Pond in Yu'eryuan Park, Dali Old Town, Yunnan Province, China

In every great Feng Shui design, careful preparation and observing the principles of the ancient Chinese system is essential. With the ideal effort that you put inside, you’ll have love, luck, health and prosperity.

Creating balance

Many men and women who wish to capture the ideal stability in their homes, sadly, are wrong to think that creating a fantastic stability and balance in their life is just a one time event. Proper maintenance and continuing effort will do folks a terrific aid in applying the Feng Shui principle in their homes and lifestyles.

The Feng Shui is a principle that believes that the perfect flow of chi (life energy) in houses, offices, and at the surroundings will bring prosperity and greatest accord in a person’s life.

When we say surroundings, we mean our environment, your environment which includes your backyard.


Imbalance of chi in your backyard will negatively influence your energy and your life. Therefore, you must apply good Feng Shui in your backyard to bring the most out of your own existence.

Let chi flow easily in your backyard, and to do this to be certain nothing blocks in its manner or else, it is going to have an impact on your life badly. To begin with it, you will need to envision the chi like a river which flows in your own garden. With this, keep an eye out for potential chi-blocking elements in your own garden. You’ll be guided by your instincts as what the principle of Feng Shui believes.

Some areas are difficulty spots-meaning they block the simple, smooth and free flow of chi. Look out for these potential trouble spots like clumps of trees and undergrowth or concrete strong gates and fences. Empty corners in your garden will lead to chi to concentrate in only one place, preventing the positive energy to grow well in every area of the place.

Too speedy flow of chi from the backyard is also bad in Feng Shui. Life energy which moves to quickly doesn’t let positive energy to remain and settle in the area. Avoid allowing your backyard to get too many flat spots.

To help more in establishing the ideal harmony and balance in your backyard, you can follow these do-it-yourself manners.

Clear Out

Clear out your backyard that will divert the smooth flow of chi within it. Clear clutters that cause distraction like debris, fallen and dried leaves, grass clippings, and other organic things. In addition, you have to reduce undergrowth and overgrowth and other methods of cleaning and maintaining your garden.

Make sure the trashes blown into your yard will also be cleaned up. Dispose the wastes of your pets frequently. Mow the grass and pull the weeds. You will need to keep your garden by ensuring your plants are extremely well taken care off. Cut deadhead blossoms, pull up annuals, and dig up bulbs if the cleanup requires. You many also hire somebody, perhaps, a child to do some of those tasks should you not have any adequate time.

Put Colors

Not only pleasing to the eye, but using a vibrant garden can help in the smooth flow of chi. The passive (yin) and active (yang) energy from your garden could be enhanced or slowed down via using some colors.

The yin energy induces chi to slow down while the yang energy causes it to accelerate. So depending on how you find the flow issue of chi in your backyard, in case you concentrate on both of the both.

Yang energy are triggered by using bright colours, while energy are triggered by using bright colours, while yin is triggered by using darker ones or ground one colours.

Your creativity is the only limit you’ll have in doing this job since leaves and blossoms come in various colours. Pastel colors can improve passive or active energy based on its brightness.

You may also us colors to be able to bring the Five Elements of Feng Shui in your backyard. White and pastel colors can bring in Metal element, green colours on the other hand draw from the Wood element. You could also utilize the blossoms and coloring of plants to signify different elements.

Let Life Come In

Letting life come into your garden can be a means of allowing in Feng Shui. Chi is increased with the presence and actions of living things like plants, animals, as well as your kids.

Invite other life forms into your backyard by attracting them. You may attract birds and butterflies by planting flowering trees and plants. There are particular animal and birds that are attracted to some sort of plant or two. By getting these plants in your garden, you’re in fact raising the possibility of more living forms to reside inside.

Let Water Flow

A fantastic stream of water means a fantastic flow of life energy in your garden. Water is the greatest doctor for curing chi issues, especially flowing water. With the addition of a water feature in your backyard, you’re increasing the flow of positive life energy within it.

Put in simple fountains or a little waterfall. Make sure the flow in these water features is moving towards the direction of your property rather than opposite it. The water also adds a soothing sound that brings more life energy.

Fish, such as goldfish, can boost the flow of chi in your backyard.

Scent up

The fragrances and scents in your backyard also help for the fantastic flow of chi. Certain aromatic features in your backyard may increase the chance of better chi-flow in addition to encouraging in other positive energies. Plants and flowers carry scents which are extremely attractive for the fantastic flow of life energy. Try these plants in your backyard to pick-up the ideal chi.

      • Chi- awakening plants: Citrus Orange, Jasmine, Basil, Cardamom
      • Chi-relaxing plants: Rosemary, Marjoram, Lavender, Pine

Move Around

Chi can also be attracted with moving items, thus, movements in your backyard raises the smooth flow of energy within it. Movements or transferring items hinders chi to be stagnant and still.

Put moving objects in your backyard such as pinwheels, flags, banners, whirligigs, and running water. You can even boost the smooth flow of chi by means of materials whose shapes appear to be moving like objects made from round shapes, curves and circular.

Soothing Sounds

There are certain sounds that increase the action of chi. These sounds are usually soothing and pleasing to the ears rather than noisy, annoying and bothersome. These sounds can be made through the use of inexpensive and higher maintenance cost systems.