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Cleansing the body of bad toxins is useful at the beginning of the new year and then again in the autumn. Making a date for a detox twice a year can help banish those dimples off your thighs, refresh your skin so you look better and release energy that motivates you to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle. The question is what is a safe and affordable way to detoxify your body? As a Detox Coach I have customers who lost weight and changed their lifestyle for ever.

How should you begin?

A body cleansing starts with activities from outside to inside. Among the very best methods for beating cellulite and improving the way the skin eliminates toxins is – body cleansing. Not only does this help eliminate toxins by enhancing circulation, it aids the skin to glow and makes you feel as if you’ve come back from a brisk walk. The selection of brush is vital, too hard scratches skin and too soft does not work so search for brush which feels stiff but does not scratch the back of your hand. You’re cleaning dead skin cells which will you’re your skin glow. Sometimes I would rather use exfoliating gloves that provides a different feel. Starting to body brush before a bath or shower will begin to stimulate the skin to function better especially once you begin to eliminate toxins. How can you body brush? Start at your feet and work upwards along the legs, buttocks and thighs. Move up to the shoulders and work away from the center to the palms and fingers. Don’t be overly vigorous at first allow your body get used to this new regime – it’ll react well. This should take about 5 minutes of your time is a great habit to match in. Follow up with a warm bath or shower with a few drops of oil like lavender oil to promote relaxation at night or oil that arouses such as grapefruit first thing in the morning.

After a bath or shower is the best time for the body to absorb anti-cellulite lotions. There are lots of different kinds on the industry so that you might already have your favorite.

Try this Home Recipe

A lovely home made recipe is Mint Leaf oil that’s effective as the oils have a rejuvenating and rejuvenating effect.

Mint foliage Oil

        • 12 mint leaves
        • Half cup (120ml) grapeseed oil
        • 1 tsp (5 ml) wheatgerm oil
        • drops rosemary essential oil
        • 6 drops fennel essential oil
        • 15 drops juniper essential oil

Put mint leaves in bowl and break up with pestle and mortar. Place in screw top jar and pour grapeseed oil over. Add the essential oils drop by drop. Leave jar for a week and then strain into a little bottle for use.

This is a cheap and efficient way to begin working on your cellulite and stimulating toxin elimination. Additionally, it smells great and is a reward you will begin to associate with the body cleansing. By using the body cleansing method you will enhance your blood circulation and actually feel much better.

You may also alternate your own body scrub with lotions. Body scrubs help to eliminate the dryness of the skin which makes your skin look dull and replace with fresh skin that looks younger. You may use either a Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub, again alternative to create your regime interesting. They are best used on moist skin so wet yourself then remove excess with little towel.

Sea Salt Scrub

      • 3 tablespoons of sea salt
      • 1 tbsp (15ml) almond oil
      • 8 slices of sliced cucumber
      • 4 tsp grated ginger
      • Grated peel of 1 lime

Blend all ingredients together in bowl with pestle and mortar. Any left over can be kept in the fridge. To grow your supplies of stunning and affordable beauty products you can make the subsequent Sugar Scrub.

Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

      • 2 Cups (500ml) light brown sugar
      • Half Cup (125ml) avocado oil
      • 3 Tablespoon (45ml) honey
      • 8 drops ginger oil
      • 8 drops vanilla essential oil

Mix avocado oil to the honey and sugar gradually, stirring to maintain the consistency smooth, and stop as soon as you’re able to form the mixture into a slightly wet ball with no dripping through your palms. Add the essential oils : they are for odor, not moisture. Make sure that you use essential oils, which are the real plant oils extracted from pressing or by steam distillation from the actual plants.

Some Tips

Now that you have begun to find the “out” working to help you detox now is the time to check at the “interior” and explain how to get rid of toxins from your system. Our bodies were created to detox naturally but let’s face it our ancestors were not coping with the stressful challenges of contemporary life. Today we eat more and exercise less, a lot of chemicals find their way into our blood that so often we do not get the nutrients we need. This can slow down the detox system so that it’s only when inner cleansing begins the body recovers its normal way. Its common sense that to provide the body a rest from greasy, sugary food and return to raw, fresh food the detox starts. Most of us can benefit from a great cleansing. It’s important to not forget if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or have severe illness like diabetes then you need to avoid a detox. If in doubt or on drugs please check with your physician.

A three stage cleansing plan that’s simple to remember and fit in your lifestyle. Start with a 1 week program then return to normal healthier eating. Return to detox again 1 week after in the event you will need to loose weight or feel that you would like to continue. Returning to normal eating after a 1 week detox teaches your body how to eat sensibly over a period of a month you may remove toxins and learn how to eat more healthy food.

The 3 phases

      • Eliminate
      • Encourage
      • Try

Get Rid Of

Give your liver a rest by eliminating red meats and dairy products. Remove alcohol since it is a habit which adds calories and promotes bad eating. Eliminate sugar as this upsets the bacteria in the gut. Cut caffeine this out can cause you to feel exhausted and headachy – that shows how addicted you are to it.



Eat loads of simple basic foods which haven’t been processed: fruit and veg, wholegrains, fish, lean beef, tofu, legumes. Stock up on healthy snacks such as nuts, fruit and seeds. Start to take a daily multivitamin pill or yoghurt to replace bad germs with great. Stay hydrated by drinking a fantastic mixture of water, herbal teas, watered down fruit juices. Boost your system using a general multivitamin. Make the Veggie Punch and beverage 1 portion daily.

Veggie Punch

      • 3-4 Carrots
      • 4 and half ozs (125g) Fresh Spinach
      • Handful Parsley
      • 2-3 Sticks of Celery

Juice all components (placing celery through last). Mix with water to taste or drink neat (your taste ).


Keeping active daily for thirty minutes. Build this into your everyday routine by walking briskly into the channel or biking to work? Doing the housework or gardening. At the close of each day take time to think about – What have I done now to Keep Moving? If you had a lazy day then plan how to change this tomorrow. This does not have to mean going to the gym for hours or training like an athlete. Little and sustainable and often is the challenge. When brushing your teeth you may do 1 minute of running on the spot. You could stretch out your spine when sitting on a seat. Think the best way to build this in your own life and revel in feeling energetic in your own way.

Reward yourself for looking after your body with a massage at the local beauty salon. This both a cure and also helps rid the body of toxins. This process of outside to inside body cleansing will leave you feeling more energetic – it helps detoxification – it’ll refresh your skin – it can help you to loose weight – and to loose cellulite. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy this feeling of returning to a regular balanced self. It might be addictive!!!