Chaulmoogra essential oil comes from the seeds of the plant during the complex process of steam distillation. The entire system of oil extraction is done through the traditional process in order to maintain the quality and purity criteria of the essential oil undamaged.

The Plant

The oil giving plant grows up into the height of 20 meters and its falling branches have a very long leaves. It has beautiful greenish white blossom flowers which grow in cluster. Earlier, this organic oil oil has been extensively used to treat numerous skin diseases like leprosy, and several other skin related problems. In southern part of India, it had been practiced to cure wounds, cuts and ulcers. Later on, this oil has been commenced in modern era in the nineteenth century to assist diseases naturally.

A Burmese Saga says that Chaulmoogra tree is magic and treated Burmese prince from leprosy, it’s thought that the diseased prince was asked to leave his empire and go to the forest to meditate by the Gods.

Therapeutic Properties

Chaulmoogra essential oil is light yellow in colour and posses a very strong woody fragrance and blends exceptionally well with lavender, chamomile and tea tree essential oils. This natural essential oil is widely used in medicines and cosmetics products to treat extreme skin related ailments like eczema, wounds, skin rashes and leprosy.

Incredible Uses of Natural Chaulmoogra Oil

Aids Eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin disease where skin becomes cracked, itchy and dry. It is also called a topic dermatitis which mainly affects children and continues for life. This injurious disease should be treated at the initial stage to prevent worst conditions. Thus, chaulmoogra essential oil works miraculously on skin eczema wounds and very much capable of killing the origins of this disease.

Proficient in the Treatment of Leprosy

Since the early age, this oil is extensively used to treat people suffering from the problem of Leprosy. It is a dreadful disease where a bacteria causes permanent damage to the skin, limbs, eyes and nerves. Further, in the worst state of this disease patient have a tendency to get rid of the actual length of the fingers and toes.


Chaulmoogra essential oil is also very helpful in treating people that suffer from psoriasis, where skin surface becomes red, patchy and individual tend to have rough scalp, rashes in and around ears, elbows, navel, knees, buttocks and genitals. Thus, this oil assist in resolving the infection and further helps in new infection free skin growth.

This essential oil is very beneficial in treating innumerable skin troubles for life and it also act as a vital agent in providing the required essence for the healthy glowing skin.