Close-up Of A Woman Holds A Slice Of Pizza And Rubs His Belly

I see a great deal of customers who suffer from what’s commonly known as acid indigestion-discomfort and a burning pain after eating. The frequent remedy that’s reached for is some kind of antacid, designed to reduce stomach acid levels, and so decrease the distress – but beware! They might well be having the opposite effect.

If you’re 40 and over

It’s highly possible that the issue is rather one of too little stomach acid, not too much. We produce less and less stomach acid and digestive enzymes as we age, resulting in ever increasing digestive issues. In the older this can have the effect of leaving them with all the drawbacks that brings with it. Too small stomach acid and enzymes means that food isn’t likely to be broken down correctly so that you can absorb all of the nutrients from it. It leaves you feeling heavy and ‘complete’ long after you’ve consumed, often bloated and may result in flatulence as the partly digested food begins to ferment. Additionally, rich foods can cause you problems, or you might burp and belch after ingestion. One possible cause of bad breath is food fermenting in the gut and stomach.

Leaky Gut

There’s always the threat that partially digested foods may also seep through into the blood when you have a leaky gut, giving rising to many different food intolerances as the body treats the partly digested food as a foreign body. If you have food intolerances, it’s always smart to have a digestive enzyme formula to make sure you’re not getting issues from this quarter. Replace them instead with Papaya. Papaya act as digestive stimulant and contain enzymes that help break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Also peppermint, they’re a fantastic breath freshner also.

20s and 30s Group

True acid indigestion has been an issue encountered in the 20s and 30s age group and is typically related to a stressful lifestyle. Another possible cause can be a hiatus hernia-a lot of people have these, often undiagnosed. This results in heartburn, and frequently acid reflux. There’s a very simple technique for fixing a hiatus hernia that doesn’t involve going anywhere near the operating table, which has a high success rate, so in case you feel this could be your problem, give me a call and I’ll allow you to have details.

Ulcers, Fungus nad Bacteria

Another possibility is that the distress has been caused by a stomach ulcer or with a fungal or bacterial imbalance in the gut. If the former, stomach ulcer s are generally caused by a bacteria called helico pylori bacter. There are two approaches to take care of this-the first involves the physician and powerful antibiotics or, if you would like to prevent this, a herbal formulation named Clove & Pau d’arco, which can be equally as effective at killing the bacteria. At precisely the exact same time I’d take some Licorice Root and Marshmallow & Chamomile or Slippery Elm to soothe and heal the gut lining quickly.

Fungal or bacterial infections

Infections in the gut have to be handled in a different manner. These will cause problems because undesirable organisms multiply when feeding on food in the gut, causing bloating and a feeling of indigestion. It’s ideal to speak to me personally if you guess this to be the case since it’s not necessarily straightforward to eliminate. So what if you’re suffering and don’t have any idea which of them is the issue? Well, a simple trick is find out if it’s too much acid or too small, is to have a dessertspoon of lemon juice when you get the signs. If they get worse you will know that your problem is too much acid, if they improve, it’s too little acid.

When it doesn’t do it, come and speak to me and we will sort through the other alternatives. So don’t let eating quite literally turned into a pain-there is a solution!