Bottles of homeopathic globules. Thuja, Plantain, healthy infusion, mortar and basket of herbs. Homeopathy medicine.

I suppose I’m biased. But I love homeopathy. It’s my all time favourite alternative medicine. It’s so deep, so far reaching. And I really like to tell others how I treated myself or members of my loved ones, using it. My dogs like to jump up and bite at my horses tails. Normally, I’d allow the animals sort out it, but the horses had become so used to it, they’d stopped reacting. So their tails were short and jagged, which makes lousy summer fly swats. The idea was I’d encourage the dogs to jump up in the horses tails, then command them to stop doing this. The dogs refused to co-operate and the horses did not like all of the commotion in their rear end. I wound up with a nasty kick to my fore arm.

What to do?

The fore arm has little flesh, but a good deal of tendons and bone. It does not take much to get in deep. My first response was to reach for my cherished bottle of homeopathic Arnica. Although the pain vanished and no bruising developed, thanks to Arnica, the swelling just kept slowly creeping up my arm. And I could not carry anything heavy, or twist my arm.

I needed to look at other treatments. The remedies that best follow Arnica, when Arnica fails to fully cure a soft tissue injury, are Bellis perennis and Calendula. Both are in the same family of plants.

English Daisy (Bellis perennis)

It is the best remedy for a contusion and for any deep bruising or injury. A couple of doses of homeopathic Bellis perennis and the swelling subsided and my arm has been back in full working order in a few days. Homeopathy is indeed brilliant for injuries. The only areas that require more help is in the setting of a broken bone and the stitching up of a large, open wound. There are remedies that will cover just about every other state.

Homeopathy is not just restricted to injuries.

Deep, chronic conditions can be cured, also. Conditions like hormonal disturbances, migraines, inner organ weaknesses and a whole host of other ailments.

I admit I know little about other alternative medicine modalities, and they all have their place. But I find homeopathy to be the very rewarding modality to use, the simplest to show others how to use in the comfort of their own homes. Its depth and breadth is definitely tough to beat.

How it works?

Homeopaths do not categorise conditions. To take care of someone successfully with homeopathy, you will need to be aware of the individual indicators of the person at that moment. As an example, a soft tissue injury pain is very likely to be an aching pain. This indicates Arnica.

Whereas a nerve injury is very likely to have a shooting pain. This indicates Hypericum, the very best nerve injury remedy.

And to deal with someone successfully using homeopathic remedies, it is helpful to understand the cause. I well remember reading of a homeopath treating a person with severe stomach aches. He had endured the pain for many years, trekking from one doctor to another, all to no avail. Finally he tried homeopathy. When he informed the homeopath that the pain was grown following a kick in the gut from a horse, Arnica was prescribed and completely cured the problem.

Other alternative medicine modalities can be incredibly helpful for musculo-skeletal difficulties, but it is often the homeopathic remedies that treat the problem permanently.

While it could be tricky to package state, an alternative medicine practitioner, to a cabinet at home, it’s easy to store a first aid kit. Having a homeopathic first aid kit can prove it’s weight in gold, when you count how many times you can turn to it for each day conditions in addition to emergencies.