So if you are like most people you’ve had to handle acne at some stage in your life. Maybe you’re experiencing it now as an adult when you had no problems during your adolescent years or possibly it’s been a persistent problem that has not ceased endangering your everyday life. With a enormous quantity of acne remedies, lotions, creams and remedies in the marketplace you might want to take a step back and actually examine your acne problem for an instant.

Adolescent’s and Adult’s Acne

Most adolescents with acne will just grab any old acne solution off the shelf and try it to see if it works. If it does good their collection, if it does not their back to the shop to try another one. However, always adding chemical based creams and lotions to your body and skin isn’t the solution. Adults who have acne normally try the natural or other routes to acne treatment.

Why happens Acne?

Acne happens within the body, when sebum clogs a sebaceous follicle or gland. Natural products and herbs have been used for more than thousands of years all around the world. Therefore it is only natural to use herbal products to your acne remedies. Herbs can be obtained directly, mixed into a tea, broken down into a powder, liquid or dilution, or can be applied topically. There are thousands of herbs which have a number of diverse applications for the body. Treating acne with herbs is just one of many choices out there for you. However, treating acne naturally won’t cause side effects on the skin or body and will eliminate your skin dilemma once and for all. So if you’re interested in a natural way to rid yourself of acne or you’ve tried everything else, herbs will decrease the redness caused by acne, cleansing your body of poisonous acne causing bacteria, and remove acne on your own skin once and for all. Here you’ll find a listing of the best herbs which may be used to treat acne along with the most effective ways to ingest, apply or use them.

Saw palmetto

Although this herb was originally used by the Indians to treat urinary and reproductive issues, in most recent medication saw palmetto is used in the treatment of prostate disorders. However, in precisely the identical way that this infusion is used to treat prostate issues, it’s used to help acne skin conditions. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) has been related to a number of distinct conditions, one being acne, in addition to enlarged prostate and male patter baldness. DHT is converted from testosterone, which is a hormone in both women and men. Saw palmetto inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT therefore eliminating the ailments caused by it. Saw palmetto can be utilised as an infusion or as a tablet computer. Always check the labeling on any pill formulation since they’re not controlled so that there maybe additional ingredients in the capsule. If you choose to take the extract, it might cause upset stomach, so take it with meals.

Although commonly viewed as a weed, the origin of yellow dock is used for its medicinal purposes. Popularly used in Europe and Asia as a vegetable, it’s regarded as a general health tonic. One of its main uses was to treat skin conditions caused by poor digestion and liver function. Therefore it cleanses the digestive tract and acts as a mild laxative to get rid of toxic compounds, and bacteria from the body. Yellow dock are seen in a capsule, tincture, tea or dried herb. However the best way to use it for acne remedies is to grind it up or buy a powder form and then spread it on your face before washing.


Grown in Central and South America, sarsaparilla root was used as a general tonic to treat a huge selection of conditions like sexual impotence, rheumatism, skin disorders, fatigue, headaches, joint pain and leprosy. Sarsaparilla’s attributes include blood purifier, diuretic, and perspiration promoter. Sarsaparilla can be taken in capsule, tincture, or dried root.

Not only can this herb cure acne but also is good at treating most forms of chronic skin ailments. Does it purify the blood but also it is a diuretic which cleans the body of toxins. Burdock can be added to water to create a tea, which can be used as a skin wash to reduce and eliminate acne.

Dandelion Root

Most often thought of as a pesky weed, the dandelion may be used for medicinal and healing purposes. Dandelion root is a natural diuretic, digestive aid, mild laxative, and blood cleanser and overall tonic. As a result of its powerful cleansing abilities it’s been known to clean skin conditions particularly acne. Dandelion root is chock full of minerals and vitamins that are crucial to the body. Dandelion root is available as a dried herb, in capsules, in liquid extracts/tinctures or teas.

Red Clover

Red clover may be used to treat acne and skin ailments through isoflavonoid phytoestrogen compounds that maintain proper bone and skin health. Red clover may be ingested to cleanse the blood and detoxify the cells. This way it treats many skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, eczema, and psoriasis.

Fennel flower

Nigella also called fennel flower is an herb native to Asia. With natural anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretics, and antineoplastic properties fennel flower was used to fortify the immune system, which in turn helps reduce snoring. Fennel flower removes excess toxins and germs in the body, which will help clear the skin.

Not as famous as other herbal remedies for acne, calendula was used in Europe. Its properties include antibacterial and antifungal anti-inflammatory which are extremely good at treating acne. Calendula can be located in a cream, gel or lotion, however the origin can be made into a tea, that may be used to wash the face also.


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