I hope you are prepared to deeply reflect and consider the power of these quotes. I start with these questions since it has become quite evident through my recent analyzing of Inner Wellness, our bodies have an innate ability to heal.


“All things are created twice. . .the first time in mind, and in the physical universe.”

“When you change how you look at things, the things you look at change.”

“For things to change, you want to change. “

“To change your results, change your focus.”

What does this mean for you and I? Well, sit back and let us explore this together over the next few moments.

Inner Wellness

Firstly, let’s define a few important words. When I refer to “Inner”, or “Innate”, I define this as instinctive, natural, God-given. The online Webster dictionary defines Innate as “belonging to the essential nature of something” and “that (which is) part of one’s inner essential nature”. A amazing definition of Wellness I recently discovered reads as follows: “Wellness….is a lens through which to observe the Earth, it’s a philosophical view which (allows) the body-mind-spirit (to be) innately smart, self-healing and self regulating.” (Dr. J. Каштан, D.C. “The Innate Diet and Natural Hygiene”).

If Inner Wellness is a valuable component for which we strive, how can we bring it into our lives?

Consider the statement “The past doesn’t need to equal the future.” If you’re confronted with a situation in your life which has led to poor health, and are challenged by its own drain on your energy, what is it worth to you to know for certain that where you decide to place your attention, this is precisely where you will see results? To know for sure you could alter the outcome of this scenario with some hard work and responsibility for the choices you have made? What do you think about placing your focus on something, to change your results?

Smart goal setting

The best example of this idea is to have a look at the process of target setting and establishing goals. Most of us have heard of SMART goal setting: that is, goals should be:

    • Конкретный
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Realistic in timeframe
    • Team Supported

Staying committed to a target takes dedication and a willingness to change your sails if you will need to find a better method. Recognize that producing and maintaining Inner Wellness is all about creating a place of inner peace, and doing it with attention and top of mind awareness. Expect things to ebb and flow in life, but when you CHOOSE to set your focus on having good health, that is definitely where you may see results.

In his book”There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem”, one of my favorite authors, Dr. Wayne Dyer writes: “All healing is a return to wholeness. Your thoughts have a lot to do with this healing procedure. Your ideas and low energy routines can trigger an ulcer (or make recovery). I wish to say unequivocally that the intellect that occupies your body will become whatever you project it to be. It will produce a healthy or a sickly body, based on how you opt to use your mind. . .Make your brain vigorous, loving, positive and healthy and your body will respond accordingly.”

Great advice! So, how can we put these theories into actions?

What to do

First: Rather than spending endless wasted energy on asking the question WHY? Why me? Why now? Why is this occurring? Focus your attention on asking these more enabling questions:

    • What do I need? (Priorities)
    • What do I want to have/be/do?
    • What have I tried?
    • What’s holding me back?
    • Who will support me?

When You Decide to focus on creating SOLUTIONS Instead of focusing on the issue itself, a couple of things tend to happen:

1. The size of the issue often diminishes because there’s a better view and “bigger picture” attitude towards how this scenario fits within the frame of your life.

2. The solutions which you had not previously considered begin to come ahead, gain momentum and there’s a strong sense of POSSIBILITY.

When choices and possibilities become your habitual answer, it’s in this inner space inside your heart and head, where the delight of available options enables you to create and construct Inner Wellness.

Second: Do a bit “Self Check-In” – how frequently have you paused to pat yourself on the back, and remind yourself of all of the amazing things you have done, become and achieved in your life? How you’ve served your area or community? Positive encouragement and reflection about all that you have contributed to someone else’s life is an excellent reinforcement to bring yourself “up” into an area of wonderful Inner Wellness.


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