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The Latin botanical name for Chia seed is Salvia hispanica. It’s a herb that is native to Mexico but it’s also old and grown commercially in South America as well as in most parts of Australia. Chia seeds belong to the mint family of Lamiaceae and Labiatae that is also often known as botanical family and is one of the few members of the group where the seeds would be the vital portion of concern in the plant. It contains Omega – 3 into a immense level making it the best food when regarding to health and is successful in treating many diseases together with its prevention. They are easily available in many regions of the world. They may also be ordered on line especially if you’re in the area where they aren’t offered. These seeds are also utilised in appealing spongy clay figures that are generally called Chia pets. These seeds are moistened and later set on the clay body and above thee the Chia seeds vegetate.


If we split Chia seeds in 3 parts, roughly one out of it would be Protein while another two remaining parts will be Oil (Consisting of Omega – 3) and soluble dietary fiber. The Oil gifts in the seeds comprises two components of Omega – 3 Fatty acid from three, which is an ideal amount needed by the body on daily basis to make sure its appropriate health and fitness. The seed also contains of amino acids and antioxidants. Canadian physicians have researched and reported that less than the half cup of the Chia seed comprises nearly the similar of Omega – 3oils found in One and a half pound of Salmon, iron equivalent to the five cups of raw spinach and calcium that’s found in the 3 cups of milk. These are the reason because of which it is held as a contender for being the up coming super food! Because nutrients found in Chia cant be found anywhere else.

How to eat it

It may be eaten as raw and cooked, and may be obtained as an enhancement to add fiber and omega-3 from the diet. They may also be used to make porridge, and may be added to breads also! Chia seeds can be added to juice or water for a nutrient advancement.

Chia dates back to many thousands of years. Several tribes in the previous centuries widely used Chia seeds within their culture particularly the Aztec, who not only believe as it a significant grain and primary food source but also the tax paying and offering to god were also made through via Chia seeds. The title Chia is also given to the seed from the Aztecs which originated in the term “Chian” which meant oily in their speech.

Chia Seeds for Endurance Runners

Tarahumara Bare foot runners

The Tarahumara people are famed for their bare foot runners, even their entire populations are barefoot runners and those runners drop in most age groups in addition to both male and female, and are famous for running hundred of miles without a stop. Chia seeds functions as a fuel for these people and this is the thing that makes them a legend! Because the distance they travel while conducting is truly astonishing!

Club endurance runners

Chia seeds have been found by many endurance clubs around the world they use it to stay hydrated for a longer time period, as the seeds gets the capacity to form a gel when blended with water and can absorb up to 9 days of liquid of their own weight. That produces a border wall or kind of a damn between them which gradually releases the liquid in the body as the gel is absorbed by the bodies from time to time enabling you to stay hydrated for a longer period which permits you to train even harder for longer period. The runners of Aztecs used to maintain a little pouch with them selves when they’re running messages. If you eat them dry so then it’s crucial that you also have some type of liquid with it, either juice or water so that your hydration can last for longer periods.

Endurance runners who take Chia seeds and make it as their normal diet not only boosts their stamina and endurance but it also help themrepair their body muscles faster than they typically do. It’s due to the fact that it comprises a terrific quantity of proteins and in a form that’s readily accessible by the body components that permits them to recuperate from injuries much sooner than previously if they take it on a regular basis.

Andra förmåner

Other excellent health benefits of Chia seeds is that it comprises a very substantial degree of Omega-3, Omega 6 and is a fantastic source of calcium that’s around 5 times of the cattle milk. Additionally, it contains boron that helps to absorb calcium from the bones making them more powerful also help to fix bones and permits you to form a healthy bone structure and not only that it also contains of a number of different minerals such as magnesium, iron etc, and can also be greatly valuable in loosing weight as the drinking or eating of Chia seeds gives you the feeling that you complete! Runners, footballers, tennis and squash player can add Chia seeds into their diet so as to boost their stamina, endurance and increases their time to train more in this way they could give a better performance then they often do.

Stamina Building

It greatly increases the endurance of its user, and is particularly effective for the sportsmen. To prepare only stir the Chia seeds in water for just 15 minutes, then forming Chia gel in that duration. This creates a barrier between the enzymes and the carbs that enables carbohydrates to convert to sugar gradually, and provides the energy increase for a longer period of time and helps to improve the endurance of the runner or some other sportsmen.