Slippery elm with a cup of water

Anyone can suffer from sore throat. The discomfort and pain in your throat stems from inflamed tonsils and throat lining or wall. This condition is generally a symptom of cough or colds.

Viral infection

Viruses are the usual culprits to this issue. Common flu virus can accumulate on your throat and inflame the tonsils and throat lining. This issue may be accompanied by blisters on your throat medically called aphthous stomatitis.

Young adults may also be inflicted with a condition called strep throat. Unlike common throat inflammation, this is caused by bacteria called Streptococcus. It may also be accompanied by very fine rashes.

Certain medications may also cause soreness and dryness of the throat. For instance, those undergoing chemotherapy or taking antibiotics are frequently plagued with abnormal bacteria production within the body resulting in the incidence of Candida. If your condition lasts for more than week, you should see your doctor as this could be due to an underlying medical condition such as AIDS.

You can find a good deal of treatments for this issue. Lozenges and soothing syrups are utilised to relieve the inflamed lining of the throat and the tonsils. But if you are looking for natural remedies, you can try the following herbal remedies:

Slippery Elm

Experts discovered that the inner bark of slippery elm tree really has mucilage lining. This is a chemical with similar consistency to gel. It swells in the event you combine it with water. This is the perfect remedy for this problem because it naturally soothes inflamed tonsils and throat lining. Additionally, it reduces irritation and reduces the body’s cough reflexes. You can find a good deal of lozenges integrated with this herb.

Previously, people used sage to heal this problem. Experts discovered that throat spray comprised with 15% sage liquid can help alleviate throat issues.


This has anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Ginger has shown remarkable benefits in restoring the normal balance of good bacteria in the body. The tangy flavor of ginger root may also alleviate throat discomfort. You can try taking this in tea form. Mix a little honey to the mixture and sip on it after eating your meal.


You will find heaps of throat lozenges integrated with this herb. It helps soothe irritated throat liner and tonsils.


The blossom of honeysuckle is among those folk remedies used by individuals to treat throat distress. You may get this in Chinese herbal shops. Boil a cup of honeysuckle blossoms in water and allow it to steep for approximately 10 minutes. Strain the mixture and drink the liquid.