems to be effective in preventing COVID, as several studies suggest. Especially as a nasal spray in combination with xylitol (Xlear). We will encounter the antiparasitic effect more often.

quercentin hisperidin 1


Word is also spreading that the drug Invermectin is excellent in treating COVID. This is an anti-parasitic agent and they have been heard of many times before the pandemic to respond to all off-body nanotechnology. It was being studied by the scientific community as a treatment for COVID until first the WHO rushed in and then the FDA more or less advised against it.


Yet the scientific facts are now clear: a meta-analysis of 63 studies on the treatment of COVID with invermectin shows an 86% improvement in prophylaxis, a 72% improvement in the treatment of the early stage and a 40% improvement in the late stage of the disease. So a median of ~68%.


The chance of an “ineffective” drug achieving such a result in 63 trials is 1 in 1 trillion. For comparison: the improvement successes of the drugs currently used and approved for COVID, Budesonit, Remdesivir and Casiri, are 17%, 32% and 66% respectively. And all of these have already been approved by the FDA after only one study, while invermectin is now awaiting further studies for approval, with 113 studies on COVID (71 of which are peer-reviewed)!!!


The African country of Zimbabwe, which has been whistling at the WHO’s demands throughout the pandemic, is already using Invermectin in their COVID treatment. You can probably buy it without a prescription in foreign online pharmacies under the trade name Stromectol, but here you can only get it with a prescription.


The reason for the suppression of this drug by these highly corrupt organisations is that they are not interested in curing the people effectively and especially because an official admission of the healing success of an anti-parasitic drug would quickly raise unpleasant questions about the true origin of the disease! Let’s not forget that the current head of WHO Tedros Adhanom is not only closely linked to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, but is also a big buddy of Xi Jinping, without whom he would never have got to this position. Apart from the fact that the “medical messiah” Bill Gates with his foundation and the Gavi Alliance, which is mainly financed by him, is defacto the biggest donor and thus owner of the WHO!

To believe that this money is simply given away without seeking subtle influence is a particularly severe form of blind naivety. Whoever thinks that Tedros has no power in this organisation and that his decisions would be free and independent and that he would not hang on strings, can unfortunately no longer be helped… The same applies to the FDA in which half of the employees come from the (pharmaceutical/food) industry or later work there (if they were loyal accomplices). These two organisations wear a robe of independence but are the exact opposite. And they have been able to convince just about every health department in every country in the world, as well as many doctors, to listen exclusively to them, and every news outlet to quote them exclusively as a legitimate source in health reporting. Until now, even relatives of seriously ill COVID patients had to force hospitals to treat them with Invermectin by court order.


Also Do Sport!

Another method to boost your gluthation level is sport, sport, sport! And always drink lots of water and sweat. Spanish doctors say that this is why only 0.22% of all athletic people get graphene oxide poisoning (aka “COVID disease”). I don’t care how old or fit you are. Little is better than nothing. Anyone can do a little strength training and cardio three times a week! You just need some dumbbells, or the floor and gravity and for jogging you just need trainers. No excuses, sweating could save your life.

image 37

EPA and DHA Fatty Acids

But I should mention that you can’t really “boost” the immune system, that is, make it stronger than otherwise possible, you can only ensure that it is constantly at an optimal levelcan work. You don’t want an immune system in overdrive, otherwise you enter the field of autoimmune diseases and allergies. Increased “boosting” is especially useful and possible if you have already been poisoned or if you have a weaker immune system due to age or previous illnesses. The graphene oxide consumes the glutathione present in the blood and cells quickly and destroys the oxygen supply. If these are not quickly replenished by the body by removing the cause (GO particles), that’s it. Unfortunately, this is usually not part of the conventional medical COVID treatment.

In short: if you have a healthy and properly functioning immune system, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Because God has endowed us with a wonderfully complex and yet perfect body and placed us in a world full of healthy and invigorating foods.

The only problem is that this is the case for few people these days. Because the immune system, or the whole body system in general, can only work properly if it is supplied with sufficient nutrients and the toxic load does not become permanent. But humanity has been slowly being poisoned and weakened for about 60 years. Due to the modern and high-tech agriculture (monocultures) the fields are cultivated in ever faster cycles of more and more effectively growing varieties adapted to the taste of the market. The consequences: the soil hardly has time to recover and becomes poor in nutrients. The roots of the plants are often no longer deep enough to extract valuable trace elements such as selenium from the soil. The metals that rain down through the planes and make the pH value of the soil more acidic and thereby weaken the microorganisms in the soil do the rest. If the soil cannot supply the vegetables and fruits with sufficient nutrients, then this food cannot supply us humans and the animals (that we eat) with sufficient nutrients either. Here are a few figures from the Institute for Environmental Medicine Rostock that illustrate how extreme the loss of nutrients in our food has been over the past 20 years:

image 28

Unfortunately, today’s fruit and vegetables from the supermarket have little to do with the vitamin bombs of our grandparents. The result is widespread deficiency symptoms of antioxidants, minerals and trace elements in the population, even if they eat a “reasonably healthy” diet it is usually not optimal. People who eat mainly highly processed foods naturally have even more severe deficiency symptoms. Obesity and overweight are the result, because when the body lacks nutrients it becomes hungry. But if it is not given enough nutrients through food, it remains hungry. Even with mental illnesses, malnutrition is often not considered and a pill is prescribed, but without sufficient L-tryptophan, L-tyrosine, EPA and DHA fatty acids, vitamin D³, magnesium, folic acid and other B vitamins, no one can think clearly or remain emotionally stable. This is because the brain cannot produce enough happiness-inducing neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Likewise, a disturbed hormone balance (due to the various hormone disruptors in plastic & co.) has devastating consequences for the psyche. Antidepressants won’t help – because they don’t change the hormones.

image 53 2

DHA and EPA (from algae oil) have no side effects and are at least as effective as antidepressants for depression.

At the same time, however, people today have a greater need for these antioxidants than in the past, because toxic exposure has increased massively over the same period. Heavy industry and chemical companies have been polluting the air, water and soil, and thus our food and bodies, with unimaginable amounts of inorganic chemicals and toxic metal compounds, especially since the 1960s. Pesticides are now the standard in argriculture worldwide and more and more are being used. Large predatory marine fish such as salmon and tuna are contaminated with particularly high levels of heavy metals and environmental toxins because all kinds of industrial waste have been dumped into the seas for decades (and in some cases still are). This also applies to farmed fish.

More and more people live in cities, where particulate pollution has been increasing for years. A rat poison and insecticide like fluoride is now openly added to everyday products (salt and toothpaste).


The bittersweet truth behind the widely used sweetener aspartame is that it is a neurotoxin that makes people depressed, fat and seriously ill, and the questionable approval process for this substance has been a real thriller.

And more and more exogenous and synthetic substances are entering our bodies via exhaust fumes, household products, medicines, food additives and personal care products, putting additional strain on our detoxification organs as well as our immune systems. Subtle poisoning has become a permanent condition. On top of that, we don’t know how much all these toxins can act together in the body, because only the substance alone is tested for approval. But in reality, our body sometimes has to cope with a whole mixture of several substances. The regulation of these toxins by so-called limit values is an impertinence anyway. According to the motto: “The dose makes the poison.” No! A poison makes the poison! The dose only determines the degree and speed of poisoning. Foreign substances that do nothing for us, such as BPA, PFOA, aluminium and mercury, have a 0.0000000000% place in our consumer goods, water or air!

What can be done against PFOA Contamination?

PFOA, or Perfluorooctanoic Acid, is a chemical that belongs to the large family of over 4,500 fluorinated substances known as PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances).

It is a contamination to which everyone is probably exposed. Unfortunately we can do only very limited things to protect ourselves from this poison. Once it’s in, the stuff stays in! But using stainless steel instead of Teflon pans, making homemade popcorn instead of microwave popcorn, wearing uncoated jackets, simply using a normal carpet and not eating take-away food would be a start. The makers of “The Devil we Know” documentary have created a guide on how to get your house reasonably PFOA-free in seven days.


Vitamins and Turmeric

Sufficient vitamin D³, vitamin K², calcium, magnesium, silicon and a healthy oral flora by avoiding sugar, crowns, mercury-containing amalgam and other toxins, as well as an alkaline-surplus diet and regular cleaning help to maintain healthy teeth throughout life. Fluoride ingestion cannot be completely prevented, but a significant reduction will go a long way! Fluoride-free salt is available everywhere, just look at the package. For fluoride-free toothpaste, there are only one or two brands to choose from in drugstores, but the internet offers more choice. I have been avoiding additional sodium fluoride for almost seven years and my teeth are doing great, according to my dentist!

In addition, studies show that turmeric can remove fluoride from the body. This super healthy tuber should be regularly integrated into every diet anyway.



Aluminium oxide is one of the metals that is being released en masse into the environment via chemtrails. Other sources through which they bring it into our bodies are anti-perspirant deodorants, vaccines, aluminium foil, aluminium packaging and aluminium cans. Especially in summer, when there is a lot of spraying to modify the weather, people barbecue with aluminium foil and hold a can of coke or beer in their hand, the exposure is particularly high for most people. Although not yet conclusively proven (or research is being suppressed), exposure to aluminium is suspected of leading to or promoting diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD and autism. But the good news is that this can also be eliminated.

Vitamin D³

Vitamin D³, which is produced in the skin via sunlight, also plays an absolutely crucial role in the immune system. There is also a direct correlation between vitamin D³ levels and mortality from COVID diseases.

And there is an absolute lack of that in the population as well, because most people don’t get out in the sun during the midday hours anymore, because they have to sit indoors five days a week during those crucial hours of sunlight and sacrifice someone else’s lifetime in order to survive.


Moreover, in our latitudes from mid-October to mid-April, the angle of the sun’s rays is not steep enough and thus the depth of penetration into the skin is not deep enough to stimulate production. If the sun shines at all. And even in summer, production is only optimal during the midday hours. This means that most people’s vitamin D³ stores from the summer months are exhausted in February or March at the latest, which is exactly when the flu epidemics start every year. In addition, a magnesium deficiency inhibits vitamin D³ production in the skin – a fairly common mineral deficiency. And in old age, the production of vitamin D³ and also of glutathione slowly decreases more and more – that is why old people have a weaker immune system.

That is why, in my opinion, everyone, especially from the age of 45+, should supplement 4000 I.U. vitamin D³ a day between October and April, together with vitamin K² to prevent arteriosclerosis due to the increased calcium absorption and omega-3 oil for better absorption (both fat-soluble vitamins). If there is an existing disease/poisoning, much more is also possible. And a sufficient magnesium intake through pumpkin seeds, nuts, amaranth, sesame, quinoa, dried bananas or a magnesium citrate preparation should be taken into account.

And in summer, always go out when the weather is nice and leave the usually very questionable sunscreen in the cupboard. If you are worried about skin inflammation caused by UV-B rays (sunburn), you should supplement with astaxanthin. This very strong antioxidant is produced in algae and is responsible for the pink colour of salmon, crabs, shrimps and even flamingos in the higher food chain. In marine creatures, it protects the animals from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays – after all, they never have shade. But humans can also take advantage of this effect and use it as a natural sunscreen from the inside. Eating algae, salmon and shrimp helps, but really significant amounts can only be gained through a quality dietary supplement. Moreover, marine organisms are usually contaminated with toxins. There was a study that showed that after taking 4 mg a day for two weeks, the time in the sun until sunburn could be extended by 20%, because astaxathin is deposited in the skin. But astaxathine seems to help with all kinds of chronic inflammatory processes and diseases, or to prevent them, such as arthritis and cancer. It is also very good for the eyes and can also pass the blood-brain barrier and protect the brain from oxidative stress. Astaxanthin is also said to prevent Alzheimer’s dementia.

image 34

Another very important factor in strengthening the immune system that is often underestimated is sufficient restful and long sleep, as well as a stress-free life! However, many people do not get this. They are usually full of worries all the time and therefore have trouble sleeping. The better we sleep, the more effectively our immune system can work and those who regularly get less than 7-8 hours of sleep are more likely to fall ill.

Constant stress also makes us more susceptible to infections and brings our immune system to its knees like nothing else. But touching strengthens our immune system.So meditate, relax, cuddle and sleep well. There is always time for it. It was also discovered years ago that loneliness and isolation have a massive impact on the immune system and even increase the risk of death in a similar way to cigarette smoking. On top of that, our immune system needs regular contact with germs to stay fit.

In reality, our immune system is constantly fighting bacteria and toxins, and only in the rarest of cases does a noticeable disease break out – usually only when we have weakened our immune system through our lifestyle. A lack of oxygen also has a demonstrably negative effect on the immune system. A lack of vitamin D³, which is produced in the skin by the sun’s rays, has an enormous negative influence on all areas of the immune system. And excessive hygiene and isolation from dirt and germs also makes us much more susceptible to infection and promotes the development of allergies.

Osmosis Water Filter

An osmosis water filter (expensive and best) or an activated carbon water filter (cheap but also ok) cleans the water quite effectively from PFOA before you drink it, but when you dispose of the used filter, the stuff ends up back in the environment, and thus sooner or later back in the drinking water – a vicious circle. There is still no solution for this. Watch here.

Protection against fluoride is easier. Fortunately, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland there is no additional fluoridation of the water supply, so it is enough to switch to fluoride-free salt and fluoride-free toothpaste (and never give fluoride tablets to the children!). But with convenience food, restaurants and fast food, you can’t be sure which salt has been used, and it will be difficult to convince the dentist to do the treatment fluoride-free. But you won’t need one anyway if you live a healthy life. Studies of our distant ancestors show that their dental health was always excellent, because they still lived healthy lives.


First of all, magnesium and zinc deficiencies favour the storage of aluminium in the body. The trace element silicon is considered a natural antidote for aluminium and prevents its deposition in the tissue. However, it is only found in significant quantities in organically grown cereals such as oats, millet and barley, because modern artificial fertilisers are the enemy of silicon. But also tea made from крапива or horsetail (horsetail) or a nettle powder contain silicon (both also very alkaline). The malic acid contained in apples, selenium (Brazil nuts) and folic acid (e.g. in green leafy vegetables) are suitable for removing aluminium that has already been stored. However, since the folic acid content of our vegetables is in free fall, supplementing a vitamin B complex could possibly make sense. Спирулина powder, chlorella algae powder and turmeric help against many heavy metals and, due to their high folic acid content, certainly do not harm the aluminium detox (although it is a light metal). Here is another detox protocol for nanotech from chemtrails.


Chembusters or Cloudbusters

Another protection against chemtrails could be chembusters or cloudbusters. They are based on the concept of orgone energy, the organic or cosmic energy that is supposed to flow through everything and which was called differently in other cultures (Chi, Prana, Fluidum). Wilhelm Reich developed various devices from 1939 onwards through which he could tap into this energy. One of them is the Cloudbuster, which basically consists of a few copper tubes, crystals and metal particles, with which he could use this life energy. He was sure that he could change the weather with it if he directed it towards the sky. As Wilhelm Reich began his research into orgone energy he was increasingly harassed by the FBI, his books were burned by the state and he eventually died in prison after being arrested by the FBI. And they accused him of being insane because he believed that the Rockefellers were against his research… I think there might have been something to that. In 1954 he began to see UFOs over his property, which he believed were attacking him with negatively charged orgone energy. Wilhelm Reich is a fascinating personality and if you want to know more you can start on Wikipedia. Wiki. And you can read how to build one of his Chembusters yourself.


You can also buy them ready-made for expensive money.


I don’t know if that works, but I’m only scratching the surface here. Many people in the world swear by it and say that there have never been stripes and chemical haze clouds over their place of residence since they have had some chembusters in their garden. So of course you are a troublemaker for any HAARP operation. I have reported before about the spiritual background of the chemtrail programme and that one can also counter them with focused prayers and thereby they dissipate.


Perhaps one can also influence the orgone/chi/prama field with focused intentions/prayers in Jesus’ name through him. I have already had absolutely amazing experiences with this. But I don’t know yet if I am ready to share this.

Basically, these are ancient technologies and the reason why all past cultures that still had access to knowledge of our reality built pyramids

It is obvious that an increase in the toxic load, with a simultaneous reduction in defense options, leads to a weaker and more disease-prone body. And unfortunately normal today. So it is not surprising that people can be poisoned by graphene oxide by the dozen. If you don’t constantly steer against it, you have little chance. But anyone who chases the stuff three times into their veins and “gets treated” quickly loses every chance.

What can be done against Electromagnetic Mind Control?

Well, are there ways to protect yourself from the electromagnetic frequencies in the microwave spectrum? Well, these frequencies are not healthy in themselves, but their full potential is in combination with nanoparticles and other toxins (especially metals). Is this perhaps the reason for the widespread brain fog during the COVID period, which the media are trying to “explain away”? Read here.

Shungite Stone

Engaging, or avoiding, potential GO sources is at least as important as avoiding 5G frequencies. Nevertheless, I have searched the internet. One protective agent is said to be the shungite stone, which absorbs EMF radiation like a sponge. Wiki.

You can wear it in a chain around your chest (heart/lung). Interestingly, it consists almost entirely of carbon, so the absorption effect could be very similar to that of graphene, except that it takes place in front of the body and no longer in the body. You can find the special shungite stones almost only in Russia, especially in a mine in Karelia and you can buy such necklaces e.g. here (but feel free to look elsewhere).

image 82 1


This video seems to prove the work of these stones with an EMF reader.

Some house plants are also said to absorb EMF radiation, e.g. aloe vera .

Shielding Cap

I have already mentioned other products such as a shielding cap, mobile phone cases, backpacks or shielding fabric from the Mission Darkness brand, which also supplies police and intelligence services. See here.

Why do you think the word aluhut conspiracy theory has been made a weapon in communication? Not even “conspiracy theorists” are comfortable with the idea of an aluhut. Even one of the current “I do” vaccination propaganda promotional videos by the federal government deliberately makes fun of it and sends an aluhut wearer to the vaccination centre.

There is a reason for this. It is now a simple solution to block RF radiation access to the iron oxide/graphene oxide nanoparticles on the neurons and prevent external access to the brain. And this idea must NEVER be taken seriously. Otherwise years of long preparation will be gone. Such a cap is also much less noticeable than aluminium foil on the head. ?

mission darkness

Wow! Only now do I notice that the Mission Darkness logo is a black hexagon! The symbol of the Hive-Mind / graphene oxide. An indication of what you can protect against?

There was a time when reports about “aluhats” were still somewhat different in this country. The ZDF documentary “Secret Russia – the Zombies of the Tsars” from 1998 still reported very honestly about remote-controlled mind control by secret services.

Of course in blissful ignorance of the fact that not only the KGB conducts such experiments on Russian citizens, but of course the CIA also on American citizens… and presumably elsewhere too, but good. At least they reported seriously about something like that. There is a report about a victim who had a psychiatrist certify that he was not crazy and who protected himself from the frequencies by wearing a self-made helmet.

The methods with which the human mind and body are manipulated by electronic means, even from a distance, are called “psychotronic processing” in Russia. This is a self-made head protection against low frequency waves. The inhabitants of this flat complain of complaints that are said to be symptomatic of victims of psychotronic experiments. […] Irjena Kosova sleeps in this cage to protect herself from outside influences. When she sees our incredulous looks, she shows us a certificate from the International Centre for Psychiatry stating that she is completely healthy. (in the documentary from 11:35)

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The decades of KGB and CIA (MK Ultra) experiments with electromagnetic mind-control weapons were all research on ignorant human test subjects. These technologies have been matured for mass use for a loooong time. And today they are more advanced than ever. And they will also play a crucial role in Project Bluebeam, especially together with the nanoparticles currently being administered.

All of these blocking protections work very effectively when used correctly. However, if used incorrectly, the radiation can be amplified as it is reflected back. The cap, for example, only protects you if the waves come from the side or above, because it is not a closed Faraday cage. However, if they come from below, e.g. if you hold a mobile phone in your hand, they are reflected back and forth in the inside of the cap (i.e. in the skull) and concentrated. Not exactly ideal… You also have to be careful with flap pockets for mobile phones. Ideally, check with an EMF reader. Theoretically, you can turn your whole flat (or at least your bedroom) into a Faraday cage with the right material, but I would almost recommend moving to a less affected area. Which, at some point, won’t exist anymore. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos as well as Mark Zuckerberg and others are currently sending their High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) into areas with little coverage in order to really irradiate every spot on earth with 5G from above 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.



Of course, one must not forget WiGig, the new home WiFi in the 5G microwave range. Of course, you shouldn’t put that in your house, but of course you have no control over your neighbours. What’s wrong with LAN cables? By the way, a Dutch provider that offers WiFi in this range is called DELTA. You really can’t make it up! Read here.

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Let’s beat them at their own game. We could start a social media trend on Tik Tok to popularise the wearing of such hats. As a joke, of course, to make fun of people who wear al hats. They could come in a wide variety of colours and patterns so that every snowflake out there can feel nice and individual too. While they think they are making fun of it, they don’t realise that they are actually protecting themselves, because their ego is too busy feeling better, laughing at supposedly stupider ones and being part of something bigger, because they have to follow a “viral trend” that everyone is following. People have become such narcissistic herd animals that it might even work. ?

But all joking aside, the best protection is unfortunately to get as far away from the towers as possible and to have as clean a body as possible. Agents that can have an antioxidant and detoxifying effect in the brain (and hopefully also get potential nanoparticles out) are, in addition to the already mentioned NAC, (R)alpha lipoic acid and astaxanthin, also the secondary plant substances reservatol and OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins). Reservatol is found in red/dark grapes, red wine, raspberries, blueberries and the red shells of peanuts. But everywhere only in extremely small amounts, higher amounts are only found in food supplements. It is said to lower blood pressure, protect the nerves, slow neurodegenerative decline and even slow down the ageing process of cells. OPC is also found in grapes, but this time rather in the grape seeds and also in small amounts in the grape skins and also in the red skins of peanuts. Significant amounts can only be obtained through supplementation. The strong antioxidant can pass the blood-brain barrier and protect the nerves and brain. It is also said to protect the heart and blood vessels and ensure healthy eyes, skin and hair. Vitamin E (nuts, seeds, peppers), B vitamins and the EPA and DHA fatty acids (algae oil, fish) are also always very good for the brain and nerves. The brain actually cleanses itself every night during sleep – so a long restorative sleep is needed here. Read here.

And exercise is also very good for detoxifying the brain. Studies that would clearly prove that nanoparticles such as SPION or graphene oxide can be removed from the brain with these agents do not exist, of course, because they are rather developed as permanent “extensions” of the brain, e.g. to remain permanently in the brains of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s patients. But they don’t do any harm, quite the opposite, and anything that can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain is definitely worth a try. But here too, prevention is better than cure.

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Aren’t Covid Measures a Democide?

You already suspect what I’m getting at. How have the governments of the world or the WHO, to which ALL these state organs refer, reacted in order to protect the population from disease?

It is almost as if they have gone through this list point by point in order to weaken the collective immune system of the people as effectively as possible! Constant scaremongering in the media to ensure permanent stress. Worry about grandma, worry about the job, worry about the children, worry about the financial future, worry about one’s own health and the creation of a constant state of uncertainty and instability (constantly changing measures and no visible end), which one cannot escape due to the conscious omnipresence of the topic. Healthy stress absorbers such as holiday trips, church, sports clubs, gym or swimming pool have been abolished. People are forced to cut off their free oxygen supply for hours at a time by wearing masks.


Masks laced with graphene oxide, a toxic nanoparticle that is inhaled and damages the lungs in a way that strongly resembles pneunomy disease. The lockdowns led to isolation and loneliness in large parts of the population. People were deprived of touch and physical closeness. Although 50% of the world’s population already do not have optimal vitamin D³ levels and at least 1 billion people in the world have a clear vitamin D³ deficiency, people were advised in the first lockdown to stay at home and only go out (into the sun) for the bare necessities.

And the lockdown, as well as the prescribed excessive hand washing, also interrupted the large-scale exchange of germs for a longer period of time, causing the collective immune system to atrophy and now all germs have an easier time. The lockdown and the resulting personal and financial disruptions naturally also caused stress and sometimes severe existential fears – pure poison for our defence capabilities. And the whole thing goes on and on and on….

In short: people’s immune systems have been brought to their knees with the utmost precision. The strengthening of the population’s immune system during this health crisis was, apart from “going for a walk”, not on the political agenda for a second – on the contrary! Isn’t that very unusual, isn’t it?

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And then, in the same period, humanity was unobtrusively poisoned with toxic graphene oxide/iron oxide nanoparticles in anti-flu syringes, as well as in masks, PCR tests, meat, presumably also in carbon hygiene articles and God knows what else, as well as with radiation in the microwave range. And there you have it, the viral pandemic – “solved” with further Graphene Oxide poisoning by multiple syringes.

The particularly diabolical thing is that they manipulated us into poisoning ourselves. Otherwise, of course, this democide would not have been logistically feasible and would never have gone so well for so long. The doctor who administers the injection to his patients is actually in the belief that he is protecting the person, because he has no idea that there is something else in it than what is conveyed by the pharmaceutical company and the scientific literature. Namely, in the carrier fluid of the lipid particle itself, which most medical professionals are not even interested in. The patient believes that he is doing the only right thing for himself and others, because that is exactly what he is told by the authorities and his fellow human beings. In reality, he is committing slow suicide. The guy in the test centre is also convinced that he is making the world a little better and has no idea that he is helping to keep things going. The person wearing a mask has no idea what is inside and that he is harming himself with it. He simply assumes that everything will be alright and he does not want to be disapproved of by his fellow human beings – so he simply puts it on. Until after a while a conditioning sets in and he doesn’t even think about it – one just does it automatically. After all, one has “better things to do” than to seriously deal with these issues. Most employees of Vodafone, T-Mobile and co. assume that the technologies they sell are safe and their financial survival depends on not questioning that too much. The builders of the 5G towers don’t know they’re setting up weapons… until they themselves get sick and their mouths are shut. The veterinarian who vaccinates farm animals assumes that the vaccines are clean, he is just doing his job and he has no idea that he is poisoning millions of people. How much work would he save if he could convince some cows to give the other cows the shot? Like the cabal conditioned their sheep to inject other sheep?

vaccine human farm
The needle-less spray guns for the human farm are already in the starting blocks

The average citizen does not know that Pfizer, Biontech, Moderna and Astrazeneca all get their (contaminated) PEG solutions for vaccine development from the same two manufacturers. The US company Merckmillipore and the Chinese company Sinopeg (Johnsson & Johnsson I could not find out, but probably also Merck).



You only have to control the production chain of these two companies and you manage to poison billions of people without anyone suspecting anything. And presumably both buy their graphene oxide from Nanografi. Neither the vaccine manufacturers themselves (although the top management of these companies are certainly part of the conspiracy), nor the doctors who administer these injections, nor the journalist of the public media, nor your favourite politician or the Robert Koch Institute can find out anything about it. And certainly not the average citizen. How could they? Everyone is just doing their job, their expertise, and assumes that the others are also doing their best. What is actually in the solution itself is of no interest to anyone.

“But something like that would come out, wouldn’t it?” It did! Thanks to two brave scientists from Spain who, unlike their colleagues, took the videos of magnetised people seriously, therefore started targeted investigations and published them on their site “La Quinta Columna”. Thanks to them, the cat is now out of the bag. It got the ball rolling and more doctors and whistleblowers came forward. There is now also a small Luxembourg study that investigated and confirmed the phenomenon of magnetised people.


Thirty out of thirty randomly selected vaccinated people (Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Moderna and Johnsson & Johnsson) showed varying degrees of changes in the physical magnetic field. In contrast, zero out of thirty unvaccinated people showed these effects. Originally, 100 per group were planned, but the study had to be stopped prematurely because the leaders of the study could no longer bear the extremely shocked and panic-stricken reactions of the vaccinated (shock, trembling, pallor, anger). Only the mass media cannot report on this, because they are only allowed to quote the RKI, John Hopkins and the corrupt WHO. And it would also be an extremely unpleasant and legally incriminating admission on their part. After all, without WHO, RKI and the public media, no one would have allowed themselves to be given these toxic injections! What must not be, simply cannot be. And that is why it is not reported.

And that’s why it can go on, because the masses don’t notice anything and they continue to run blindly into their doom. After all, they were told to run there and everyone else did too, so it’ll be fine. And even if they look death in the eye, they will not understand (want) what happened to them. The few who know and turn around won’t be enough to make a difference. And made them second-class citizens for their decision.

running hole

And of course one tries to limit the access to means that actually help to counteract this poisoning or at least to recognize it (stricter regulation of NAC by the FDA and required ban of neodyum magnets by the NHS). And at the same time, the global physical stress caused by electromagnetic radiation was expanded by a further frequency range in the same period. Something that has often correlated with pandemics in the past.

Conclusion to Detoxify the body from Heavy Metals

Turmeric is always good, detoxifies fluoride and should be in every immune and mind boosting kit. Eat healthy and clean! Supplement N-acetylcysteine, possibly glutathione and sulforaphane to bring the glutathione level to the maximum. Also make sure that your selenium, zinc, copper, vitamin C and protein levels are correct, otherwise the synthesis will go badly. (R)alpha lipoic acid enhances the effect of glutathione and other antioxidants even more, eliminates heavy metals and also works in the brain. Astaxanthin and OPC would be worth considering, as they are also powerful antioxidants that can act in the brain. Vitamin D³ levels should not be forgotten, it is incredibly important for your protection! Don’t forget vitamin K² and adequate magnesium levels! Nevertheless, avoiding graphene oxide is more important than “boosting” glutathione levels and immune system. As a last line of defence in case of already acute graphene oxide poisoning, ivermectin therapy, high doses of NAC/glutathione and high doses of vitamin D³ should be helpful. Proximity to mobile phone towers must of course be avoided (unfortunately many hospitals have 5G). I would add peace / quiet, absence of toxic exposure and a positive / meaningful attitude towards life.