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As we move further into the 21st century there is even more of a feeling that humanity as a whole is hearing “a calling”. Most of the clients in the realm that talk about this describe it as an “awakening” or experiencing an “enlightenment” or a “need for transformation.”

Spiritual Awakening

For some this process, a spiritual awakening is a gentle procedure develops as a result of many years of hunting, and exploring practices having to do with self-development. This is the sort of seeker who wants the spiritual awakening and seeks out the advice of a teacher or to help them prepare themselves mentally and physically to their spiritual awakening.

However, I have discovered that no matter how educated someone nobody is ready for what Eastern religions call the awakening of the Kundalini energy. The sad truth is the most spiritual awakenings are rather rude: what some people call a “wake up call”. True enlightenment is usually preceded by some sort of life loss or catastrophe that kick starts the awakening of consciousness. A frequent catalyst is extreme physical or psychological distress. As individuals confront the limits of their endurance and come face to face with death or loss, they will often go into altered or transcendental states of consciousness as they ask a higher power for assistance. Natural disasters, near-death experiences or life transitions such as midlife crisis, addiction or separation can be blessings in disguise that result in a blossoming of spiritual consciousness.

It’s believed that practices like yoga, bioenergetics, polarity work or breathwork can result in a natural awakening of Kundalini energy. Kundalini is the Hindu term for the sacred, transformative energy that awakens consciousness. According to Eastern esoteric literature, this energy is coiled, like a snake at the base of the spine and if stimulated it flows or coils up through the body’s energy centres (chakras).

The awakening of the kundalini is nearly always connected with a spiritual crisis. Typically the individual may feel overwhelmed, bewildered, disassociated, fearful vulnerable, fragmented, fearful, confused, disoriented and overcome by a lot of information. This is sometimes the first indication that you’re about to be blessed with a spiritual awakening, although many may feel it more like a “curse’.

Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Involuntary jerking movements of the body

Such as vibrations, spasm, vibration and contractions: As the Kundalini energy moves in the bottom of the spine and up through the body, it clears deeply held blockages and while this is occurring the individual may experience emotions and memories from injuries and traumas endured previously. The Hindus call this “pranic” movement.

Unusual Breathing or Physical Movements

Some people today find themselves performing hand gestures and body postures which are unusual but may later be identified as mudras or yoga associated postures. They might also create an unusual relationship to sound and tones and wish to vocalize these noises with their breath. These are known as Yogic symptoms.

As the Kundalini moves upward through the body, some experience a kind of “spring” cleansing because the powerful spiritual energy moves through the body releases toxins. Headaches, heart problems, stomachaches and nervous ailments can be a part of the kundalini moving up your spine. A common symptom is oversensitivity to any sort of sensory input and the desire to be alone to cure.

Confusion and Emotional Imbalance

As the Kundalini energy moves upward from the backbone, individuals find themselves owned by inexplicable mood swings, anxiety, despair, depression and guilt. On the flip side, they may sometimes experience moments of sexual promiscuity, unexplained climaxes, lack of sexual desire and conditions of disassociation or bliss. Most religious awakening challenge the self to let go of primal drives and subconscious blocks so that you are more conscious and living in the moment

An Increase in ESP and Intuition

Tired of previous lives or odd symbols are common during a spiritual awakening as are unusual visual and auditory sensations include hearing voices, seeing auras or odd lights. Some might smell scents. Smelling sandalwood or roses for no apparent reason is not uncommon. An out of body experience or 2 may also happen where you seem to see yourself from the ceiling, or feel bigger or smaller than your physical body.

Mystical and Psychic States of Consciousness

During a religious awakening, the psychic abilities tend to be accelerated and the individual may suddenly develop such abilities as precognition, telepathy, and the ability to see auras or healing abilities.

The awakening of the Kundalini isn’t a target but heralds the start of the process known as transformation of consciousness. Spiritual development often includes expanded perceptual skills, higher energy, creative expression and a dedication to being of service for the greater good of all.

Profound Peace of Spiritual Awakening

Although a spiritual awakening might be uncomfortable and typically last from a few months to many years, in the end there’s a promised land where the person develops a calmness and sense of profound peace they’ve never known before.