Agastache foeniculum or anise hyssop plant

Pertinent asthma statistics show a shocking figure of 100-150 million victims of this catchy respiratory condition worldwide. Moreover, asthma-related deaths are pegged to be approximately 180,000 annually. Asthma is categorized as a chronic disorder, which may prove to be deadly if dealt with improper medicine and the absence of medical supervision also. Although there’s a whole lot of prescription drugs in the mainstream-from preventative medications, bronchodilators, nebulizers and relievers, many victims have been turning today to alternative medicine for the relief of underlying respiratory disorders that may cause the manifest of asthma.

Växtbaserade läkemedel

Consequently, standardized herbal remedies designed to facilitate the condition have been approved by experts. This recognition probably supports and supports the safety profile and efficacy of herbal substances in preventing asthma attacks.


It has been used for several years in alleviating asthmatic symptoms. Extracts of the herb contain terpenoids or active medicinal chemicals that activate an anti-inflammatory impact on bronchiole ailments. Moreover, the herb creates an antispasmodic effect to common episodes of asthma apart from containing antioxidant chemicals which inhibit the damaging effects of oxygen free radicals on physiological cells. When pitted against the commonly prescribed antihistamine drugs, the chamomile was shown to be an effective option. Typically administered as herbal teas or as infusions, the herb plays a supportive role in regular systemic health, especially in the behavior of respiratory system operation.


It is a popular herbal remedy administered at the practice of traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the body’s immune defenses against respiratory pathogens. Clinical study revealed pertinent antibacterial and anti inflammatory reactions in the herb which help prevent allergies triggering asthma attacks. Meanwhile, in the context of overall systemic health, the Astragalus is used as a diuretic to cleanse the body of impurities.

Ephedra and Hyssop

Other noteworthy herbs used to fight asthma such as Ephedra and Hyssop are supposed to alleviate respiratory congestion. The mullein oil and green tea on the other hand helps dilate bronchial passageways to modulate oxygen flow. Meanwhile, Nässlor och Lobelia exhibit anti-inflammatory properties that are vital in the upkeep of regular respiratory health.


Herbal remedies act as a reliable treatment for asthmatics needing routine remedy or for victims needing a respiratory enhancer. Prescription medications could cause side effects like dizziness, depression, or the occasional fatigue while unwanted effects in using herbal remedies vary from minimal to none. Given the natural therapeutic recovery brought on by herbal remedies, long-term support for the lungs can truly be ensured.