Organic astragals has gone by several names in its history, such as milkvetch and loco weed. Botanically, the plant is classified as a legume, putting it with the exact same family as peas, beans and alfalfa; unlike its relatives however, it bears no pods.

Organic Astralagus in TCM

Astralagus is known as huang-qi in its native area of northeastern China, Mongolia and Korea, where a lot of bulk organic astralagus is obtained. A perennial, the astralagus plant grows to a height of 3 feet. The part of the plant that’s used for herbal treatment is truly the origin, which can be harvested during the fourth year of expansion.

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consider organic astralagus root to be “yang” in character; these doctors use it to treat ailments which have poor appetite and lassitude in addition to some conditions of the gut and (in women) the uterus.

TCM practitioners dry bulk orgaic astralagus origin and boil it in combination with ginseng. The resulting liquid is then strained and the decoction is administered to patients .

Organic Astralgus Root

is also thought to have adaptogenic properties by strengthening the immune system and might actually reduce blood pressure. However, there was hardly any real scientific research on natural astralagus carried out to confirm that. Some study being conducted by U.S. and Chinese pharmaceutical companies does indicate that organic astralagus root comprises biochemical substances that may someday be utilised in treating HIV and age-related ailments, but these studies are still in their preliminary stages.


Ointments made with organic astralagus might be applied to cuts and other wounds; additionally, it might be taken in powdered form in a capsule as well as a tincture.

There are some claims that astralagus can also inhibit the growth of cancers and protect against diabetes. While study in this area is inconclusive, some U.S. studies reveal that astralagus supplements might help cancer patients in mitigating the damage to their immune systems after chemo or radiation treatment.

For people in normal health, using organic astralagus herb poses very little danger. However, until more is learned about it, organic astralagus origin shouldn’t be used by those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. People who take anti-rejection medications, especially cyclophosphamide and corticosteroids, should avoid taking organic astralagus unless it’s accepted by their primary care doctor.

In addition, organic astralagus herb is known to cause interactions with or reduce the effectiveness of particular over-the-counter drugs.