Sitting at the Dinner Table Handsome Young Man Plays the Guitar For a Friends. Family and Friends Listening to Music at the Summer Evening Garden Party Celebration.

An evening garden is a totally different place from that identical garden at the light of day. The light, wildlife, as well as plants act differently, the atmosphere is different, and, above all, you’re a different person in the day garden than you are during the day. Most of us plan our gardens in the daytime for the daylight, yet so often it’s in the evening garden that we take some opportunity to relax and enjoy or entertain.

Garden Landscaping

With only a little forethought on your plantings, you may create a garden that will be just as beautiful and fun in the evening as throughout the day. The first point to consider when planting for the day garden is light. Whether you’ll use artificial lights, torches, or simply the fading sun, moon, and stars to light your backyard in the evening, you will want to use high-contrast plantings to make certain that they’ll be visible.

Dark flowers and foliage will all tend to fade together in the dark, which will provide you a mass of plant to examine. Dark colors are excellent, but you will want to have some bright points to draw the eye and break up the view. White or pale flowers that act just as accents in the day really can come to the fore through the night, glowing brightly in the moonlight or throwing back the reds and yellows of torchlight (make certain to choose at least a few flowers that stay open at night; attempt Calla Lilies, Impatiens, or Petunias).

Bright and dark foliage may increase the nighttime contrast, also. Choose some plants with very light or even variegated foliage to include night interest. Hostas are a few of the best plants for this purpose, and Dusty Miller and Sage reflect light beautifully.

Keep in mind!

The second aspect to think about is yourself. In the evening how you perceive the world around you’re much different. Your eyes relax (especially after a long day of staring at a computer screen), and you begin to rely on your other senses more. Use this to your advantage when designing your garden, and plant flowering blossoms for another type of garden aesthetic.

Some of the criteria for relaxing evening odor are Heliotrope and Lavender, but there are quite a few different herbs and flowers that make heavenly evening perfume. Smell around and choose what suits your preferences. Your ears, too, can use stimulating in the day. Some plants, such as switch grass, can create beautiful sounds in the day, and the light emitting of a water feature make for great, soothing atmosphere.

There are a couple things you can do to maintain your backyard as pleasant as possible for evening entertaining. For those who have plants that tend to wilt in the evening, mist them lightly with water before your guests arrive; this can raise the humidity around the plant and prevent transpiration, allowing the plant to extract water out of the soil faster to refresh it. A small maintenance can minimize mosquitoes, also.

Do the best you can to keep water from standing in your landscape using fish or filters to rid your water features of mosquito eggs, and make sure you empty your birdbaths every day or two. Bat boxes are some of the best solutions to mosquito issues, as the small creatures eat tremendous quantities of bugs (incentive: no chemicals!).

Final word

Also, stay away from watering much from the evening; the moist soil can increase the humidity in the day garden, and nobody enjoys walking squishy wet soil in the dark.

Very few people plan our backyard for day beauty, and only a little additional consideration can result in an awesome experience for you and your guests. Plan your backyard for all times of night and day, and you will impress your customers and give yourself the ideal place to unwind after a long day.