Healing flower and herb selection used in natural alternative medicine on distressed white wood background.

In conventional medicine, it is very common for patients to be referred to’specialists’ – doctors who specialise in treating a specific area of the body. Many people wonder why the area of natural therapies does not also have ‘experts’ that concentrate on specific illnesses or body parts. Why do not naturopaths provide a natural solution to these specialised medical locations?

A Different View of the Body

The response is that the very nature of specialisation does not fit with the philosophy of naturopathic medicine. The reason why natural medicine is so powerful is that it concentrates on treating the whole person; on analyzing each person’s unique health profile from cellular function up to the psychological and emotional level, and everything in between.

Viewing the body as an entire thing where the biochemistry of organs, digestion, blood, muscle, brain and bone are fundamentally interdependent, allows naturopaths to create connections that are often overlooked by modern medicine.

Underlying this strategy is a profound respect for the self-regulating, self-healing nature of the physical body. By identifying, through naturopathic testing, what the body needs and precisely providing for the needs, recovery and great health happen as a natural consequence.

This has resulted in a common understanding that naturopaths concentrate on creating health, whereas medical physicians concentrate on suppressing the symptoms of illness. It’s little wonder that the public is turning to natural medicine in droves!

Contrast this using the’divide and conquer’ approach of traditional medicine and we can see why naturopathy works so well for chronic, long-term conditions that defy the capacity of medical physicians to resolve.

Conventional Medicine Testing Vs Naturopathic Testing

One of the very basic differences between conventional medicine and natural medicine is at the intention behind advocating testing. Medical Doctors (GPs) are primarily trained to spot and treat disease conditions and so their evaluations are made to classify disease in these terms. Naturopaths, on the otherflip side, start looking for imbalances and deficiencies which will probably lead to diseases if left unattended.

By correcting these deficiencies and imbalances, naturopaths provide your body the nutrition it requires so as to start the healing process. In my experience, the body will, if given the appropriate nutrients, the perfect diet, proper rest and a lot of water, almost always heal itself.

The challenge, of course, is finding out exactly what the body wants, and what’s stopping it from healing. This is the reason why it’s important to pick a naturopath who uses scientific testing to ascertain your distinctive health requirements.

Remember, disease doesn’t only ‘‘happen’’ – there’s a lead up procedure where you might feel unwell, but your dpctor”‘s tests don’t find anything wrong. This is where naturopathic tests can be quite beneficial, because understanding specifically what nutrients your body is crying out for way you can effectively stop and – with concentrated natural nutritional supplements – even reverse degenerative processes that may otherwise contribute to disease.

Natural Medicines Vs Pharmaceutical Drugs

Many pharmaceutical medications have side-effects that can be quite debilitating. They are often quick to behave but frequently work by masking your symptoms without correcting the underlying cause. In extreme situations, such medications can be life-saving. However, for conditions that are not immediately life-threatening, there are typically natural alternatives that help your body to heal, instead of suppressing the symptoms.

Natural, clinically researched nutritional supplements often take more time to work, nevertheless prescribed properly they help your body to synergistically cure itself. This means the results can be permanent and you will find not one of those debilitating and potentially harmful side-effects of pharmaceutical medications.

So next time you are considering paying a visit to a physician, consider if your situation would be better served by a naturopath. By picking naturopathic medicine, you are choosing health, health and vitality as opposed to just symptomatic relief.