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After living with complex migraines with auras for all of my adult life, I’ve learned there are dangerous migraine myths that can cost you dearly. Learning the truth behind these myths could save your life.

One sided headache

Everybody knows that Migraines Are One Sided Headaches. This myth can delay your investigation by, oh, 20 or even 30 years! Migraines may also include pain on each side of the mind, speech disturbances, blurred vision, pins and needles feelings or other strange sensation particularly in the hands and lips; mood swings, crying jags, irritability, or sudden, overwhelming melancholy; stomach, shoulder or neck pain (rather than head ache); even yawning spells or bizarre scents (for me it was pencil shavings). In actuality, a “migraine headache” may not include much if any head pain in any respect. It depends on what area of the brain gets the blood flow disturbance.

Only Last Two or Three Hours

We wish! While a migraine itself may last just a few hours, the pain may last three times, and if you factor in the bizarre prodromal warning signs, the migraine auras, and the apartment, article migraine recovery period, a particularly nasty migraine can last as long as a normal hurricane.

Everybody Gets Migraines

I heard an interview once with Hollywood celebrities and Nashville singers bragging about how they had performed for so many thousands of individuals while enduring a “nasty” migraine. Excuse me? Let’s more correctly define “nasty” as it applies to actual migraines: seems hurt so much it feel like a pickaxe through the side of your skull; lights burn your eyes such as dripping molten iron, and your neck or head feels like it is being crushed in a vice by trolls. Now, you tell me if you think someone with a nasty migraine could get up under those hot stage lights and do live for 20,000 screaming fans? Almost everyone gets headaches, not everybody gets migraines!

Nowadays Medication

With Today’s Drugs, No One Ever Should Have a Migraine. Pure fantasy! Sure there are natural preventives like coenzyme Q10, feverfew and magnesium which may help reduce migraines. Additionally, there are over the counter pain killers and prescription narcotics that might help. Fortunately, there are anti-emetics, triptans, ergots and serotonin receptor agonist drugs which may help prevent a migraine. Recently, drug companies have introduced or rediscovered preventative drugs such as beta blockers, antidepressants, anticonvulsants which could lessen the frequency or the chance-of-getting a migraine. Depending on the individual, any of those treatments MIGHT work, but these treatments do not always work, and for many individuals, they do not work whatsoever.

Nobody Ever Died

Not, but real people with real families have killed themselves to stop their pain. Most doctors mean well, but sadly, because healthcare about migraines is so poor, it may take years, or a life, for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Way too many individuals are turned away from emergency rooms and doctor’s offices as attention seekers, drug seekers, drunks, malingerers or just plain crazy people when the real problem was a migraine. Lives destroyed and lives lost are predictable expenses of inferior migraine diagnosis and care.

Hard to Diagnose

Yeah, they are, but they do not have to be. A proper understanding of the assortment of migraine symptoms will accelerate identification; and a proper identification is by far the most important step toward appropriate therapy. When you finally and correctly understand the issue, you’re automatically in your way toward the right solution! Discuss your symptoms with your health care provider. If necessary, gently insist that he consult with a neurologist or technical headache clinic. A knowledgeable professional will understand there’s more to migraine than a one sided headache.