Ripe and raw garlic and garlic oil in glass of bottle on wooden table with burlap sack, alternative medicine, organic cleaner. Garlics background

It’s been stated that all current medications and drugs are just versions of foods and herbs which may be improved by the drug companies. These herbs have been used throughout history for their therapeutic benefits. The largest jewel in the crown of medicinal herbs is garlic. Recent studies are confirming and substantiating it has power.

Garlic Prevents the Common Cold

The ingredient in garlic which gives it its medicinal properties is allicin. Garlic can also be high in sulfur and the vitamins B6, C and B1. Garlic was once called “Russian Penicillin” due to its ability to serve as a natural antibiotic against bacteria, viruses, fungus and migraines, in addition to its ability to strengthen the body to stop overall disease.

There was a study that included 146 people who received either a placebo or an allicin-containing garlic supplement for 12 weeks. The participants listed any common cold symptoms and symptoms in a daily journal. At the conclusion of the study, there were 63% less colds in the garlic group and they recovered much quicker when infected – in an average of 1.5 days versus 5 days.

This study also revealed that those taking the placebo were a lot more likely to acquire more than 1 chilly over the treatment period. The researchers concluded that:”An allicin-containing supplement may avoid attack from the common cold virus.”

Garlic Gel for Recurrent Hair Loss

So as to find out the efficacy of a garlic gel applied to the scalp for hair loss, researchers divided the participants into two groups. One group used a garlic gel for three months and another used a placebo. Additionally, both groups used a steroid lotion on the scalp. The size of these patches and total condition of the hair was listed every month.

At the conclusion of the study, very good answers were detected in the garlic group. The research showed that using a garlic gel significantly added to the therapeutic benefits from the steroid cream and that it is an effective hair loss remedy.

Heavy Metals in the Body Detoxified by Garlic

Workers at a car battery industry with chronic lead poisoning were utilized in this study. The employees were divided into two groups: One which obtained allicin from garlic 3 times per day and another group received the drug d-penicillamine. At the end of the four week study, the signs of lead poisoning were analyzed. The researchers reported significant improvement in the garlic group including less irritability, fewer headaches, better tendon reflexes and reduced blood pressure. None of the benefits were seen from the d-penicillamine group.

Dietary Garlic Prevents Hip Arthritis

1,000 healthy female twins engaged in this study. The group of investigators recorded the details of the diets of the twins and compared these with x-ray pictures that demonstrated the level of osteoarthritis growth from the hips, knees and spine.

Their discovery was that a high consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially those high in sulfur like onions and garlic, resulted in lower indications of the beginnings of atherosclerosis at the hip.

Dr Frances Williams, lead author of the study from King’s College London, said:”… These findings may point the way towards future therapies and prevention of hip osteoarthritis.”

Aged Garlic Extract Lowers Blood Pressure

This study followed 50 patients over a 12 week treatment period. The patients were being treated with drugs for high blood pressure, but it stayed high and uncontrolled. The results showed an aged garlic extract was effective in lowering blood pressure for patients with uncontrolled hypertension.

Garlic Enhances Exercise Tolerance

In a study of 30 patients with cardiovascular disease, treadmill tests were to test their exercise capacity. After the first evaluation, they were given garlic oil capsules every day for fourteen days. When the test was repeated, it was revealed that the garlic had greatly improved their heart rate at peak exercise and had reduced the work load on the center. This gave the patients greater exercise tolerance and capability.

Garlic Lowers Risk of Lung Cancer

In this 7-year study, researchers at a medical centre in China interviewed 1,424 lung cancer patients and also 4,543 healthy folks. They were asked questions about their diet, smoking and how frequently they ate garlic. Raw garlic consumption of two times or more a week has been found to be associated with a 44% prevention of lung cancer. For those in the study who smoked, the risk of lung cancer was reduced by about 30 percent for people who ate garlic.

How to Take Garlic

Garlic is best eaten raw. Some tasty ways for the benefits of garlic include adding it to homemade salsa, guacamole, salad dressings, pasta sauce, in mashed potatoes, and mixed with butter and then spread on bread. In addition, it can be added to vegetable smoothies and hot vegetable dishes.