Closeup of bird cherry, Prunus padus twig with berries.

Bird cherry is a shrub or bush growing to a height of 2-10 meters) Aromatic white blossoms are organized in clusters about 8-12 centimeters long. The plant blossoms in May. Fruit is black and shiny, round or oval drupe.

Discover The Healing Properties Of Bird Cherry

The plant could be found growing in woods, brushwood, riverside and etc. It is generally grown in garden and playground. You should collect bird cherry fruits without peduncles in August and September, when they’re ripe. Folk medicine uses blossoms, leaves and bark, also.

Blossoms together with fruits are utilized to treat vomiting in children.

The plant contains anti inflammatory activity. In addition, it is supposed to normalize intestinal function.

Leaves, blossoms, seeds and bark contain glycoside amygdaline. Blossoms and leaves, additionally, contain glycoside prunasin accountable for their aroma. Leaves contain up to 200 mg% ascorbic acid.

Leaves, fruits, blossoms and bird cherry juice are used for vaginal rinse in the event of trichomonas invasion. Moreover, you can make use of these remedies for poultice to take care of wound, sore and bed sore.

Pulp of bird cherry fruit contains up to 15 percent tannins, up to 8 per cent antocyan, approximately 6 percent sugars, pectin, flavonoids, organic acids and other biologically active compounds. In addition, fruits contain two. 81 percent mineral substances.

Folk medicine uses fruits, blossoms, leaves and bark. Infuse 10 g of the blossoms with a glass of water and apply the extract as needed. This remedy is used for compress and rinse in the event of conjunctivitis and phthisis. In addition, you may use the remedy to wash wound and sore.

Juice fruits and use the juice to take care of fever, diarrhea, metabolic disorders, gangrene, phthisis and scurvy. The juice is thought to have perspiratory and diuretic activity. You should combine half a glass of the juice using a tablespoon of honey and drink the mixture three times every day. Infuse a tablespoon of those fruits with a glass of water to produce an infusion or decoction. You should drink half a glass of the decoction once a day half an hour before meal. The decoction made from fruits has astringent action.

In addition, it’s used to fight inflammation. Antocyans and flavonoids possess the action of vitamin P. They stabilize walls of blood vessels. The decoction is used internally to treat inflammation of intestines, digestive disorders caused by several reasons and dysentery. Bird cherry fruits together with bilberry fruits are used in the event of diarrhea.