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Prior to agreeing to taking any drugs think about your diet and the foods that lower blood pressure. As some foods are “bad” for so too there are foods which are really great for you. Foods which are healthy and nutrient rich, can help you decrease your blood pressure and as an additional bonus control your weight.

Natural ways

Among those natural ways to reduce and control your blood pressure is to consume a diet with high levels of potassium, calcium and magnesium that have been proven to be quite effective. Also include in your diet essential fatty acids but attempt to limit saturated fats, sugar and sodium. And your attempts to control your blood pressure will be turbo charged if you add regular exercise into your daily diet. After all there isn’t much point in eating all the right foods if all you will do is sit in front of the tv and vegetate.

So what foods should I be eating then you may inquire. Here are the top five foods, rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium that have been demonstrated to be beneficial.

The Top 5 Foods!


Spinach is top of the list. An fantastic provider of magnesium, in addition, it helps to protect your body from cardiovascular disease. Spinach also contains folate, the natural source of vitamin B9, which offers protection to the body from the amino acid, homocysteine, a lot of which is regarded as a cause of strokes and heart attacks.

Sunflower seeds

These are also a superb source of magnesium. These seeds are also rich in phytosterols that could help reduce your cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels in your blood can cause your blood vessels to narrow, and eventually become limited which increases the level of your blood pressure. You could even wind up suffering a heart attack or a stroke. Keep in mind, provided that sodium (salt) is not great for your blood pressure, just unsalted sunflower seeds should be consumed.


Beans provide calcium, calcium and potassium. As a member of the legume family beans come in many varieties like lima, kidney, lentils, navy, split peas, white, black and pinto, etc. etc.. Not only do they supply essential elements they also encourage your body to lose sodium.


Bananas are great for providing quick energy but they’re full of fiber and potassium content. The potassium and fiber also helps your body to reduce cardiovascular disease. Researchers in India have recently discovered that individuals who ate two bananas a day per week was able to reduce their blood pressure by up to 10%. The banana is currently being hailed by scientists as a substitute for expensive blood pressure medicines.


It is a also a member of the legume family is worthy in its own right for a spot in the top five foods. Apart from just plain old beans soy has also been made into an assortment of products in various shapes and sizes such as soy-milk, flour as well as burgers to mention only a few. Soy contains isoflavones that have been shown to decrease cholesterol and blood pressure levels equally.


These are the top five foods that lower blood pressure but they’re not the only foods that do so. There are several others that will supply you with a nutritious alternative to drugs if you include them in your daily diet.