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Gout is the most often recorded disorder in the history of the medical world. The worst thing about the gout is that it strikes out from the blue causing intolerable pain within minutes. Gout is a result of the uric acid accumulation in the body that contributes to the formation of the uric acid crystals that start to be deposited in the joints, tendons and the surrounding cells. The accumulation of the uric acid causes intolerable pain. In some instances, the uric acid crystals become large and they burst through the skin that releases the white chalky like chemicals.


The gout attack left the patients with excruciating pain. The symptoms of the gout would be the red and swollen skin from the affected regions, the tenderness, the warmness and the excruciating pain in the joints. The gout attack may last for a couple of hours to a few days. The pain is actually intolerable when the attack lasts for a week or so.


Gout has existed for centuries and that’s why varieties of remedies are suggested for relieving of their pain. Remedies are also there to protect against the uric acid build up in the body that’s main reason for the gout attack. Proper medication under an experienced doctor is essential for the treatment of the gout. However, there are various other kinds of remedies that aren’t FDA approved but they’re quite useful for the pain prevention and relieve of the uric acid buildup in the body.

Alternative Remedies

Charcoal Poultice

Charcoal Poultice is a highly popular sort of alternative cure for the patients of gout. This has existed for centuries and people actually require the treatment. Charcoal has the capacity to draw the toxins out of the body. The charcoal poultice has to be implemented over the affected joint locations and that may successfully alleviate the pain of the gout attack. The mixing process and the components to the charcoal poultice are really very easy. All you will need to do is to take a few tbsp of grounded flax-seed and half a cup of charcoal powder. Then you have to combine these to make the glue. You can then apply the glue over the effected gout regions and can feel the difference.


Cherries are reported to be the most effective alternative cure for the gout attack. It’s been believed for quite a long time and recent research has proved that may lower the uric acid accumulation in the body that is the primary source of the gout. The studies have proved that taking 30 to 35 cherries from the daily diet may effectively decrease the amount of the uric acid in the body. Cherry juice may also be consumed to reduce the uric acid level in the body.

These are other alternative remedies for your gout but charcoal and the cherries really help plenty of gout sufferers for centuries.