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Garlic has been used for both food and medicine. Its medicinal effects are demonstrated to work and used for at least 5000 years. It’s regarded as a healing herb.

The wonder ingredient

Thiosulfinate allicin (sulfur containing compound) is the major ingredient of garlic. It’s naturally antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial that prevents frequent ailments and infections. The traditionalists regard garlic as a miracle herb. Modern technology attests to the wonders of garlic in medication.

Garlic comes in 60 varieties across the world. Snow Mountain garlic in Kashmir has been established as the world’s best garlic, particularly concerning potency and purity.

Benefits of Garlic

      • Regular consumption of garlic (blended in food) can stop someone from becoming viral, fungal and bacterial diseases.
      • It comprises more than 70 phythochemicals like allicin that lowers or treatments with high blood pressure. A seed of garlic following meal is advised for those suffering from high blood.
      • Garlic contains hundreds of minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, calcium, selenium, potassium, magnesium and zinc.
      • It can prevent cardiovascular disease.
      • It reduces the speed of ovarian cancer, colorectal and other cancers.
      • It reduces cholesterol levels.
      • It overcomes fatigue
      • It increases energy and endurance.
      • Frequent ingestion of garlic helps regulate levels of homocysteine, a compound that results in plaque. Plaque build-up is reduced by 12%.

Respiratory conditions

        • It reduces the chance of getting colds by 50% and it speeds up healing.
        • It boosts immune system.
        • It prevents bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Digestive Disorders

        • It helps heal stomach ulcer, amoebic dysentery, diarrhea, parasites and worms.

Cardiovascular Disease

        • It assists in Atherosclerosis, claudication, post-heart attack treatment and post-stroke therapy.

Skin Problems

        • someone can be invincible against tick bites because of 20 months of garlic ingestion. Recommended dosage is 1.2 grams each day.
        • Helps heal eczema, acne, boils, stings and insect bites.

Dosage Recommendations

      • Normal Health care – 2 to 3 bulbs each day just prior to breakfast.
      • Cancer – 3 bulbs in the morning before breakfast and another 3 before going to bed. 10 garlic bulbs each day in split doses can be given to patients in the advanced stages of cancer.
      • Influenza – 2 bulbs before breakfast (for prevention)
      • Hypertension – 2 bulbs before breakfast and two bulbs prior to sleeping at night.
      • Joint Pains, Arthritis and Rheumatism – two bulbs before breakfast and one before sleeping at night.
      • Existing Flu – 4 bulbs prior to breakfast and 4 before sleeping at night.
      • Other Ailments – two bulbs before breakfast.
      • Controlling Cholesterol – two bulbs before breakfast.
      • Increased Energy – two bulbs in the morning and 2 before sleeping at night.
      • For present suffers – 4 bulbs in the morning and 2 before sleeping at night.

In Food

Most Chinese contain garlic in their regular dishes since it enhances body circulation. Garlic may be eaten raw as a sort of therapy. Raw garlic is more powerful than cooked garlic.

Garlic can be integrated in regular meals without cooking. An example of that is spreading crushed garlic on toasted bread with butter. The most advisable garlic kind is those with strongest scents.

The intoxicating fragrance and taste of garlic helps create a wonderful aroma of dishes. Hence, garlic may affect blood flow when not properly treated by doctors. Garlic intake has limits. It could cause cancerous effects too. The key is in moderation.


Allium ursinum (wild garlic) is among the most versatile plants for enhancing people’s health. Many cultures all around the world use garlic as a medicinal herb.

Garlic truly is a magical herb. It gives food another spice, and has healing properties which has improved the health of many men and women.