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How can a tiny glossy green olive leaf reduce fatty liver? Because a natural substance in olive leaf extract may decrease your blood sugar.

Olive Leaf Extract

And lowering your blood glucose might be the most significant method to reduce fatty liver naturally. At least that is what some researchers state.

Let me clarify. Specifically, olive oil extract has been tested and shown to contain a powerful natural ingredient which may decrease blood glucose and, thereby, reduce fatty liver.

The Truth About Olive Leaf Extract to Reduce Fatty Liver

Olive leaf extract is a natural compound extracted from olive tree foliage. Olive leaves are widely used as treatments in Europe and Mediterranean nations where herbal extracts, powders, and teas, are prescribed as effective forms of therapy.

You can discover natural supplements that contain olive leaf extract in most drug stores or pharmacies.

Control Blood Sugar

Results of a clinical study suggest olive leaf extract may control the amount of glucose in your blood. In the analysis, some participants took a supplement that contained olive leaf extract while others in the group took a placebo. Researchers gave the participants olive leaf extract in 500 mg oral tablet form once daily every day for 14 weeks.

At the conclusion of the study, the test results showed noticeable improvements in people who took the supplement. They had a remarkable drop in their blood glucose levels (compared to participants in the placebo group) and maintained more stable glucose levels.

In flip side, this effective supplement appears promising to keep your blood glucose under control–that is the main aspect to lower your fatty liver naturally.

Reduce Fatty Liver

A researcher in nutrition and metabolism affirms that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a metabolic syndrome that’s strongly related to poor blood glucose control. Common sugar-related issues linked to fatty liver are:

        • Weight gain.
        • Slow metabolism.
        • Insulin resistance.
        • Type two Diabetes.
        • High blood glucose.

Researchers state olive leaves include”several bioactive compounds” with the capacity to reduce and regulate glucose levels.


These clinical reports show incredible potential for men and women that wish to look after their liver. Now you learn more about what you could do to look after your liver, also. Imagine the relief when that dull heavy ache in your bloated liver is gone.

It’s clear, evidence indicates the tiny green olive leaf could be strong enough to lower your blood glucose and reduce fatty liver naturally. And that is a strong truth.