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We’ve all heard about organic food, which is essentially food that’s in grown or produced with no kind of chemicals used. But do you know what’s biodynamic food?

Biodynamic food is “organic food intense”. We could also say “organic food with soul”. There are many facets of biodynamic foods which resemble organic food, but these two types shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Biodynamic farming combines organic procedures, special manure preparation for the areas, with specific plant, animal, mineral and herbal preparations and the rhythms of leading bodies.

Eat Fresh

Research has demonstrated that biodynamic produce can remain fresh longer, has improved flavour, lower nitrates, less allergic reactions and reduce stress levels. If you aren’t convinced by now, consider this. Even after washing your veggies, the remaining pesticides continue to be able to cause high rates of miscarriage, decrease fertility, chronic fatigue and attention deficit disorders.

One organism

The basic idea of biodynamic agriculture is that the farm is one organism, with its own livestock, crops, farmer, land as one. Biodynamics adopts a holistic and religious view of nature, which unlike natural farming, doesn’t only involve the dirt and plants, but also livestock, manure, astronomy and insects.

Astronomy / Astrology

Biodynamic farmers follow an astronomical planting calendar. The theories are very similar to a female’s menstrual cycle being influenced by the moon. Farmers may select appropriate times of the day for particular pickings – such as mornings for choosing leafy vegetables and evenings for fruits. To further attest, take the moon, which ascends for a couple of weeks and descends for a couple of weeks within a month. During the ascending moon, plant sap rises strongly, and the upper plant is full of vitality. This, in biodynamics, is an ideal time for harvesting fruits, grafting and collecting herbs.

Preparing the areas

Horn manure, which is a essentially a cow’s horn stuffed with cow manure, is buried under ground during fall, left to decompose in the soil, and used the next spring. Medicinal herbs are used for the preparation of compost, or manure, which can be buried at specific intervals from the farm soil at particular depths. These measures and much more help in creating”better” soil, and improves plant health and yield, also reducing pests and weeds!

Going Global

Today, more than 40 nations are practicing biodynamics, together with Australia leading the pack at 12 million hectares of land devoted to organic and biodynamic farming. As the world becomes more health conscious and educated in food nutrition, demand for organic and biodynamic food is on the increase.

Biodynamic You

No uncertainty, biodynamic food is pricey and much more so than organic food. You may find it hard to find biodynamic food throughout the year also, but give it time. Soon, more and more spas will be introducing biodynamic food in their cuisine. So the next time you go to a spa, consider the holistic spa concept, and eat spa cuisine which uses biodynamic ingredients. And when you gobble down that super healthier food, take into consideration the spiritual connection between man, food and soil.