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One of the first things I noticed when I started getting hot and heavy with my research about aromatherapy and essential oils is that there’s an whole jargon that surrounds the business and can get quite confusing to the average reader. If you have ever done any research on the advantages or background of essential terms, you have probably seen these phrases and asked yourself, “What on earth does this mean?”

Now you can understand!

If you are considering investing on your own kit of aromatherapy inhalers and have begun looking into all the benefits, here is some of the lingo you are likely to encounter.

This only means that the oil in question was heralded for an ability to treat or prevent fungal growth or illnesses. Be sure to check these details against credible studies before purchasing what you read hook, like and sinker.

Reducing inflammation.

Inhibiting or preventing the occurrence of sharp pains across the course of a nerve or nerves. )

Another term for anti inflammatory, but can also include fever relieving properties.

Indicates an ingredient is pure and clean and that it prevents expansion of disease-inducing agents or other microbials.

Something that works to alleviate spasms that occur in involuntary muscles (such as the intestines or the heart, you can not begin or stop at will).

An essential oil which works to stimulate your appetite.

Something that arouses or titillates sexual desire, excitement or attraction.

A branch of holistic medicines that uses plant substances and oils (such as essential oils and chemicals ) in an effort to change mood, mental prowess, emotional and/or physical wellbeing of enthusiasts. For centuries, aromatherapy was the cutting edge of chemistry. Today, it is seen as an alternative medication, though new scientific studies emerge on a constant basis demonstrating that aromatherapy can have strong applications.

A solution which causes contractions in the cells of the body generally, but is almost universally utilized in combination with the skin in health and health applications.

This is a rather broad term that indicates an assortment of agents that kill bacteria, such as disinfectants, antiseptics and antibiotics.

A fairly polite term for something which helps to relieve gas, especially flatulence. Think Bean-o.

Bile is a digestive fluid that is created by the liver and measured out from the gall bladder. Cholagogues are things that promote the release of bile through and from the system.

A fairly archaic term that essentially translates into the practice of being cured through the formation of scar tissue.

Since this can also be a fairly common foodie term, ferreting out details on this one was pretty tough. As much as I could gather, it is something which is reviving and invigorating. It’s also interchangeable with medication, especially a stimulant or a tonic. The good news is that cordials, as the earlier association suggests, are said to possess a soothing or pleasant taste.

Certainly not a phrase that pops up over the normal dinner conversation, a cytophylactic is thought to protect cells and fight infections. They are considered to increase something called leucocytes, which are responsible for stimulating cellular regeneration and repair.

Those who are into detoxing and cleansing are all about the depurative, a term that means something has purifying and detoxifying properties, cleansing away wastes and toxins in the system.

Something that aids in digestion.

This means that the solution has antifungal properties or agents.

If you seem to the center of this word,”ure”, you will find a hint. Diuretics cause your body to increase the creation and passing of urine.

That’s all for the A-D aromatherapy glossary.