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The causes of hair loss and the causes of thinning hair are varied and many. And it doesn’t discriminate between the sexes. Indeed age is actually no protection as even teens can and do experience thinning hair or even outright baldness. But what are the causes of hair loss? And what are the causes of thinning hair?


Some probable causes include various ailments, stress and anxiety, an imbalance of hormones and nutritional imbalance. However among the most common causes of hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia. The expression partially refers to androgens and their function in the hair loss procedure. These androgens are a sort of male hormone. Also the expression Androgenetic refers to the hereditary element of the balding process. Indeed heredity does play a part as we will see soon. The fact that not everybody experiences baldness proves that there are genetic factors that predispose a person to this kind of hair loss. The existence of somebody balding on your family might recommend that you too may have a bout with baldness though there are exceptions. This sort of foresight lets you plan now to take actions to prevent or minimize the loss of your hair.

How Hair Loss Occurs

The most often occurring androgenic hormones generated by all individuals are testosterone and its derivative DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), in addition to androsteinedione. The male testicles and adrenal glands are responsible for producing these hormones in men while in women the ovaries and adrenal glands perform this role. If there’s an excess of the hormone DHT in someone with a genetic predisposition to baldness, the DHT attacks the hair follicles resulting in a progressive shrinkage of the follicles themselves and the hair which grows from the follicles. The end result of this is the famous female or male pattern baldness also called Androgenetic Alopecia. Perhaps you wonder, “At what age does balding occur?” This varies from person to person and this sort of baldness was seen even in the teenage years. Additionally it is instructive to note that female or male pattern baldness isn’t a momentary occurrence but is really a process occurring over time. And the speed of balding changes from slow to rapid, based upon your individual make up.

Other Reasons

Loss of hair may be symptomatic of certain medical problems. Examples of these are thyroid disorder and diabetes. Other illnesses that frequently result in hair loss include lupus, kidney disease and liver disease. Moreover, a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome can cause a hormone imbalance in females and this may make you lose your hair.

Then there are the drugs that may induce hair loss like acne medications, amphetamines found in weight control medications in addition to chemotherapy used in treating cancer.

Loss of hair may also occur on the scalp because of skin disease. This is Alopecia Areata referring to hair loss over the particular area. (areata) In this disease process the body’s own immune system attacks and damages the hair follicles. This auto immune disease begins by revealing small bald patches and may progress to full baldness.

Hair thinning can also result when someone pulls out their own hair during a mental condition called Trichotillomania.


Also certain hair styles where hair is pulled tight in braids or distinctive hair jewelry can lead to baldness and hence hair loss. Occasionally a nutritional imbalance may result in loss of hair. In this case there might be a lack of certain vitamins and minerals that are very important to the hair growth procedure.