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Leeches may be utilised in many applications particularly for medical and cosmetic function. Classic use of leeches is by allowing the leech to suck blood of the individual ‘s body to relief symptoms such as headache and joint pain. Leech oil is known to the local community for improving the sex capacity of man. In India, it’s used for preventing hair loss. Chinese medicine use leech as a component for a variety of treatments. Modern medicine uses the ingredient extracted from leech to cure blood related diseases.

What’s leech therapy?

In the background, leech was crucial in 19 th Century medication for bloodletting, a practice thought to be a cure for anything from headaches to gout. The medicinal leech is becoming more popular in contemporary medicine.

Countless individuals owe the successful reattachment of body components to technological advances in cosmetic and plastic surgery; at least a few of those operations may have failed if leeches had been reintroduced into the operating room. The trick to success is by what comprise from the leech bite, which punctures a wound that bleeds literally for hours. The leech’s saliva contains substances that anaesthetize the wound area, dilate blood vessels to improve blood circulation, at exactly the exact same time stop the blood from clotting.

Normally the surgeon can get blood to flow in the reattached arteries but not veins. Together with the venous circulation seriously compromised, the blood going into the reattached finger becomes more congested; the reattached part turns blue and dead and is at serious risk of being lost. At this time leeches begin to play their key role in letting go of the clotting blood.

Utilization of leeches

Cosmetic surgery

They’ve been used for medical purposes since over 2000 years ago. 1 example is using leeches to suck the blood in the body to reach the healing purpose. Today there’s a genuine clinical program in this method; they are of excellent significance to plastic surgeons when venous congestion of the muscle and skin flaps is an issue. The leech can suck the blood in the joint where blood is obstructed and make it flow . Leeches nowadays are used in cosmetic and plastic surgery worldwide. There’s also successful ongoing research into alleviating symptoms of osteoarthritis with leech.

Treatment functions

One larger progress in using leeches in the medical field is that they’ve been approved for use in treatment purposes. Live leech are being distributed for worldwide for usage. After sucking on the blood, leeches are treated in precisely the exact same manner as other blood treatment process that they just can be used on the same patient. This is mainly to avoid the spreading of disease that blood.


Other use of leeches also includes treatment of black eyes. Hirudin, the anti-coagulant from leech may be utilised in treating inflammation of the middle ear. It’s also being designed for experimental use as a systemic anticoagulant and might prove useful in invitro blood sampling. By extracting the anti-clotting serum from the leech researchers are isolating new pharmaceutical compounds for ultimate treatment of heart ailments.


Leech farming is an industry that’s becoming more popular as more leech use was established. 1 reason is also because of the amount of leeches getting lesser from the wild, following the heavy use of insecticide and pesticide. More studies are about going in discovering the uses of leech that could help us fix the blood-related problem like heart diseases and also substantial cholesterol in our body. The part of leech will change from a blood-sucking creature that’s feared by many individuals to a wonderful helper in our health.