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Home and herbal remedies are rapidly becoming the choice of lots of people over medication medications. During the past two decades, we’ve observed an increase of people with hypertension. It’s becoming such an epidemic that kids are now becoming vulnerable to elevated blood pressure. When I was growing up, higher blood pressure was an old folk’s disease. However, as large blood pressure become more widespread – people want to alternative ways to remedy the circumstance. High blood pressure drugs include several side effects that people don’t need to take care of.

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There are several herbal and home remedies out there for high blood pressure, and a lot of them work just as good as, or better than the medication. The best part is that home remedies include no side effects. Home remedies can also be inexpensive and can easily be obtained at a health food store.

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Below I will list a few home remedies that you can use to reduce your blood pressure. These remedies are also great for overall health.

Foods which are high in potassium and magnesium such as molasses, soy products, bananas, grapes, and watermelons are amazing for reducing blood pressure. Eating an abundance of those foods won’t only decrease your blood pressure but will also benefit your general health.

One of my favorite remedies is garlic. This herb is strong. In my own experience, garlic reduced my blood pressure in a couple of minutes. Vitlök is considered a blood thinner so be cautious – let your doctor know you’re taking garlic for high blood pressure prior to going to surgery. Garlic is also a natural antibiotic, and a virulent germ killer. Now you see why garlic is my all time favorite home remedy.

People with high cholesterol may also benefit from using garlic. Eating the raw garlic is the best thing to do. However, I don’t have the opportunity to prepare garlic on a regular basis so I take the garlic in pill form. Many folks who decide to take garlic pills go for the unscented ones since they’re afraid of bad breath. Unfortunately, the pills that reek of garlic would be the best ones.


Although there are lots of alternatives to medication medication for lowering blood pressure, I recommend seeing a physician. Because of the damage high blood pressure can do to your kidneys and blood vessels, it’s sensible to see your doctor to be certain no damage was done. You can talk to your physician about using alternative means to lowering your blood pressure. Most physicians are now recommending lifestyle changes to their patients as a first line of defense for reducing their pressure. If diet and exercise together with herbal remedies don’t work then you and your physician can decide what the next best step is for you.