Photo of an african american father and daughter running trough the fields together.

According to the current survey made by a top scientific community in United States, the prevalence of “use of inhaler” syndrome is on rise. Yes, we’re having a growing number of cases of childhood asthma and respiratory disorders than anytime before, as a result of the growing pollution level and to the ignorance of fellow physicians.

Asthma In Children

But are the parents worried about the rising trends of lowered immunity in children, their hyperactive character, their behavioral problems, and social withdrawal? If not, it’s high time parents should learn how to correlate these diverse problems to the harsh remedies they’re seeking for their kids.

Making the parents know the harshness of those treatments on the immunity and their deleterious effects on the bodies and psyches of children is the prime task of homeopaths according to me. Well, if we mean to get a cleaner and healthier future for our children, we’ll never want them to succumb to the “drug-disease” inflicted upon them.


For treating our kids with aptly chosen homeopathic remedies, first we will need to understand certain facts about hyper-reactive airway disease or some other respiratory illness.

      • It can impact the child from as early as 4 weeks to 5 or 6 years old.
      • In over half of the so-called ‘diagnosed’ cases of childhood asthma, what kid really suffers from is hyper-reactive airway disease.
      • The child suffers from wheezes through respiration which are most of the times perceptible by the parents in sleep.
      • There could be associated cough that’s a sort of hollow and sputum-less.
      • The child may also suffer from nasal congestion and might suddenly get up in sleep because of filled feeling and inability to breathe.
      • In some instances however, there could be some sputum and the child may vomit as a result of accumulation of sputum in throat.
      • If the child develops lower respiratory disease as a result of unattended frequent respiratory ailments, he might suffer from chest pain and constitutional symptoms such as fever.

The respiratory symptoms

They differ from child to child and a homeopath has to be a keen observer to figure out the characteristic symptoms in the child. Nowadays, because of altered mentality of people around, we do get such respiratory allergy cases directly to us, in other words, homeopaths. But if in case the child is brought to you by parents after traveling to many allergy specialists, the first thing a homeopath must do is convince the parents regarding efficacy of homeopathy in managing such circumstances. A fantastic homeopath is nearly always effective in convincing about the marvelous health benefits homeopathy can provide to the child together with making him cope efficiently with additional allergies and infections.

Curing asthma certainly the success of homeopathy and homeopaths are bestowed with this duty of convincing the people about efficacy of homeopathy to address all these ailments scientifically and artistically too. What we dream about is a healthy world with increased immune powers to drive away the allergies forever!