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There are a lot of skin related issues people face on a daily basis. The most frequent of them will be acne and oily skin. There are, however, others also, including dry skin, itching and flaky skin, rashes, wrinkles, and even more serious problems like eczema and psoriasis.

Skin Problems

There may be numerous reasons for the vast array of skin problems and conditions people experience. Most modern doctors have a tendency to treat the symptoms , rather than digging deeper to discover the true root of the problem. Herbalists and natural treatment specialists agree that many skin related health problems are due to toxins in the body. Specifically the colon or liver not working correctly, and needing to be vaccinated.

Since most skin problems can be cleared up with colon or liver cleansing, most herbal skin treatments work specifically to assist the liver cleanse, tone and heal.


Dandelion is a wonderful herb for liver health. It will assist the liver produce more bile, which pulls pollutants and toxins from your body at a much faster speed. This procedure works very well for coping with daily skin problems like acne.

Eczema is often brought on by a food allergy of some sort, and it is seen most frequently in children. The most common allergies that cause the skin condition are cattle milk and gluten or wheat. Simply removing these things from the child’s diet is often all that is required to clean up the eczema issues.


When food allergies are not the reason, often bacteria and disease are. In these instances, Garlic is the best herb to use for clearing up these issues. Garlic is a potent antifungal herb which may kill candida yeast associated infections amongst others. Garlic will also expel most parasites from the body, and those have a tendency to be the cause skin related issues.

For wrinkles and dry skin issues, among the most natural methods you can take is to just drink more water. Our bodies require two to three quarts of water per day, and more if we are sick or reside in dry climates. Since our skin always appears to find water after all of the significant internal organs have received their share, there is often not enough left over to moisturize the skin correctly. This not only causes dryness, itching and flaking, but it can lead to premature wrinkles also.


Implementing antioxidants A, E and C into your facial skin straight will also help rehydrate it, fight free radical damage, and decrease or prevent wrinkles.

During the summer, lots of people will experience mild, moderate and severe sunburns from being exposed too long without proper skin protection. An outstanding natural remedy for sunburns is to simply apply old fashioned black tea into the burned areas. Soak some teabags in cool water for a couple of moments to trigger the tannin, then put the bags on the sunburned skin. This will pull the heat and pain from the burn, in addition to help it to heal to a wonderful tan without peeling.