Honey Bee on Manuka flower flower collecting pollen and nectar to make manuka honey with medicinal benefits

Can you imagine a world full of skincare products that cause ZERO negative side effects? Skin care products that are made with 100% organic ingredients that work in harmony with your body’s natural processes? The relief of picking a skin care product which will probably provide the results you’re looking for?

Cosmetic care

What I’m referring to here is your organic skincare product industry. And if many regular skincare makers follow the path that lots of organic skin care product manufacturers are now, then the skincare product market will be absolutely revolutionized. However, it is unlikely this will occur anytime soon.

The problem with the skincare market now is: There are too many companies producing low-cost, low-quality products and selling them at low prices in places which are readily accessible to consumers. Do you believe they’re going to stop selling these products? NO! But we obviously as humans search for the best deal we could get. These exceptionally low quality, low priced goods are being used by hundreds of thousands of individuals. And you know what the sad part is? We’ve got no clue what ingredients are being used in them!

Organic skincare

This is the reason the organic skincare market is actually taking off. Many men and women are now realizing they are getting what they pay for- affordable products, with cheap ingredients, that produce cheap results (or lack thereof). Unfortunately, the majority of the people which are using organic skincare products are now using them because regular skincare products were responding negatively to their body and skin.

What ALL CONSUMERS NEED TO KNOW is that they could easily avoid the negative outcomes and side-effects of using a skin care product using organic and all natural products. Sure they might be a little bit expensive today, but that is only because they contain the best ingredients from the best resources that produce the best outcomes.

Good to know

Breakthrough ingredients such as Functional Keratin (a patented ingredient called CynergyTK), extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep, that may be converted into organic keratin, which you have on your body, and made easily available to the skin. Additionally, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, allowing your skin to keep firm and elastic. Many skin care products now claim to have elastin and collagen in their products. However, elastin and collagen molecules are way to big to be absorbed through you pores, leaving the molecules sitting on your skin and making them absolutely useless!

Another terrific organic skin care product component is CoenzymeQ10. CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like substance found in every cell of the body accountable for efficient energy production and protecting ability, or antioxidant power. CoQ10 is truly utilised in many skin care products today, but hardly any of these include a sufficient concentration of it in a form that can effectively penetrate the skin. CoenzymeQ10 can penetrate deep down into skin. And once more, the “effective” CoQ10 found in many skin care products sits on the surface of the skin, providing no advantage whatsoever.

Manuka honey

An additional powerful organic skincare product ingredient I’ll share with you is active manuka honey. Since ancient times, honey has be used for its fantastic healing properties on the skin. Active manuka honey, exclusively found in New Zealand, has significantly significant levels of antioxidants that protect and stimulate your immune system. It can penetrate deep into your skin, nourishing and rejuvenating it, providing you younger and softer looking skin. It’ll even strengthen collagen and protect your body from free radicals. Additionally, it has antibacterial properties that are amazing, which makes it effective at curing blemishes, such as acne and even psoriasis and eczema. Truly power stuff.


Can you find the power that organic skincare products are bringing to the marketplace? Can you think of any reason NOT to invest in organic skin products over products that are regular? Sure they’re a bit more expensive. But if you jump into the industry today, and spread the word about organic products, then a greater demand will bring down the costs to some well-affordable level. It’s all economics. Everything makes sense. Organic skin care is the future of successful skin care.