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Yes, one of the other highly impressive benefits of fish oil, weight loss is a substantial addition. It’s also the best one, because every other person is unsatisfied with how they look and are on a mission to lose all those additional pounds. There have been many scientific studies which have addressed this issue, the first being done back in 1997 and the end result is the same: Fish Oil assists in eliminating that extra fat in the body. This is mostly attributed to the existence of Omega 3, which comprises both very important fatty acids: DHA and EPA.

Fatty Acids

The benefit of the so called “fatty acid” is that it comes under the category of the valuable fat termed as “polyunsaturated” fats. Such fats usually form part of safflower, hemp, borage, and evening primrose. The main reason why this makes the weight loss program effective is that rather than keeping the fats, it burns off the fat. Studies have proven that such oils essentially boost a persons metabolism consequently making him highly unlikely to wear any additional pounds since the body is working to shed off them rather than store them.

The question which arises here is: how to find the best results from using this supplement? Should it be obtained in bulk quantities? Does a person need to make any adjustments to the present calorie intake? Should exercise need to be a part of the regular as well, or the benefits of fish oil could be got without doing any exercise? At what times should the dosage be obtained? There have been various researches undertaken to answer these very questions. The moving passages will shed light on the above questions.


The very first study with respect to the fish oil and weight loss link was conducted in the year 1997. The methodology adopted in this study was that the subjects were put on a 50% intake of calorie from carbs . For 12 months this was the diet program that was followed by the participants. After 12 weeks on 50 percent calories in take from carbohydrates, a few of the participants were requested to add 6 g to their diet and extract 6 g of fat in their diet. This practice was carried out for the remaining 3 weeks into the research.

The results from this study showed that the folks who continued with their ingestion of 50 percent of fat from carbohydrates dropped only 0.7 pounds within the time period of three weeks, while people who’d substituted in their diet 6 g of fish oil dropped around 2 pounds in exactly the exact same time frame.

The international journal of obesity conducted a study on a group of 324 obese women and men. The methodology was this group was put on a reduced calorie diet. Fatty fish, lean fish or fish oil capsules and sometimes neither of those three, is what also constituted the diet of the group of women and men. Apart from that, the group had an intake of 50 percent from carbohydrates and 20 percent calorie consumption from proteins. In addition to this the team wasn’t on any exercise, whether aerobic or anaerobic. A first look at this study rouses powerful questions as to if it was a weight loss program or a weight reduction program.

However, interesting as it might appear, there were indications of weight loss in this experiment. Men only on the low calorie diet lost on a typical 14 lbs. However, those who had an intake of fish or fatty fish or fish oil capsules portrayed an additional loss of two lbs! Even people who ate cod revealed an extra weight loss potential.

The findings of both these studies has thus demonstrate that no exercise and fish oil helps people in cutting off those additional pounds interrupting the figure. However, the use of the formulation has been more successful on men as opposed to on women. Therefore, an individual can’t eliminate the possibility of high carbohydrate diet coupled with fish oil supplements in shedding off all those unnecessary added pounds.

On the flip side however, recent studies have proven the other side of this picture. The most popular study in this respect was the one printed by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The analysis did not only focus on providing fish oil supplements but instead fish oil supplements which were rich in DHA.


The analysis, which was conducted on men, divided the group into two distinct halves: 50 percent were given DHA rich fish oil supplements while the other half was awarded sunflower oil. Also, a few of the participants were instructed to exercise while others were not. The exercise comprised in a 34 minute walk using 75 percent of their heart beat, thrice weekly. The results demonstrated that the group taking gish exercising and oil revealed major loss in weight in comparison with the other groups. This research therefore proves that exercise and fish oil is just as beneficial for weight loss as is fish oil and no exercise.


It is said that fish oil can help in decreasing the heart rhythm, because of which more energy must achieve the desired intensity. Also, the DHA within the Fish oil prevents the fat from keeping in the body by burning it off. While the specific mechanism is yet to be found, the fact that Fish Oil is helpful for the weight loss fanatics is true that’s been well-established by today.