Herbal infusion fennel tea in glass cup and glass tea pot with dried fennel seeds in wooden shovel on white rustic table. Herbal tea alternative medicine background concept.

Fennel tea is one of the herbal tea remedies which were used by women for centuries. This beautiful plant generates fennel seeds that consume a yummy licorice herbal tea. Drinking this tea is an experience for the senses.

Fennel Tea and Herbal Tea Remedies

First, fennel for a plant is quite pleasing to the eye. It has a bright green colour and the consequences of celery. As the hot boiling water covers the seeds of the plant to get a cup of tea, your senses are filled with the pleasant scent for licorice. The taste buds can also be treated to the mild and pleasant taste.

Fennel seed tea is full of antioxidants, nutrients and contains phytoestrogens. These compounds belong to a large group called flavanoids. Known as “dietary estrogens”, those elements in fennel come from a diverse set of naturally occurring non steroidal plant compounds. These chemicals have structural similarity to estradiol. Estrogen is the hormone required for ovulation and is important to heart and bone health in women.

Researchers are exploring the nutritional role of the substances in the regulation of cholesterol and the maintenance of proper bone density post-menopause. Evidence is accruing that phytoestrogens may have protective actions against varied health disorders like breast cancer, bowel cancer, and menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis.

Drinking fennel tea can offer moderate relief of symptoms associated with painful menstrual periods. The tea was proven to be an effective natural alternative in treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Drinking fennel tea has been demonstrated to effectively relax the smooth muscles in the uterus, thus relieving menstrual cramps.

More on fennel tea and herbal tea remedies

The phytoestrogens in fennel are believed to have the same effect as estrogen on the body. Woman for centuries, in most cultures have consumed fennel tea to stimulate milk production (lactation). This is a practice and one the old herbal tea remedies that’s been passed down since the days of Hippocrates. Of class, you should consult your physician make sure that it’s fine to drink fennel tea when you’re breast feeding.

If that you have a colicky baby, you know the helpless feelings you experience when the baby won’t stop crying. Fennel tea could be the solution. It is thought of as gentle enough to be used as a treatment for infants with colic.

The oil in fennel seeds has been shown to reduce intestinal cramping and increase the speed in which the small intestine moves food through the body. It also decreases gas and bloating and assists an upset stomach. Room temperature fennel tea, with a little sweetener, if you choose, can be fed into the colicky baby with a bottle.

Fennel has been used for centuries by women in treating premenstrual and menopausal systems. Some have found it successful in assisting a diminished libido.

Drink fennel tea to encourage weight loss. Fennel has properties which are similar to amphetamines. These properties are proven to stimulate to the human nervous system. The Puritans in colonial times were known to drink fennel tea during times of spiritual fasting as it was found to suppress their desire. It was also utilised to help keep them awake and alert. So the next time you will need an energy boost, you can think drinking a cup of the herbal tea.

If you’re a woman that experiences puffy eyes, fennel tea, in a tea bag, can help you in decreasing the inflammation. Take time to discover a few quiet moments and use a soft wash cloth. Soak it in cooled fennel tea. Place it on you eyes for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Fennel tea is one of the herbal tea remedies woman have found beneficial to them for centuries. Take time to discover those health benefits today.