This sauna is full of steam.

A school goer has been valued for flawless beauty since youth. But from past couple of months she’s bogged down with a new problem-ACNE! She doesn’t want use medications as she’s worried about steroid content in them and nor does she have time to visit spas and herbal therapy centers. What’s the remedy for her problem then?


This is the situation most people are in- afflicted by emotional agony of having a face blotted by blemishes and acne and cautious of using acne treatment creams and no time on hand to go to dermatologist. In such a situation granny’s advice does help you push away the problem in hand. That’s STEAMING your face- the most side effect free method to fight acne. Is steaming your face great for acne, you bet it is, if you do it properly and add the perfect ingredients.

It’s been known for quite a long time about the wonders steaming can do to your skin if used minimally. Be it a quick brush with steam just before a party. Your skin starts glowing and you get a fresh feeling.


Steam for acne helps open the pores that are crucial determinants in the issue of acne. If pores are blocked, it results in excess oil production, which subsequently contributes to development of acne, pimples, zits and blackheads.

Pores become blocked because of dirt and dust too. This is where you can take help of steaming your acne away. Steaming your acne helps remove dirt and oil by opening the blocked pores. Once the pores are open, oil production is reduced and removal of impurities is eased. There by the first assumption of creating acne is removed.

Steaming your acne which may be helpful to help the spread of acne can be treated without a trained practitioner too. One can take it at home once or twice a week, perhaps a little if needed. In so doing you’re keeping your face fresh and clean. If you have time you can take specialized and skilled assistance from spa therapists and herbal therapists. Nowadays even beauty parlors and saloons do incorporate steaming your acne away to have an effective skin care treatment.

Use this!

Steaming can be personalized according to one’s needs. One can use garlic, which can be an antibacterial representative to ward off of germs, by using just few pinches of it from the water used for steam. Additionally, it gives a golden appearance on face, perfect for an outing.

Or use of basil (tulsi) and azardirachta indica (neem) can operate effectively on acne and reduce there incident later on. For oily skin you’d want to include rosemary, peppermint and possibly lavender. If you’ve got dry skin include the following to assist with this, chamomile, fennel seeds and roses.


Although steaming session requires no special expertise, an individual ought to be cautious in certain aspects like- using it more than twice in a week, as excessive steam may result in drying of pores, because of loss of moisture. This will cause excess oil production, which will result in acne again. One should not take too extreme steam, as it can burn the skin. Similarly people that are asthmatic and people with breathing problems should be cautious of additional ingredients like garlic along with others.

One may have laughed out the proposal about steaming, when a granny or your aunt advised steaming your acne. But its beautifying properties will cause you to think twice now.