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Natural sarcoidosis cures are exhibiting nice promise in relieving uncomfortable sarcoid signs. They arrive with out the damaging unwanted effects of typical medicine. These cures may play a job in stopping the illness turning into a continual, progressive sickness that robs considered one of their well being and pleasure of life.

Sarcoidosis Remedies

Lets check out the top 7 natural sarcoidosis cures:


Added nutrients might help you re-build cells and tissues, and defend your physique from additional injury. Important nutrients that act as sarcoidosis cures embrace vitamin C, the B complex, zinc and selenium.

Healing herbs

Scientific research are exhibiting that herbs could play a job in balancing immunity, quelling irritation and repairing damaged cells. Taken on the proper dosages, herbs like ginger, rosemary, milk thistle and Chinese herbs are highly effective sarcoidosis cures.

Food regimen

A fresh, nutritious diet based mostly round an abundance of greens, fruits, high quality protein and essential fat will go a great distance in repairing your physique from the ravages of sarcoid. Poisonous meals that have to be eradicated include alcohol, coffee, trans fatty acids, sugar and extremely processed meals.

Cleaning meals

A clear inner cell atmosphere, free of poisons, acids and microbes is crucial for an entire restoration from sarcoid. Using cleaning greens and fruits can change your cell’s inner atmosphere to considered one of vibrant well being. Juicing your greens and fruits can speed up the therapeutic course of.

Natural enzymes

Certain plant and animal-derived enzymes have the power to interrupt down the “granulomas” or clumps of irregular immune cells seen in sarcoid.

Relaxation cures

Rest and stress management is a vital a part of treating sarcoid. Sarcoidosis cures that may assist your physique loosen up embrace the B vitamins, magnesium, herbs like valerian, passionflower and hops, and lavender oil which can be utilized topically or added to your bath.

Heat and massage

The ache of sarcoid will be relieved by the appliance of warmth or therapeutic massage. The addition of essential oils like rosemary, pine and eucalyptus could make this strategy much more efficient. Relying on the areas of the physique affected by sarcoid, warmth and therapeutic massage can often be finished at dwelling by the affected person or member of the family.


If you’re affected by the ache, distress and frustration of sarcoid, then natural sarcoidosis cures could be the reply to re-gaining your well being and life.